Yun Feng’s face darkened slightly.
“Is this the price of resurrection?”

Qu Lanyi heaved a long sigh.
“Death is the opposite of life.
The price of resurrection must be paid.” Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng.
“Even if he’s reborn, he’s not a living being.”

This was quite cruel, but it was the truth.
After Mu Canghai was resurrected, he couldn’t touch his former family anymore.
“Senior Yao Guang gave him power.
I’m afraid… Senior Yao Guang will restrain him.” Yun Feng finally spoke after thinking for a while.
Qu Lanyi didn’t say anything.

Mu Canghai was resurrected by Yao Guang and his ability was also given by Yao Guang.
Mu Canghai had absolute obedience to Yao Guang to a large extent.
If Yao Guang wanted him to do something, Mu Canghai would never reject him.
Whether Yao Guang asked him to do anything or not, she would only know after the brother and sister finished talking.

In a blink, three days had passed.
Mu Xiaojin and Mu Canghai seemed to be still immersed in the long-awaited family reunion, but someone was unhappy.
After not seeing Mu Xiaojin for three days, Yun Qingchen pouted unhappily.
His cute little face was tight and he kept pursing his lips unhappily.
Even if Yun Feng went to coax her, the little girl still couldn’t be happy.

Knowing that the brother and sister had reunited after a long time and their relationship was so deep, nobody bothered them.
However, Yun Qingchen didn’t know what was going on with his uncle.
When he found out that his mother had been with his uncle and ignored him, Yun Qingchen decided to hate this uncle who suddenly appeared.

Yun Sheng felt helpless holding his son, who had been sulking, but he was also worried about Mu Xiaojin.
After all, Mu Canghai’s situation was special.
If Mu Xiaojin was hurt by the coldness… Yun Sheng had been a bit anxious these three days.
In the end, Yun Sheng came over with Yun Qingchen in his arms.
Yun Sheng couldn’t help but smile when he saw his brother and the sullen Little Qingchen.
Three days had already passed.
It was time to interrupt the brother and sister no matter how long they had been apart.

The door was opened gently.
Yun Feng was relieved.
Luckily, these two people remembered that they had been waiting for them.
Mu Xiaojin walked out with slightly red eyes and didn’t look strange at all.
Yun Qingchen’s eyes glittered when she saw Mu Xiaojin.

Mu Xiaojin raised her head and saw her son and husband.
Yun Qingchen anxiously wanted to hold her mother.
Mu Xiaojin quickly came over and carried her son over.
Even though it was a bit difficult, she couldn’t help but feel guilty in her mind.
She had neglected her son because of Mu Canghai recently.

Once Little Qingchen was in Mu Xiaojin’s arms, he immediately put his arms around his mother’s neck and looked at the young man behind Mu Xiaojin with his big black eyes with strong hostility.
Mu Canghai followed him out and couldn’t help but smile when he saw his nephew’s expression.

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Yun Feng was shocked to see Mu Canghai.
It was daytime right now.
He couldn’t stay in the sunlight for a long time! Mu Canghai glanced over.
“Don’t worry.
The sun can’t shine on me.
I’ll pay attention to this in the future.”

Mu Canghai stood in the sunlight.
His entire body seemed to be covered by a layer of transparent cover, blocking him from the sunlight.
The sunlight shone on his body and automatically turned around, casting strange shadows on the ground.

“This is Yao Guang’s ability?” Qu Lanyi frowned.
Yun Feng chuckled.
Indeed, one of Senior Yao Guang’s abilities was his unimaginable control of space.

“Brother, this is Yun Qingchen.
Qingchen, call him uncle.” Mu Xiaojin quickly shook Yun Qingchen’s body.
Yun Qingchen’s black eyes glittered and he called out rather reluctantly, “Uncle.”

Mu Canghai’s eyes became warm.
Those black and gray eyes instantly grabbed Yun Qingchen’s curiosity.
“Eyes! Uncle’s eyes are different!”

This made the smile on Mu Canghai’s face even deeper.
Yun Sheng came over and picked up his son, putting him on the ground.
The four-year-old Little Qingchen had already learned how to walk, but he still liked to act cute from time to time.

Yun Qingchen was about to run to Mu Canghai’s side and let her uncle hug her to see those special eyes clearly.
Everyone was shocked when they saw Yun Qingchen’s movement.
Mu Canghai’s expression changed and his body immediately flashed, sliding to the other side.

Yun Qingchen missed.
He turned around and pounced again.
Yun Sheng quickly picked up his son.
Little Qingchen turned around and glanced at his father.
“Father, uncle’s eyes are different from ours.”

Even though there wasn’t much meaning in what he said, everyone understood that his eyes, which were different from others’, were the symbol of Mu Canghai, the person who came back to life and the soul who had once died.

Mu Canghai’s eyes glittered as he walked over, but he was still a short distance away from Yun Qingchen.
Yun Qingchen looked up at Mu Canghai’s eyes and suddenly smiled.
“Uncle’s eyes are so beautiful! Especially that white eye!”

Everyone’s heart trembled.
Mu Canghai clenched his fists tightly and looked at this warm little boy.
“Qingchen,” Mu Canghai said in a low voice.
Yun Qingchen chuckled.
His inexplicable hostility towards Mu Canghai just then also disappeared.
Mu Xiaojin’s eyes became hot again.
Yun Sheng looked at Mu Canghai in front of him and moved his lips.
Finally, he said with a hoarse voice, “Brother.”

Mu Canghai was stunned and looked at Yun Sheng in a daze.
In terms of age, he was a year younger than Yun Sheng, but Yun Sheng was Mu Xiaojin’s husband right now, so he certainly had to call Mu Canghai big brother.
Seeing how happy Mu Canghai was, Little Qingchen smiled happily.
His pleasant childish voice dispelled the gloominess that had been around for a long time and everyone smiled knowingly.

The warm reunion was finally short.
Yun Feng was about to set off again.
Mu Canghai’s resurrection took more than five years, and Yun Feng had something very important to do.
The summoners’ convention on the West Continent was also held during this period.
After dealing with Mu Canghai’s matter, she certainly couldn’t miss such a convention.

The members of the Yun family certainly knew that Yun Feng was leaving again.
It wasn’t the first time she had left like this.
Yun Jing, Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin were all used to it.
However, Yun Qingchen became unhappy again and begged Yun Feng many times not to leave.
Yun Feng could only smile helplessly.

Yun Feng originally wanted Mu Canghai to stay here, but Mu Canghai shook his head.
“I’ll stay with you.” Mu Xiaojin didn’t say anything else after Mu Canghai made such a decision.
Mu Canghai was already different now.
Even though Mu Xiaojin didn’t know what kind of ability her brother was given, it was a good thing to be able to help Yun Feng.
It was best to stay with Yun Feng, even though… they had just met and they were about to part.

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