n Feng close her eyes.
What was she doing? Making potions with her eyes closed?

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Shang Rui was in a relatively obvious position.
Seeing that Shang Rui wasn’t doing anything and was only looking behind her, the teacher responsible for supervising her frowned and walked over.
He also looked in Shang Rui’s direction.
He was immediately shocked! What was that student doing? Was she sleeping with her eyes closed? What was that fire about? Was that black ball of fire all the materials?

The supervising teacher watched with his eyes wide open.
It was obvious that this was the weirdest and most unreliable candidate he had ever seen in his life.
He had never seen such a ridiculous production method! When he finally came back to his senses, the supervising teacher only felt that this candidate was here to cause trouble!

He was about to scold Yun Feng and ask her to take the exam seriously, but Yun Feng suddenly opened her black eyes at this moment! A dazzling light flashed through Yun Feng’s eyes, emitting a kind of brilliant light! It made the hearts of the three people who were observing her secretly tighten!

The floating fire expanded slightly, as if it was burning for the last time.
Then, it turned into red fire elements and dissipated in the air.
At this moment, Yun Feng picked up the bottle on the table and caught the liquid that fell from the sky.
Some intact herbs and materials fell on the table with the liquid!

“Crash…” Not far away from Yun Feng, the candidate spilled the powder he had just ground on the table.
His body froze.
What was going on… How could she make potions like that?

Shang Rui was so shocked that she almost cried out.
How was it possible? How was it possible for her to make potions with such a method? How was it possible for her to make potions? The supervising teacher widened his black eyes abruptly and looked at Yun Feng, feeling a bit unbelievable.
He had never seen such a way of making potions.
It was impossible for anyone to do that! Such a reckless and unreliable way could be used to make potions!

Yun Feng didn’t notice the three dumbfounded people.
She looked at the bottle in her hand and shook it.
The colors of the potion inside were evenly-distributed and pure.
Yun Feng finally smiled.
She didn’t know that she had the talent to make potions until she took the elementary exam.

Making potions was a precise and rational process.
One had to know the amount of the herbs needed precisely and they had to follow the precise process step by step.
In the end, they had to be careful and patient enough to be meticulous in all aspects.
Yun Feng’s bold and unrestrained approach just then was just nonsense in the eyes of the pharmacists!

However, making potions was a different concept for Yun Feng.
She didn’t need to know the exact amount, nor did she need to know the process of making the potions.
She also didn’t need to pay attention to the other small mistakes that might happen.
She only needed to close her eyes and she could make potions!

During the elementary exam, Yun Feng discovered something subtle.
Every herb had a certain element, which happened to be the five elements she could sense.
Although the elements weren’t strong, they were enough for Yun Feng.

Before this, she was a layman in potions and knew nothing about it.
She didn’t know the steps and things she needed to pay attention to when making potions at all.
Yun Feng simply didn’t care about these and just did what she thought in her mind.
In the end, she succeeded.

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