Chapter 76: Shooting Herself in the Foot (2)

Laughter echoed in the entire weapon store again, resounded around constantly, the vicious ridicule, the malicious disparagement, the filthy hearts.

Yun Sheng immediately turned pale and clenched his fists.
Yun Feng quickly narrowed her eyes and a gust of wind suddenly blew towards Murong Ran.
“My Lady, watch out!” An attendant shook his body as his fighting energy burst out.
It was the power of early-level 4! The attendant stood firmly in front of Murong Ran, but when the wind came, the level-4 warrior felt a vigorous wind blowing.
The energy inside of the wind lifted his entire body up and blew him away!

“Argh!” The attendant screamed and was blown aside by the wind, looking extremely messy.

Murong Ran was immediately startled.
She quickly used the earth elemental force to barely block the attack of the remaining wind.
When she was still in shock, she saw a blurred sight before her eyes and Yun Feng had already stood in front of her!

Murong Ran turned pale abruptly and the expression of the other attendants also changed drastically, but they dared not to make a move rashly.
Yun Feng stood before Yun Feng and looked at her coldly.
She gently swung her hand and the single-hole wand Murong Ran was holding was already in Yun Feng’s hand.

“Be careful of what your Lady says, or she may lose her tongue someday.”

With a few steps, Yun Feng’s body flashed back again.
Such a quick and creepy speed made those attendants dumbfounded.
They were still thinking about taking down this girl who dared to disrespect their Lady, but once Yun Feng showed what she had, they were all drenched in sweat.

“Brother, let’s go.” Yun Feng picked up the wands they bought, then held Yun Sheng’s hand and walked out of the weapon store, leaving Murong Ran, who turned pale, standing there as she gritted her teeth with an unresigned and resentful look on her face.

After leaving the weapon store, Yun Sheng’s face was still a little pale.
Yun Feng also bore in mind what Murong Ran did and the Murong family which raised such a savage and arrogant Murong Ran, in her heart secretly.

These were also things Yun Feng had to get back, but she knew that the Murong family was completely different from the Lin family and they weren’t at the same level.
She could eliminate the Lin family with one hand and remove the Lin family’s name in Chunfeng Town.
And yet, with her current strength, she wouldn’t be able to take down the Murong family, the boss of Park City, at all.

She could certainly deal with Murong Ran.
Even though she was a level-3 mage, she was nothing in front of Yun Feng.
However, the reason why Murong Ran could be so arrogant and act without caring about the consequences was mostly because there was a large family supporting her.
If it weren’t for the Murong family, what would Murong Ran be?

Even though the Yun family had gotten back the property taken by the Lin family, only Yun Jing, Yun Feng and Yun Sheng were left in the sparsely populated Yun family.
Their number was miserably low compared to the other families, even a tiny one.

Yun Feng understood that it was indeed very important that she was powerful, but the Yun family must also have some fresh blood injected.
Otherwise, it was just empty talk even if the Yun family had a strong background and financial strength.

Yun Feng didn’t only want the Yun family to regain its former glory, she also wanted them to stand on an even higher position.
So, the premise was that the Yun family must be stronger and more prosperous!

It was time to start building the Yun family’s own armed forces.
Yun Feng thought that if they wanted to be in a high position, they must have a powerful strength, but the forces they had in their hands was also another important factor.
No matter how strong a one-man band was, how could he be able to compete with thousands of troops?

The indispensable force for the rise of the Yun family, the armed force that belonged to the Yun family themselves, was in fact a protection squadron, the Yun Army!

It wasn’t easy to build a team like this.
What kind of people should she choose? The overall strength of these people couldn’t be too weak and they must be loyal to the Yun family.
Even though it wasn’t 0possible for Yun Feng to recruit anyone right now, she had made notes in her mind secretly.

“Kid, no matter how narrow-minded Murong Ran is, she should be one of the talents in the Murong family.
With the power of the Murong family in Park City, I’m afraid they may rig the admission exam this time.”

Coldness appeared in Yun Feng’s black eyes after she heard what the ancestor said.
Rig the exam? Were they going to fiddle with the result of her brother’s admission exam? Thinking of Murong Ran’s vicious eyes, Yun Feng had no doubt that she would do this.
And the Murong family spoiled her so much, so they would definitely stand up for this Lady.

“If they dare to do it, let them.
They should think about how much they’ve got before laying a hand on my brother.” The ancestor also nodded after hearing that.
With this kid’s ability, if someone truly rigged the exam, she would notice right away.
The Murong family would definitely be doing it for nothing this time.

They wandered around again.
Because of the small incident of the appearance of Murong Ran just now, Yun Sheng clearly wasn’t in the mood for shopping anymore.
It didn’t matter to Yun Feng.
Staying with her brother was the most important thing.
So the two of them went to the admission venue of Masang School of Magic in Park City.
Once they got there, a very long line appeared in front of their eyes.
Yun Sheng was slightly shocked.
He had never thought that there would be so many people here.

A lot of people were lining up, but only a small number of them were signing up.
Most of the others were families that came with them.
There were very few mages on the East Continent, so it was a huge glory when a mage was born in a family.
On the enrollment day, the whole family would come with that one person for application.

The two of them stood at the end of the line.
After a while, other people who came for application arrived one after another.
Yun Feng looked over with her black eyes and realized that only one person was truly signing up, but a lot of people came along.
On the contrary, Yun Sheng was just with his sister and they were the only family like this.

Yun Sheng held his sister’s hand and stood there quietly, looking at the long line that was like a dragon as he pondered in his mind.
His handsome face seemed a bit serious at this moment.
The sarcastic words Murong Ran said casually just then hit his heart heavily.

A level-2 mage? Tut-tut, how lowly.

Yun Sheng’s black eyes darkened slightly.
Level 2.
He was fifteen this year.
Having the strength of level 2 was quite normal for mages of this age, but compared to his sister, he was indeed too weak.
He didn’t even deserve to be a member of the Yun family!

Yun Sheng was a little too hard on himself.
Being able to be a mage was already something glorious on the East Continent and there were very few talents among the mages.
Even the future development of the talents was greatly restricted.
Due to the system of the East Continent, people here were born with very weak mental strength.
Even if you had the potential of becoming a mage, how far could you go on this road?

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