wered its head, not saying anything else.
Yun Feng sighed.
“Little Fire, do you like Qingqing?”


Little Fire’s body was tense, as if it was suppressing something.
Yun Feng saw that the veins on its clenched fists bulged and a deep wolf howl burst out of its body.
“I don’t like her.”

“You don’t like her? Are you telling the truth?” Yun Feng’s face turned cold.
It was lying!

Little Fire suddenly raised its head.
Its pure black eyes were full of anger, depression and pain! Yun Feng was stunned by such emotions and was speechless for a moment.
Little Fire burst into laughter and a wicked smile appeared on its handsome little face.
“How would I like that lowly human? Master, are you kidding me? Other than Master, all humans are lowly creatures.
They’re not worthy of me! I’m a Mutated Magic Beast.
She’s not worthy of me!”

“Little Fire!” Yun Feng shouted angrily.
Little Fire curled its lips and smiled, showing its shiny sharp teeth with a bit of light.
“Master, Magic Beasts also have their dignity.
If we like lowly humans, we’ll ruin our dignity!” After saying this, Little Fire suddenly opened the door and looked at the person at the door with strong light in its black eyes.
Yun Feng immediately stood up.

Xia Qing cried silently.
She didn’t know how long she stood there and how much she heard.
Her little face was full of tears and she looked at Little Fire dumbfoundedly with her big eyes, biting her lips hard.

“Human, you should know yourself better.
I will never like you, because you’re such a lowly creature! Save your self-righteous feelings!” Little Fire stared into Xia Qing’s eyes and said word by word.
Yun Feng suddenly raised her hand and hit Little Fire with her mental strength mercilessly.
Little Fire’s body immediately flew out.
Xia Qing whimpered and ran to Little Fire with tears in her eyes.
“Brother Little Fire!”


“Get lost!” Little Fire roared, followed by a wolf howl.
The fiery red body of the Fire Cloud Wolf immediately appeared.
The wound Yun Feng caused just then was very deep.
Xia Qing looked at Little Fire’s bleeding wound with tears in her eyes.
She was about to reach out her hand when Little Fire had already opened its mouth and growled at Xia Qing.
The next second, its body had already jumped up and disappeared in front of Xia Qing.

“Brother Little Fire, Brother Little Fire…” Xia Qing fell on the ground with tears all over her face.
Yun Feng walked over and pulled Xia Qing up from the ground.
Xia Qing turned around and jumped into Yun Feng’s arms.
She held the teacher who made her feel at ease and cried loudly.

Yun Feng held Xia Qing, who was crying hard in her arms, and caressed her hair with her hand.
Hearing her suppressed cries, she only felt conflicted in her mind.
This was the first time she had hurt her Magic Beast.
Yun Feng knew that she didn’t hold back just then because she was angry.
What it said was too hurtful, or Xia Qing wouldn’t be crying so sadly.

Yun Feng looked in the direction where Little Fire left with complicated feelings.
She could more or less sense the surging emotions in Little Fire’s heart.
It wasn’t like what he said at all.
Yun Feng didn’t know where the feelings between a human and a Magic Beast would go.
Xia Qing was crying, so Yun Feng could only hold her tightly.
If such feelings were so hurtful, it was better to give up and let go.


At midnight, Yun Feng finally put Xia Qing to sleep.
As soon as she came out of Xia Qing’s room, she saw Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi walked over and touched Yun Feng’s cheek.
“The relationship between a human and a Magic Beast will never work out.”


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