The existence of the Yun family was like a huge rock in everyone’s hands.
If there was a chance that the Yun family could disappear, no one wouldn’t want to do it.
The neutrality of the Yun family was great, but it was hard to say how long it would last.
Even though the Mu family didn’t show their strength and stayed in Mu City peacefully, which made the two families relieved, the sudden approach of the Helian family made the two families anxious again.
The Mu family was docile, but it didn’t mean that the Helian family was the same.

The four scouts were all asked to stay.
They claimed that they were here to help, but in fact, they were here to see if the Helian family and the Yun family had any contact.
There were ten days until Mu Xiaojin gave birth.
Ever since Lady Helian left, nobody from the Helian family came to visit.
Yun Feng thought that they wouldn’t give up just like that.
Even if they declined, there was nothing they could do even if they didn’t want to give up.
As long as the Helian family wasn’t stupid enough to do anything, Yun Feng would just ignore them.

Soon, the day of Mu Xiaojin’s childbirth came.
On this morning, the baby in Mu Xiaojin’s belly had already moved.
The midwife and all the relevant personnel were ready and started working early in the morning.
There was a tense atmosphere all over the Mu family.
This was a joyous occasion!

Yun Sheng had been anxious since the morning.
He walked back and forth outside the room and kept looking inside.
He only felt that every second was like a year.
He couldn’t wait for that kid to jump out! Yun Jing was sitting outside.
His face was still very serious, but it was obvious that this grandpa-to-be was also a bit nervous.
Yun Luochen waited curiously, while Qu Lanyi sat aside with a smile.
Yaoyao was in Yun Feng’s arms and Meatball was sitting on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Both of them looked at the people who kept going in and out curiously.

“Brother, stop walking.” Yun Feng shouted helplessly.
Yun Sheng didn’t seem to hear her.
He walked a few rounds again.
“Huh? Feng, what did you say?”

Yun Feng could only shake her head.
Forget it.
Her brother seemed extremely nervous.
This might be able to ease his anxiety.
This space had already been sealed by Yun Feng.
Nobody could break in suddenly.
Yun Feng had to make sure that Mu Xiaojin’s birth was absolutely safe!

Mu Xiaojin’s painful cry came from inside the house and she also heard the midwife’s shout.
“Madam, push!”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but become nervous at this moment.
Some sweat appeared in her hands.
Yun Sheng was like an ant on a hot pan.
He wanted to go in, but couldn’t.
He could only spin around outside.
At the same time, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky above Mu City.
In the blink of an eye, he was already standing in the sky above Mu City.
His golden hair fluttered in the wind and his golden eyes emitted sharpness and viciousness.
His gaze, like a knife, directly locked onto the Mu family!

“Is it there…” A deep voice slowly floated in the air.
The man suddenly put on a ghost-like smile and there was also a hint of evilness on his rough face.
A huge pressure slowly spread out from his body and his body had already rushed towards the Mu family in an instant!

Mu Xiaojin’s screams and the midwife’s screams came from the room where Mu Xiaojin gave birth.
Mu Xiaojin’s voice gradually became hoarse, and it was obvious that there was a lot of pain inside.
Yun Sheng’s handsome face was pale outside as he mumbled constantly, “Xiaojin, this is the only child we’ll have.
We don’t want another child, not anymore…” Yun Sheng stared at the door firmly.
The sounds inside made his heart and lungs tighten.
If he had known that childbirth was such a painful thing, he would have preferred Mu Xiaojin not to have a child!

Yun Jing looked at his son, who had completely lost his mind, and couldn’t help but sigh.
Time seemed to go back slowly.
The man who was pacing back and forth anxiously in front of him was himself back then.
That year, he was also looking forward to the birth of his child with anxiety.

Yun Jing fell into a long memory.
Yun Luochen was already a bit shocked by the lineup on the side.
After all, she was a fifteen-year-old child.
No matter how mature she was, this was the first time she knew that giving birth was such a miserable thing.
Yun Luochen sat aside nervously and listened to the shouts from time to time.
His heart also ached.

Yun Feng’s palms were already covered in sweat.
How long would it take for her to give birth? She seemed to feel that a long, long time had passed.
Why wasn’t it over yet? Mu Xiaojin’s screams continued.
A warm hand slowly held Yun Feng’s already cold hand.
Yun Feng subconsciously looked up, only to see gentleness in Qu Lanyi’s eyes.

“Don’t be nervous.
She’ll be fine.” What Qu Lanyi said softly made the nervousness in Yun Feng’s heart disappear quietly, as if she had the most stable support that she could rely on at ease.
If he said Xiaojin would be fine, she would definitely be fine.

Yun Feng nodded.
Qu Lanyi held her hand firmly with his big hand.
“Fengfeng, I won’t let you suffer like this in the future…” Qu Lanyi whispered into Yun Feng’s ear.
Yun Feng blushed and didn’t say anything.

While everyone was worrying about Mu Xiaojin, a figure had already appeared in the sky above the Mu family domineeringly.
His gaze was extremely fierce as he glanced at the Mu family’s house.
When his gaze landed on the house where Mu Xiaojin gave birth, his lips curled up evilly and a glint of excitement and anticipation shot out of his dazzling golden eyes!

“Space blockade?” With a disdainful tone, his rough but manly face smiled wildly.
He gently raised his arm and slowly spread his five fingers, facing the space that had already been sealed.
The evilness at the corners of his mouth appeared again as his lips opened gently.

“Chi…” An extremely soft sound appeared.
Yun Feng suddenly raised her eyes.
It was broken! Her space blockade had been broken!

“Who is it?” Yun Feng roared as she jumped into the sky.
Qu Lanyi’s face also darkened.
He knew that someone was coming! Yun Jing and Yun Sheng were shocked by Yun Feng’s move.

“Stay here and don’t move!” Qu Lanyi shouted with a deep voice as his body also jumped directly into the sky.
Yaoyao raised her little face and looked at the sky that was covered in clouds.
Her eyes instantly turned into a thin line! Meatball looked like it had been pricked.
Its cute face instantly became ferocious and its body flashed as it also jumped into the sky quickly!

“What’s going on?” Yun Luochen looked at this scene in shock and also looked up.
At this moment, Mu Xiaojin roared again! Yun Sheng’s heart was pulled fiercely!

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