Yun Feng nodded.
Lan Yi continued, “After knowing that you weren’t here, the people sent by the Qiu family didn’t leave.
They seemed to be waiting for you to show up.
Just like that, the Qiu family stayed in the Yun family for a month.
During this period of time, Qingqing met these people.
After learning that Qingqing was your disciple, someone provoked her on purpose and belittled you.
Qingqing held back at first, but the people of the Qiu family became more and more outrageous, especially this person called Qiu Shicai.
He spoke viciously.
Qingqing couldn’t stand it anymore and was finally enraged.
Those two women are also members of the Qiu family, but they don’t seem to be the Qiu family’s descendants.
They call Qiu Shicai second cousin.”

Lan Yi finally explained the cause and effect of the matter clearly.
Yun Feng had a rough idea.
Looking at the situation below, Qingqing must have run out of patience.
After all, it was indeed annoying to be surrounded by a fly for a month that could not be killed.

“Today, I’ll let these bastards know the result of a loose tongue!” Little Fire shouted angrily, but Yun Feng frowned.
“Little Fire! Suppress your bad temper and don’t act rashly! The other party is a first-rank family.
The Yun family’s status on the West Continent isn’t stable yet.
If the Yun family is implicated because of me, wouldn’t my efforts be in vain?”

Little Fire was very frustrated.
If Yun Feng hadn’t come back today, it would have really scratched and let these people know the consequences of insulting its master! Yun Feng waved her hand and sealed the space around her, asking Lan Yi to land.
Lan Yi nodded and slowly landed aside with Yun Feng.
Yun Feng didn’t show up.
She wanted to see how much her disciple, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, had grown.

“Qiu Shicai! Don’t think you can insult others just because you’re from a first-rank family, especially my teacher!” Xia Qing roared furiously as the green Ring of Contract on her finger glittered.

“My master has already tolerated you for a long time.” The gorgeous woman standing next to Xia Qing said coldly.
Her pretty face was full of coldness.

“You’ve been tolerating me for a long time? I think you’re too scared to attack! I’m talking about your teacher.
So what? What can you do to me? Ah!” The young man opposite him looked arrogant and shouted crazily.
The two young women standing next to him were both chuckling.

“Second cousin, why are you talking nonsense with her? Look at her scared expression!”

“That’s right! Isn’t she a summoner? If her teacher is really so powerful, how can she have such a useless disciple? If I were her teacher, I would die of embarrassment!”

Yun Feng raised her brows in the sealed space on the side.
These two women were quite good at fanning the fire.

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“A small third-rank Yun family isn’t worth the Qiu family’s attention.
If it weren’t for that summoner, do you think the Qiu family would have lowered themselves to come here? You’ve even stayed in this godforsaken place for so long! And that summoner is still nowhere to be seen! Who does she think she is? She made the people sent by the Qiu family wait for so long.
How arrogant does she think she is? Does she think she’s God? Damn! I think she’s just an unknown nobody.
After being praised by someone, she really thinks she’s something! Look where she is.
This is the Ancestral Forest Hall!”

“Are you done? What’s so great about a first-rank family? My teacher doesn’t have to lower herself to wait for you to come!” Xia Qing replied with a furious look.
Qiu Shicai on the opposite side was immediately enraged.

“What a sharp-tongued girl! I think your teacher isn’t a good person either! How dare she despise a first-rank family? The Yun family can forget about staying in the Ancestral Forest Hall!”

“What did you say about my teacher?” Xia Qing narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at Qiu Shicai.
Qiu Shicai burst into laughter.
“Your teacher is nothing! You have a foul mouth, and so does she!”

Little Fire was already enraged on the side.
It knew that Yun Feng was here and it also knew that its master didn’t allow it to interfere in this matter.
Little Fire stood on the side and held back its anger as it stared at the three people opposite it firmly.
As long as its master gave the order, he would definitely make the three of them cry for their parents!

Xia Qing suddenly flipped her hand and a powerful wind element suddenly attacked the opposite side.
The Flower Eagle on the side also moved in an instant, but this sudden attack was blocked by Qiu Shicai.
The two young women on the side also attacked at the same time.

After blocking Xia Qing’s attack, Qiu Shicai smiled evilly.
“Bitch, how dare you hurt me!”

Xia Qing’s face turned cold.
Since she had already attacked, there was no need to be polite anymore.
The wind elements chased after him continuously and Qiu Shicai immediately counterattacked.
The Flower Eagle was fighting with the other two women.
It was two against three.
This was a battle that had no advantage at all.

Yun Feng stood aside and had no intention of attacking.
Little Fire could only hold back and watch Xia Qing and the Flower Eagle fight with these three people.
Yun Feng only needed a while to figure out the strength of those three people.
That idiot called Qiu Shicai was a mid-stage Commander Level warrior, while those two women who fanned the fire were just level-9 mages.


Xia Qing’s current strength was at the early stage of the Commander Level, but she was already close to the mid-stage of the Commander Level.
Even though she was a bit weaker than Qiu Shicai, Qiu Shicai didn’t get any advantage from Xia Qing at all.
The battle became heated.
The two level-9 mages together were at most half a powerhouse at the early stage of the Commander Level, but their teamwork was a bit difficult to deal with.
Xia Qing was even struggling.
Xia Qing was in a calm mood, but Qiu Shicai gradually became anxious.

“Master, Qiu Shicai is stronger than Qingqing.
Why is it a tie?” Lan Yi was a bit confused as he watched the battle between Xia Qing and Qiu Shicai.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“A first-rank family like this certainly has more children, but there are only a few who are talented and smart.
If I’m right, this idiot’s strength is completely accumulated by external forces.
He might not even be as strong as those two women.
If he doesn’t have a good foundation, his strength will certainly be exaggerated.
His strength of the mid-stage of the Commander Level should shrink by a level.”

“Bitch!” Qiu Shicai roared fiercely.
Being tied with Xia Qing made him very angry.
As time passed, he gradually felt that he couldn’t hold on anymore.
The fighting energy in his body was quickly consumed because of his random attacks, but Xia Qing’s attacks were getting more and more skillful.
A hint of viciousness flashed in Qiu Shicai’s eyes.
When Xia Qing wasn’t paying attention, he reached into his pocket and a talisman appeared in his hand.
The energy fluctuation inside shocked everyone present!

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