me?” Yun Feng said impatiently.
“Get out of my way!” A shout made the ordinary-looking boy a bit scared.
“Do you know who I am? Do you know who she is?” The ordinary-looking boy pointed at the complacent girl.
“She’s Shi Caihua, the daughter of the Shi family, which is a third-rank family! And I’m Li Zhong, the Young Master of the Li family, another third-rank family! The Shi family of Jushui Town is the most powerful family here, and the Li family is second! You caused Caihua to lose her Magic Beast today.
Aren’t you afraid that the Shi family and the Li family won’t let you


Yun Feng looked at Li Zhong and Shi Caihua, and the girl seemed even more complacent at this moment.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“I really don’t want to waste my time on you.
After all, it’s beneath my status to attack you.
I’m too proud to do that.” Yun Feng looked at the handsome young man, who was directly ignored.
The reason why Shi Caihua took a fancy to him was because of his face and rather good talent.
After all, they were able to reach level 5 in their teens, so they could be considered more capable than ordinary people.

“You didn’t get that cub with your own strength at all.
You just took advantage of the chance when its mother wasn’t around.
If the three of you defeated that Purple Electric Leopard fair and square, I might applaud and cheer for you! In this world, you can get what you want, on the premise that you’re capable of keeping it! If you rely on your own ability to get what you want, others will be proud of you and cheer for you! If you have the ability, you can certainly get things that match this ability!”

The three of them looked embarrassed after hearing that.
How would they have the ability to defeat that Purple Electric Leopard? That was a level-6 Magic Beast! Even if the three of them joined forces, they might not be able to gain much advantage! “Why do you care so much? As long as I get it, it’s mine!”

Yun Feng laughed.
As long as she got it, it would be hers? According to this logic, most of the land on this continent belonged to Yun Feng!

“Strength determines everything.
Why don’t you just shut up?” said Yun Feng casually as she walked forward.
The girl couldn’t help but roar, “What are you two doing? Do something!” Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
Even though she was trying to be nice, these people still wouldn’t listen! They were truly stubborn!

The two young men were in a dilemma.
They couldn’t be cowards in front of the girl! They knew that they couldn’t provoke this person, but they could only fight! The two level-5 young men immediately burst out with fighting energy all over their bodies.
Both of them attacked Yun Feng with a roar.
In Yun Feng’s eyes, the attack that they launched with their full strength was nothing!

“Argh!” “Argh!” The miserable figures of the two young men flashed in the sky.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She just stood there and sent the two young men flying with her invisible mental strength! The two young men were knocked to the ground and looked like a mess.
They got up from the ground with redness on their faces.
They weren’t hurt at all, but they were thrown away.
They knew that Yun Feng didn’t mean to hurt them.

“Why are you still standing there? Attack!” The girl couldn’t help but shout angrily when she saw that.
Both of them were in a dilemma.
Yun Feng didn’t mean to hurt them, and they should know better than to attack her again.
However, the girl’s urging sounded in their ears.
The handsome boy couldn’t help but say, “Caihua, we can’t beat that person.”

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