Chapter 646 The Name She Was Proud of (3)

After hearing this, Yun Feng finally understood.
The Shi family and the Li family controlled this world alone in Jushui Town.
Nobody cared about what they did at all.
They were truly arrogant to a certain extent.
The Trading Center was a fair and free trading place, but it had completely become the private territory of the Li family and the Shi family.

It wasn’t a big deal for Yun Feng to lose a weapon of average quality, but it was a different story if the Li family was the one who looted the item.
If the Yun family wanted to stand at a certain height on the West Continent, they would certainly have to lift their heads up in Jushui Town.
And the Li family, the second most powerful family in Jushui Town, could be considered its primary enemy.
If the Yun family wanted to rise, they certainly had to make some moves.
First of all, they must not be looked down on in Jushui Town.
What they had to do was to challenge the authorities of Jushui Town.
Yun Feng didn’t want to touch the Shi family for the time being.
As for the Li family… They were unlucky.
She had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to find an excuse.
Now, they had given her one.

After taking back the mid-level ore that was used as a deposit, Yun Feng turned around and walked out of the trading house.
The boss commented on how good this little girl’s temper was.
The thing she wanted to buy was stolen and she was so calm.
However, that was the Li family.
This little girl probably didn’t want to cause trouble.

Yun Feng walked out of the trading house and went straight to the Li family.
If the boss knew what Yun Feng was thinking, he should have completely changed that thought in his mind.
Yun Feng had a good temper? That wasn’t just “good”!

“You want to deal with the Li family?” Qu Lanyi followed Yun Feng and asked casually.
Yun Feng said, “If you want to climb up the ladder, you must drag the people on top down and place them under your feet.
Even though it’s cruel, it’s inevitable.” After saying that, they had already arrived at the entrance of the Li family’s house.
The Li family’s house was very large.
After all, it was a third-rank family with an extraordinary status and reputation.

“Who are you?” Two powerful warriors walked in front of Yun Feng and shouted with a serious look.
Yun Feng glanced at them.
The two level-9 warriors were guarding the door.
The armed forces of this third-rank family weren’t weak at all.

“I’m just here to take something back.”

The two warriors were both stunned.
Take something back? “Go, go, go! What right do you have to let the Li family take your things? Don’t make trouble for me!” The two warriors burst into laughter.
Yun Feng’s body flashed, and the two warriors saw that Yun Feng was going to break in.
They suddenly held their weapons in front of Yun Feng.
“How dare you break in! You’re here to cause trouble!”

Yun Feng didn’t lift her head or move her eyes.
Invisible mental strength instantly surged out of her body and directly sent the two warriors flying, before they fell on the ground fiercely.
The sound of the two warriors falling on the ground in a mess naturally alarmed the people inside.
After a while, a dozen warriors came out.
When they saw Yun Feng and the two people on the ground, they all took out their weapons.

“Little girl, the Li family isn’t a place you can come and go as you please! Since you’re still young, I won’t punish you for this.
Get out immediately!”

Yun Feng didn’t say a word as she kept moving forward.
The dozen warriors immediately changed their expressions when they saw this.
One of the warriors swung the weapon in his hand and smashed it at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s body flashed and the weapon smashed heavily into the ground.

The other warriors immediately pounced on her in fury when they saw that.
They roared furiously.
Qu Lan was watching the drama with Yaoyao by his side.
These small fries really couldn’t do anything.
As expected, Yun Feng still didn’t move, but these warriors were all sent flying by an invisible force and fell on the ground.
Yun Feng stood there, and the soldiers on the ground were a bit shocked and angry.
They were also a bit vigilant in their minds.
This little girl seemed to be quite strong!

The ruckus here became louder and louder.
More warriors rushed over.
They seemed to be the guards of the Li family, all of whom were at level 9.
All the warriors surged forward, only to be repelled by invisible forces.
How could these people understand Yun Feng’s power at the Monarch Level? Yun Feng couldn’t be bothered to attack at all.
If she waved her hand, these people would be obliterated into smithereens.

“Young friend, what can I do for you?” A person who seemed to be in charge finally walked out.
The commotion here had already caused a lot of attention, alerting the upper echelons of the Li family.
The person who came out looked at the messy warriors on the ground and looked at Yun Feng carefully, more or less understanding something.

“I’m here to take something back.” Yun Feng’s cold words made this person a bit dumbfounded.
She came here to ask for something and she made such a big fuss?

“I wonder what you left in the Li family.
I’m the Chief Steward of the Li family.
Why don’t you tell me? I can help you find it.”

Yun Feng looked at the person in front of her and raised her brows slightly.
Before she could say anything, an unusually powerful voice sounded with an obvious pressure.
The person had already rushed over before the voice arrived.
It seemed that he wanted to give Yun Feng pressure.
Yun Feng smiled from the bottom of her heart.
The man was just at the Commander Level.
He was overestimating himself.

“Who’s there?” Accompanied by this roar, the expressions of the warriors on the ground changed.
It was obvious that the Commander Level pressure made them feel uncomfortable.
That Chief Steward also stood there with a pale face and looked at the tall and sturdy man who walked out slowly.

This Commander Level pressure certainly wouldn’t affect Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi’s mental strength protected Yaoyao and the two of them weren’t affected at all.
When the tall and sturdy man who walked out saw that Yun Feng wasn’t uncomfortable at all, he couldn’t hide his surprise and a fierce glint burst out of his eyes.
“Are you here to cause trouble?” As the tall and sturdy man spoke, he continued to release his pressure.
Yun Feng only found it funny and her expression turned cold.
Her Monarch Level mental strength pressed towards the man fiercely, destroying his Commander Level pressure completely! “Of course, I’m here for a reason.” Yun Feng exuded a powerful Monarch Level pressure.
The tall and sturdy man immediately turned pale.
The warriors on the ground had already vomited blood.
They obviously couldn’t take it anymore.
The Chief Steward of the Li family also shivered and directly spat out blood.
The head of the Li family was shocked!

“Yong friend, let’s talk nicely!” If this continued, his Li family’s guards would be gone!

Yun Feng retracted her aura abruptly.
The Li family’s master finally heaved a sigh of relief.
He was truly showing off in front of an expert just then! “Why did you come to the Li family, my young friend?” The Li family’s master’s tone changed quickly and he was very polite.
After experiencing that terrifying pressure just then, the Li family’s master should know that he couldn’t afford to offend Yun Feng.

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