“Yun Feng! If you have the ability, don’t use your strength to suppress others!” Lan Ling roared in fear.
Seeing Yun Feng’s gloomy expression at this moment, she started to feel scared in her mind.

Yun Feng smiled in disdain.
“As I said, you’re not allowed to disturb the director tonight.”

Lan Ling gritted her teeth hard and the hatred in her eyes burnt fiercely.
Her body was fixed there and she had no power to resist at all.
She immediately felt humiliated in her mind.

Yun Feng’s heart moved slightly when she saw Lan Ling like this.
The gloomy look on her face eased.
“You can see how tired the director is.
He indeed needs a good rest.
As his personal disciple, don’t you care for him?”

Lan Ling’s black eyes glittered.
She bit her lips and didn’t say anything.
Thinking of her teacher’s personal guidance in the past, she felt a bit ashamed in her mind.
Yun Feng raised her arm and walked out of the building with Lan Ling.
The two of them stood in the empty space in the middle of the night.
Yun Feng removed the restraint on Lan Ling and Lan Ling immediately stepped back for a long distance, as if she was afraid that Yun Feng would attack again.

Yun Feng chuckled in disdain and turned around to leave.
Lan Ling suddenly shouted, “Yun Feng! Let’s compete again if you dare!”

Yun Feng didn’t even look back.
She only said to Lan Ling, “Sure.
When I’m done, I’ll be here for you anytime.”

The next day, the Pharmaceutical Institute was spreading shocking news like crazy.
Yun Feng, who had been away for three years, came back last night!

This news shocked all the students of the pharmaceutical school.
Was it true? Yun Feng, who had been gone for three years, came back quietly at night.
Was this news credible? Whether it was or not, and no matter who spread the news, the students of the pharmaceutical school were all stirred, especially the pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire.
Their blood immediately boiled when they heard the news!

“Jingyi! Did you hear the news?” Yan Xiaoshi ran into the advanced two-star classroom and immediately shouted.
The pharmacists of the other three empires certainly knew the news he was talking about and they couldn’t help but look different.
Yan Xiaoshi rushed to Xia Jingyi’s side with big steps, his black eyes full of excitement and ecstasy! “Is it true? She… Yun Feng is back?!”

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Xia Jingyi looked at Yan Xiaoshi with a headache.
He was also very excited when he got the news back then, but after thinking about it, he felt that it was a bit strange.
If Yun Feng really came back, why didn’t she show up? If it was yesterday, she should have shown up today, right? However, it was almost ten o’clock in the afternoon and Yun Feng was still nowhere to be seen.
Many people were already wondering if it was a prank.

“Xiaoshi, calm down.” Xia Jingyi glanced at the other students and pulled Yan Xiaoshi out of the classroom.
Yan Xiaoshi was so excited that he almost jumped up and walked.
“Calm down? How do you want me to calm down? I can’t help but feel excited when I think of Yun Feng’s return! I really want to see what kind of monster she’ll become three years later!”

Xia Jingyi smiled helplessly.
“Xiaoshi, if Yun Feng really came back, where do you think she should be right now?”

“Of course! She’d be here… Wait!” Yan Xiaoshi finally realized something and his excitement just then completely subsided.
“You’re saying… Yun Feng didn’t come back?”

Xia Jingyi shook his head.
“I’m not sure if this news is true or not.
I just hope that it’s not a prank.”

“Damn it! Who dares to make such a joke? I’ll be the first to kill him!” Yan Xiaoshi said fiercely.
At this moment, a figure ran out of the intermediate classroom on the left.
It was Shang Rui, who was also excited.
She saw Yan Xiaoshi and Xia Jingyi standing outside at a glance.
The buzzing sound of discussion certainly was about the same person.
Shang Rui quickly ran out and ran to the two of them, panting.

“Well, have you heard the news?” Shang Rui took a few deep breaths.
Yan Xiaoshi couldn’t help but pout when he saw how excited she was.
He was quite disappointed.
“I have, but I can’t be sure if it’s true.”

“What?” Shang Rui was a bit surprised.
What did he mean by that? Wasn’t Yun Feng back? “Everyone in the intermediate level is talking about this right now.
They all said… all said Yun Feng is back!”

Shang Rui said quickly, while Xia Jingyi smiled.
Yan Xiaoshi patted Shang Rui’s shoulder.
“If she really comes back, the pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire should be the first to see her, shouldn’t they?”

The excitement on Shang Rui’s face froze.
She thought for a moment and completely understood.
An indescribable sense of disappointment surged in her heart.
Xia Jingyi patted Shang Rui’s head.
“Maybe someone made a bad joke.”

Shang Rui wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything.
After the disappointment, Yan Xiaoshi was deeply enraged.
“Damn it! Who spread the news so recklessly? Don’t let me, Yan Xiaoshi, find the culprit!” This roar spread throughout the square of the pharmaceutical school, which showed how angry Yan Xiaoshi was.

“Why? What4 made you so angry?” A clear voice with a smile sounded.
The three disappointed people in their minds all trembled.
Shang Rui suddenly turned around.
When she saw clearly who the person was, a beam of light shot out!

Yan Xiaoshi opened his mouth and pointed at the person who was walking towards them slowly with a slightly trembling hand.
Seeing him like this, the smile on Yun Feng’s face became deeper.
When she was about to open her mouth, she heard Yan Xiaoshi shout astonishingly, “Yun Feng! Yun Feng!”

This deafening shout made Yun Feng quite shocked.
Even Meatball on her shoulder was shocked.
Xia Jingyi stared at the girl in front of him and sized her up carefully.
There was also an indescribable excitement in his heart.
She was back.
She really appeared!

Yan Xiaoshi’s shout alarmed everyone.
The students on the left and right sides of the classroom all ran out.
When they saw that it was really Yun Feng, everyone was extremely shocked.
That news wasn’t very believable to begin with, but now, Yun Feng had appeared in front of them.
It was really her!

Yan Xiaoshi rushed forward and circled Yun Feng a few times.
“That’s right, that’s right! It’s Yun Feng.
It’s really Yun Feng! The meatball on her shoulder proves it!”

Yun Feng watched Yan Xiaoshi’s movements speechlessly.
She was a bit surprised that these students reacted so strongly.
She had just come back.
Even though she had already come back last night, she didn’t go back to the lounge of the Fengyun Empire.
Instead, she went to the area around the pharmaceutical school to get some herbs.
When she came back this morning, she wanted to find these three people, but she didn’t expect to see them in the square.
Yun Feng showed up directly, but the effect she caused was a bit… big.

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