Chapter 86: The Discipline Head of Masang (2)

Yun Feng nodded.
After seeing this, Ted was even more thrilled.
He must make sure that he got this treasure.
If possible, he wanted to admit Yun Feng to the school right away, but Yun Feng was too young.
Even though Ted could make an exception, he still wanted to see how powerful Yun Feng would get after three years.
He would look forward to it even more.

“Kid, I certainly know that your brother was being set up during the exam this time.
Whoever dares to rig the admission exam of Masang School of Magic must realize that they will be discovered.”

Yun Feng smiled.
She wanted to teach the Murong family a lesson sooner or later anyway.
If Mr.
Ted could do it for her, why not?

Ted, you saw it too.
Murong Ran from the Murong family really dislikes my brother.
Even though I don’t know why she suddenly slandered him for no reason, I can see what she’s thinking.
She will pick on my brother after school starts.”

Ted chuckled.
“Don’t worry, kid.
With me here, it’s impossible for the girl from the Murong family to bully your brother.”

Yun Feng smiled gently and was very satisfied with this answer.
She didn’t ask anything else about the incident anymore.
She believed that the Masang School of Magic would react as it should.
With the protection of the Discipline Head during the coming three years which she couldn’t be with her brother, Murong Ran wouldn’t be able to do anything completely.
So, Yun Feng could truly begin her new training journey at ease.

“Thank you for your help, Mr.
Ted.” Yun Feng’s polite reply made Ted delighted.
If he could make a genius like Yun Feng a student in his school, he thought that such a small matter was nothing at all.

“Kid, I’ll wait for you in Park City after three years.
Don’t let me down.” Ted looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
Yun Feng knew what he meant.
Ted then turned around and left delightfully.
What he found on this trip was enough to make him happy for several years.

“Feng, has Mr.
Ted discovered your strength?” Yun Sheng whispered as he looked at Ted’s back when he left.
Yun Feng nodded.
The mid-stage of level 6, there was a very low chance that her level wouldn’t be discovered, but she hid her identity as a summoner very well.
Perhaps her magic would be able to improve further at Masang School of Magic.

“Brother, it’s alright.
I don’t think Mr.
Ted would tell anyone.
He seems to be an upright person.”

Yun Sheng nodded.
He nearly failed to pass the exam this time, but it turned out quite successful.
And yet, the Murong family was pretty courageous to make such a vicious move.
Someone would go to deal with the Murong family.
The trip of the brother and sister ended perfectly.
They stayed in Park City for another day and wandered around in a great mood.

However, on Murong Ran’s side, a series of unfortunate events happened.
Even though she won the first place, she didn’t get the privileges that belonged to the top candidate.
After knowing about this, she immediately went to see her grandpa, Murong Shuli, and complained to him as she cried, but she was harshly scolded instead.

Murong Shuli truly felt frustrated that his granddaughter couldn’t fulfil his expectations and he was even more angry with himself for indulging his granddaughter, which made him interfere with the admission exam of Masang School of Magic for her willful request.
Not only were they busted, but it was also through Murong Ran’s mouth! This made Murong Shuli even more enraged.
Even though people at Masang didn’t publicly state that the Murong family rigged the exam, they gave the family a warning secretly.
If there was a second time, the Murong family wouldn’t be able to bear the anger of Masang School of Magic.

Although the Murong family had control of Park City, they were nothing in the Karan Empire, while the status of Masang School of Magic was so high that even the royal family of the Karan Empire had to respect them.
The Murong family dared to rig the admission exam of Masang School of Magic.
The royal family had shown the Murong family some respect by not eliminating them.

Murong Ran originally thought that her grandpa would take revenge for her after she complained to him.
She had never thought she would be scolded right in her face instead and she was even not allowed to go out without permission before school started.

Murong Ran was confused why her grandpa rebuked her.
She certainly had no idea that what she said almost caused great trouble for the Murong family.
Even if the Murong family had Murong Yuntian, this slightly famous talent in the Karan Empire, it would be the same no matter how many Murong Yuntian they had when Masang School of Magic was truly punishing them.

Since Murong Ran was grounded, she couldn’t vent her anger.
She even put the blame on Yun Sheng and Yun Feng.
In these few days of being grounded, she had been racking her brains to think of ways to deal with Yun Sheng, so she was quite busy.

The next day, the results were announced.
Murong Ran got the first plan without any surprises.
Yun Sheng also got pretty good results.
He was one of the top ten candidates.
The siblings were both delighted and they threw those annoying people, Murong Ran and the Murong family, behind them, playing for a whole day happily.
Yun Sheng also swept away his gloominess and became more cheerful, looking forward to the coming study life at Masang School of Magic.

The news about Yun Sheng passing the exam certainly spread to his poker-faced father, Yun Jing, with the fastest speed.
Yun Jing also returned a message joyfully, asking Yun Sheng and Yun Feng to stay in Park City for a few more days and telling them that everything at home was fine.

The night fell quietly.
Yun Feng said good night to her brother and returned to her room on the second floor.
She had had a lot of fun the last few days.
It seemed that she had never felt so relaxed before.
And yet, it was time for her to start her new training.
People couldn’t be at ease for too long.
They would lose the motivation to move forward after a long time.
The happiness Yun Feng felt these few days was already a kind of compensation.
After all, she would be living and growing through brutal training in the coming three years!

Meatball had been thrown into the bracelet by Yun Feng for many days already.
In a city that was neither large nor small like Park City, it was very conspicuous to have a Magic Beast on her shoulder and it would cause many unnecessary problems.
In order to be able to enjoy these few days with her brother, Yun Feng was determined to throw Meatball inside and only let it out for a while every night.
Once Meatball came out of the bracelet, it showed Yun Feng its strong dissatisfaction.
Its little claws stretched out from its chubby body and swung wildly in the air, but with that cute, rounded body and those grape-like black eyes, it couldn’t show any momentum at all.

Yun Feng flicked Meatball’s forehead and told it that its protest was invalid.
“Na, Nana, Nana!” Meatball yelled, but Yun Feng ignored it.
“I’ll consider your discontent when you can say anything other than ‘na.’”

In fact, Meatball was quite lucky.
After all, it still had a few chances to come out for exercises and fresh air.
On the contrary, Little Fire was the most pitiful.
It was hidden by Yun Feng again after just a few days the last time it was finally able to come out.

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