The blue light only lasted for a while.
Yaoyao’s hair rose high in the blue light.
After the light enveloping Yaoyao’s body disappeared, Yaoyao’s entire body had already grown completely.
That beautiful fish tail was already in the shape of a human being and her upper body was also the body of a mature girl.
At this moment, Yaoyao had reached the mature stage!

“Yaoyao?” Yun Feng looked at Yaoyao, who had changed so much, and couldn’t believe it.
What exactly did that blue light contain? Yaoyao had undergone such a shocking change! Yaoyao’s body had already completely matured, and that face was more and more similar to the temperament of the stone statue in front of her eyes.
The only difference between the two of them was their tails.

“Accept my inheritance.” The old voice sounded again, but it was obviously weaker than before and didn’t have the pressure like before.
Yun Feng’s intuition told her that it was related to the so-called inheritance.
It seemed that Yaoyao had inherited all of such an inheritance.
Being able to inherit the ancient power was naturally beneficial and harmless! Even though it was just a remnant soul, it was still very powerful!

The dragon tail that was originally wrapped around slowly came over and lifted what Lan Yi saw just then.
Then, the dragon tail stopped there and didn’t move anymore.
That ancient aura completely disappeared.
Yaoyao slowly opened her eyes and turned around to look at Yun Feng, as if she didn’t notice her change at this moment.
Yaoyao jumped into Yun Feng’s arms like before.

Yun Feng caught Yaoyao in a hurry with her hands and feet and blushed a bit.
After all, Yaoyao’s current body was no different from that of a mature girl.
In the past, she was still in her infancy when she held Yaoyao and she didn’t think it was inappropriate.
However, it was different now.
Yaoyao was almost as tall as Yun Feng when she was in her mature stage.
Her entire tail could wrap around half of Yun Feng’s body.

Yaoyao raised her arm and put it around Yun Feng’s neck, snuggling into Yun Feng’s arms like before.
She even rubbed her face against Yun Feng constantly, which made Yun Feng feel very embarrassed.
Her fish tail wrapped around half of Yun Feng’s body and the girl in her arms was almost the same as her.
Yun Feng blushed completely when she saw how intimate they were.

“Yaoyao, can you come down first?” Yun Feng said in embarrassment.
Yaoyao raised her head and looked at Yun Feng in confusion.
Even though her facial features were still cute, her expression was already filled with mature charm.
“Xiao Feng, you don’t like me anymore?”

Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi couldn’t help but laugh on the side, which made Yun Feng even more embarrassed.
Although Yaoyao was in a mature form at this moment, her mind obviously couldn’t keep up with the development of her body.

“No, I like Yaoyao,” said Yun Feng awkwardly.
It felt… really awkward to say that to a mature Yaoyao! Hearing Yun Feng say yes, Yaoyao rubbed against her again happily.
“I like Xiao Feng too.
I like Xiao Feng the most.” Yaoyao’s happy and sincere words made Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi turn around and stop looking at them.
Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s head and really didn’t know what to do.

Right at this moment, Yaoyao’s body suddenly emitted the same blue light as before.
Yun Feng clearly saw Yaoyao’s body in the blue light quickly shrink back and she returned to her infant form again.
Yaoyao nestled in Yun Feng’s arms with a happy look.
The length of her fish tail had almost doubled from before.

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“It seems that such an ancient power isn’t easy to control.” Qu Lanyi turned around and looked at Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms.
He touched her head.
“When Yaoyao learns how to control it, she’ll be a fierce general.”

Yun Feng smiled proudly.
This fortuitous encounter brought endless benefits to Yaoyao.
It was also thanks to her escape this time that she came here by accident.
That was why Yaoyao had such an opportunity.
She glanced at the thing that the dragon tail was holding.
A huge white jade pendant was lying there quietly.
Yun Feng walked forward and held the jade pendant with both hands, looking at it carefully.

“This is… a map?” Qu Lanyi also walked over and looked at the lines engraved on the jade pendant with his black eyes.
Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
“It’s indeed a map.
It’s just a piece of the entire map.”

The white jade pendant was the size of a hand.
The lines on it were clear, but they were deliberately cut off halfway.
It was obviously a fragment.
There must be other fragments.
Yun Feng looked at the jade pendant carefully and saw a tiny word on the back of the jade pendant: Zhina.

“It seems that this belongs to Zhina of the Sea Clan.” Yun Feng whispered and saw something from it.
There was indeed a secret in the Endless Sea, an ancient secret.
She wondered if the Sea Clan living in the Endless Sea knew about it.

Yun Feng then put away the jade pendant.
Since she happened to see this jade pendant, it proved that she was destined to have it.
There was certainly no reason for her to give it away.
Besides, the Red Fin and the White Fin of the merfolk were so rude to her.
She might as well keep such a secret for herself.
It was a happy thing for Si Wen that Yaoyao inherited the ancient power.
Yun Feng felt that she didn’t owe the merfolk anything, so she accepted it as a matter of course.

“Why? Do you want to dig up this secret?” Qu Lanyi smiled when he saw what Yun Feng did.
He certainly agreed to put the jade pendant in her pocket.
Yun Feng put on a smile.
“We can dig it up after we finish what we need to do.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“But for now, how can we get out?”

Yun Feng looked around the empty and desolate hall as the corners of her mouth slowly curled up.
“Get out.
Of course we have to get out like this!” After saying that, she suddenly jumped up and came to the top of the hall.
Seeing this scene, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi both smiled helplessly.
They already knew how to get out in their minds.

Yun Feng slowly clenched her fists.
For most summoners and mages, their physiques had always been a weakness that couldn’t be exposed.
However, what made Yun Feng different was that her physical fitness was already very different from that of others after the strengthening of the Array of Life!

Yun Feng slowly raised her fist.
She was a bit excited in her mind.
Her physical strength hadn’t been as useful in battles as before, but she could still withstand attacks at critical moments.
Otherwise, if Cang Lin hit her, Yun Feng might lose her life.
It was precisely because of her overly strong body that she was only severely injured.

After entering the peak of the Monarch Level, Yun Feng’s horizons were also broadened a lot.
The limits of her physical fitness also advanced layer by layer as her strength broke through.
Even though the power that seeped into the black jade pendant she always wore around her neck became less and less, the nourishment was still there slowly.
Yun Feng knew the power of the magic attacks in her mind, but she really wanted to try the power of this body again.
She had entered the peak of the Monarch Level and was only one step away from the Lord Level.
How strong was she exactly?

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