Mu Xiaojin was already relieved in her mind.
As long as Mu Canghai still existed in this world, it didn’t matter what kind of situation he was in, or how far they were apart.

Yun Jing and Yun Sheng certainly didn’t object.
Mu Canghai was extraordinarily capable and could help Yun Feng a lot.
Besides, it wouldn’t make sense for Mu Canghai, who had this ability, to stay in Mu City.
Yun Feng advised Mu Canghai to think carefully, but Yun Feng accepted Mu Canghai’s insistence.

Mu Canghai had inherited part of Yao Guang’s abilities and was a great help.
When Yun Feng went to the West Continent to participate in the Summoners’ Convention this time, she would certainly meet people from all walks of life.
She would definitely have different encounters.
She didn’t know what kind of people she would meet or how they would fight.
Qu Lanyi also agreed.
He must have thought about this.
The road ahead would be wider and the people she met would be more difficult to deal with and stronger.
Yun Feng was only one step away from the Lord Level at this moment.
When she reached the Lord Level, she would reach a whole new level.
The dangers and obstacles she encountered would be incomparable!

The further they went, the more difficult it was for them to retreat.

Yun Feng had never told her brother and father about Yun Qi.
She wasn’t sure if her brother, Yun Qi, could be resurrected.
Yun Feng originally planned to ask Yao Guang about it, but Yao Guang was currently in a deep sleep and she couldn’t ask him about it, so Yun Feng kept the matter to the bottom of her heart.
If she really had a way to resurrect him, it wouldn’t be too late to tell her brother and father then.

The ancestor and Qu Lanyi both said that the necessary element to resurrect the dead was the residue of the dead.
Without the residue, it would be impossible to resurrect them.
However, Yao Guang’s attitude gave Yun Feng hope.
Senior Yao Guang obviously knew something, or he wouldn’t have asked her to choose! There might really be a way to resurrect the dead without the residue!

Yun Feng had another purpose in her mind for this trip to the West Continent.
She wanted to find a way to revive her brother, Yun Qi, and bring him back to the human world! This thought was crazy and paranoid, but Yun Feng didn’t care at all!

Yun Feng soon left.
Although Yun Qingchen was reluctant, there was nothing he could do.
He only pouted and asked Yun Feng to come back early.
Unexpectedly, he kissed Yun Feng’s mouth heavily, which stunned everyone.

Qu Lanyi’s face immediately darkened.
She wanted to slap the kid, who was taking advantage of her, away! Meatball was also stunned by the sudden kiss.
After that, Little Qingchen finally put on a smile.
Yun Sheng quickly carried his son over and smiled at Yun Feng awkwardly.
Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help but pinch Little Qingchen’s cheek.
Yun Qingchen shouted in dissatisfaction, “Mother and father always do that.
I like my aunt, so I want to do that to her too!”

Mu Xiaojin and Yun Sheng were both embarrassed.
Yun Feng chuckled.
Her four-year-old nephew kissed her.
That was truly… “Let’s go!” Qu Lanyi roared in a suppressed voice.
Lan Yi and Little Fire had already transformed into Magic Beasts.
The giant griffin spread its wings.
Yun Feng jumped onto Lan Yi’s back.
Little Qingchen shouted in a low voice, “Auntie! Auntie! Come back soon!”

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Meatball jumped to Little Fire’s head and stared at Yun Feng’s mouth with its big eyes for a long time.
“Nana, Nana, Nana…” Meatball said softly.
Little Fire immediately had goosebumps all over its body after hearing that.
“Hey! Meatball! How can you…”

Meatball glared at Little Fire fiercely and exerted force on its furry body, sitting on Little Fire’s wolf head.
Little Fire almost couldn’t straighten its neck because of this.
“You meatball! I’m going to swallow you alive!”

The griffin flapped its wings and flew high.
There were three people on its wide back.
Mu Canghai stood on Lan Yi’s back and looked down with his black and gray eyes.
He looked down deeply and then turned his head gently to meet Yun Feng’s smiling black eyes.

“We’ll be back,” said Yun Feng softly.
Mu Canghai nodded slowly after a while.
The few of them had already flown to the clouds in the sky.
The entire Mu City had already turned into a small dot.
Mu Canghai looked at that small dot and whispered slowly, “Yes, we’ll be back.”

Yun Feng smiled.
She suddenly noticed that the Sound Transmission Jade in her bracelet was flashing.
She flipped her hand, and the constantly flashing Sound Transmission Jade appeared in her hand.
Qu Lanyi leaned close curiously.
“Who’s looking for you at this moment?”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and immediately infused her mental strength into the Sound Transmission Jade.
A voice came clearly, “Miss Yun.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Wasn’t this voice from Ling of the Summoning Union? However… she didn’t remember exchanging the Sound Transmission Jade number with Ling.
“How do you know how to contact Fengfeng?” Qu Lanyi asked unhappily.
The Sound Transmission Jade flashed and Ling’s calm voice came.
“Of course, I have my way.
Miss Yun, you didn’t forget the Summoners’ Convention, did you?”

Yun Feng curled her lips.
“No, I’m on my way back.”

“That’s great.
I thought you were busy with your own business and forgot about it, Miss Yun.
In that case, I won’t disturb you anymore.
Miss Yun, please go to the Ancestral Forest Hall’s Thousand Peak City.
I’ll wait for you there.”

Qu Lanyi’s face immediately darkened.
Was this guy going to accompany her the entire time?

The Sound Transmission Jade flashed again.
“Please come as soon as possible, Miss Yun.
Also, it’s been a long time.
I miss you a lot.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Hearing Qu Lanyi grind his teeth, she couldn’t help but laugh.
What was Ling doing? Wasn’t what he said going to set the barrel of gunpowder next to her on fire? “Bastard! I’m going to tear him apart!” As expected, Qu Lanyi exploded.

Looking at the Sound Transmission Jade that cut off the connection, Yun Feng shook her head helplessly.
She put away the Sound Transmission Jade and met Mu Canghai’s probing gaze.
Yun Feng smiled.
“You’ll see this person soon.” Mu Canghai frowned slightly.
Yun Feng understood.
The corners of her mouth slowly curled up as she looked at the high sky around her.
“He’s hidden himself well.
He’s not the only one.”

She crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range again.
This was already the third time Yun Feng crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range in just a few years.
For a human being, no matter who it was, the number of times was a bit too many, as if this mountain range where countless unknown Magic Beasts were lurking was a threshold that she could cross easily.

When the giant griffin stepped into the territory of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range again, a certain someone deep inside frowned helplessly.
Again! The enthusiasm of the Magic Beasts seemed to have been ignited in an instant.
The originally peaceful territory was suddenly like a pot of boiling water, bubbling everywhere.
Breaths also burst out in an instant, pointing at a certain someone in the sky.

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