Chapter 77: Changing His Physique

Yun Feng was a weirdo, a weirdo that only appeared once in a thousand years.
Wasn’t it too much for Yun Sheng to compare himself with Yun Feng? Even a genius would be embarrassed when compared with Yun Feng.

Yun Feng seemed to notice that her brother was in a solemn mood.
She couldn’t help but shake his hand that she was holding.
“Brother, what’s wrong?”

Yun Sheng lowered his head and smiled warmly as he saw the anxiousness in Yun Feng’s black eyes.
“Feng, I’ll work hard and do my best to assist you!”

Yun Feng froze for a second and immediately gave a smile.
“Brother, you’ll definitely become powerful.
I have faith in you!” Yun Feng’s heart felt warm.
Her brother, wasn’t he trying too hard? Yun Feng certainly knew the reason why Yun Sheng was working so hard.
He wanted to take on some responsibilities for her.
Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s heart became warm.
Could she really not change the physique of people on the East Continent?

“Ancestor, can a person’s physique be changed?”

The ancestor froze and pondered carefully.
Finally, something came to his mind.
“Even though it’s very hard to change someone’s physique, it’s not totally impossible.”

There’s a way? If there’s truly a way to change a person’s physique, brother will be able to go very far on the road of magic!

“Kid, it’s very difficult to change someone’s physique and there will be a huge risk.”

Risk… “What kind of risk?”

“The person being changed has the risk of becoming useless.
Kid, do you still want to try this?”

Yun Feng went silent.
It was indeed a good thing if she was able to change her brother’s physique, but if something went wrong, her brother’s life would be over.
Yun Feng never did something she wasn’t certain about, especially if it was about someone she loved.
If she wasn’t 100% sure, she would absolutely not do it.

“There’s one way that’s the safest, but also the most impossible.”

The safest, but also the most impossible way? “What is it?”

The ancestor chuckled and said three words slowly, “Array of Life.”

Array of Life? Yun Feng couldn’t help but move her eyebrows.
She was communicating with her ancestor in her mind.
The long line had moved forward a little.
The others didn’t notice Yun Feng’s expression on her face l, not even Yun Sheng.

“I learnt about such an array in an ancient book.
The Array of Life contains the most essential energy of life and can forcibly transform the body of the person in contact with it!”

What the ancestor said made Yun Feng’s heart move hard.
Array of Life… could change the body forcibly… Hadn’t she experienced such a phenomenon? The pure energy that constantly surged into her body when she was exhausted, the mysterious energy that forcibly changed the DNA of her body.
Perhaps… that was the Array of Life?

“Kid, if I’m right, there should be an Array of Life in the black jade on your neck.”

The black jade… Right, that mysterious power ran from the black jade to her body.
Yun Feng touched the jade pendant on her neck gently with her hand and felt a little incredible.

“Kid, I’m certain that this piece of jade doesn’t belong to me.
Not everyone can use the Array of Life.
Only mages who have reached the Lord Level have the ability to use an Array of Life.”

The Lord Level! Yun Feng’s heart shook slightly.
On the Vast Continent, levels above the peak of level 9 was the Commander Level, followed by the Monarch Level, then the Lord Level, the highest level humans on the Vast Continent could reach at the moment!

The ancestor said this piece of jade certainly didn’t belong to him and the ancestor wasn’t at the Lord Level.
Yun Feng pondered carefully.
Those at the Lord Level should be some extremely rare, absolute powerhouses.
Becoming a mage of the Lord Level might probably be a dream that could never be fulfilled for people on the East Continent, just like becoming a summoner… People on the East Continent were born with restricted physique and they couldn’t go far on the road of magic.
Being able to reach the Commander Level was already a great achievement for mages.
The Lord Level… was something people on the East Continent dared not to think about!

Why would this piece of jade appear in the ancestor’s bracelet? The ancestor didn’t know about it before, so who put it there? Or did the ancestor get it without knowing?

This didn’t seem to matter anymore.
No matter who created this Array of Life, it looked like it could be used to change someone’s physique forcibly.
If her brother put this jade on, wouldn’t his physique be changed successfully?

The ancestor seemed to have sensed Yun Feng’s thoughts.
He shook his head in frustration.
“Kid, it won’t work.
When the Array of Life is triggered by someone, it’ll only have effects on that person.
It won’t be effective on other people.”

Yun Feng’s joy just then was completely cooled down.
It looked like it would be useless for her to give this jade to her brother.
Only mages at the Lord Level had the ability to create the Array of Life.
There were only a few mages who had reached the Commander Level on the East Continent, so how would there be any mages at the Lord Level? If there was truly one, things would be easier.
It was possible for her to establish a good relationship with that mage at the Lord Level and ask him to create an Array of Life for her brother.
However, as the ancestor said, it was something that couldn’t possibly be achieved.

“Kid, the Lord Level is the highest level humans have ever reached.
The number of mages and warriors at the Lord Level around the entire Vast Continent can be counted with ten fingers.
I also yearned to reach such a level back then.”

There was a trace of desolation in the words of the ancestor.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up gently.
The peak? The highest level humans had ever achieved? Then, what was above the Lord Level? It seemed that nobody had been to that point before.
Thinking of this top, thinking of that area humans had never touched before, a strong ambition quietly appeared in Yun Feng’s mind.
There wasn’t anything in the world that couldn’t be explored, that couldn’t be known! If you wanted to know how big this world was, then this world would be this big.
The world was how big the heart was!

The long line gradually shortened a bit.
Yun Feng was indulged in her own thoughts.
Her mind was full of the yearning and anticipation for that unknown area.
Even though Yun Feng looked forward to it, even though she was confident in herself, she understood deeply that accumulating power was the most important.
Only the accumulation of quantity could form changes to the quality.
Only by taking every step of the way firmly could she go far on her road.

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