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“The Qiu family is a first-rank family.
As the younger generation of a first-rank family, it’s fine for you to spar with Qingqing.
It’s just a spar.
It’s not a big deal.
However, it’s a different story if you use means that you shouldn’t use.” Yun Feng’s tone was cold, which made Qiu Shicai shiver.
“What are you doing?”

“I heard what you said just then.
I think this first-rank family must have raised such a group of idiots who need to be beaten up because they have too many children to educate.”

Qiu Shicai’s face immediately turned red and so did the two young women.
“I don’t care about the education of the Qiu family.
That’s your family’s business.
However, you bullied my student in such a sinister way.
I certainly can’t stay out of it.”

As soon as Yun Feng said that, she raised her hand gently and her mental strength turned into a huge hand, swinging fiercely at Qiu Shicai’s face!

“Pa!” “Pa!”

Qiu Shicai only felt two slaps on his cheeks.
After a while, two red handprints landed on his entire face and his cheeks immediately swelled up a lot.
Qiu Shicai quickly covered his face with his hand and looked at Yun Feng with shock and anger in his eyes.

Yun Feng retracted her hand as coldness flashed through her black eyes.
“For the sake of the Qiu family being a first-rank family, this is a warning to you.
If there’s a next time, your face won’t be so simple.”

“He’s really lucky!” Little Fire mumbled on the side, but Xia Qing smiled.
Her teacher was back.
That was great! She knew that with her teacher here, nobody could bully her!


“Shicai! What happened just then?” At this moment, a voice came.
Qiu Shicai immediately ran over as if he saw his savior.
“Brother! She slapped me!” Qiu Shicai pointed at Yun Feng.
“She dared to hit someone from a first-rank family! The Yun family is offending their superior!”

Yun Tianfan, who came with them, brightened his eyes when he saw the girl standing there with an indescribable excitement on his face.
The eyes of the young man, whom Qiu Shicai called big brother, glittered.
He raised a smile and nodded at Yun Feng.
“You’re the famous summoner of the Yun family, Yun Feng?”

“Big brother, she…” Qiu Shicai quickly walked to the young man’s side, revealing half of his face that had been slapped into a pig’s head by Yun Feng.
The half of his face that had already swollen was completely red.
He could still speak clearly just then, but he couldn’t anymore.
Yun Tianfan couldn’t help but feel shocked when he saw this.
The young man’s face darkened slightly and he didn’t say anything.
Instead, he scolded Qiu Shicai first.

“Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough? If you’re not good enough, just shut up!” The young man shouted in a low voice.
Qiu Shicai was unwilling to give up.
He wanted to open his mouth and grunt a few times after seeing the young man’s gaze.
He looked at Yun Feng and the others with resentment in his eyes.

Yun Feng glanced at the young man.
He was twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old, had a tall and straight body, a handsome face, and was quite strong.
He had reached the early stage of the Monarch Level! Yun Feng already knew in her mind that this young man should be a talented figure of the younger generation of the Qiu family and had a pretty high status in the family.
And this Qiu Shicai was obviously not on the same level.

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