It was the dead of night at this moment.
The entire Thousand Peak City was shrouded in silence.
Xia Qing was sleeping peacefully on the bed with a healthy blush on her little face.
Yun Feng smiled in relief.
It was great that Qingqing was fine.
Lan Yi leaned aside.
Seeing that Yun Feng woke up, he called her master in a low voice.
Yun Feng asked him not to say anything.
Lan Yi nodded and hid in the darkness.

Standing in front of the bright and transparent window, Yun Feng looked into the distance and looked at the city that seemed to be under her feet.
Yun Feng’s eyes were deep.
A lot of things had happened on this trip to the Thousand Peak City, but it was just the beginning.
Everything wasn’t over yet.
The second round of the Summoning Union’s contest was about to begin.
By then, there would be another fierce battle, and she would meet the hooded man again.
His contracted Magic Beast had already been destroyed.
What would he do next?

What was the Union planning to do after the round of battles? What exactly was the thing that Ling told her in advance? And Mo Changge, who suddenly appeared, must have something to do with the master of the Thousand Snow Hall.
Would she get into trouble for what she promised him? Thinking of this, Yun Feng knew that things were getting more and more complicated.
As she said, her life in the future would definitely not be boring.

In one month, the results of the first round of the free arena had already been announced.
There were a total of forty people who qualified.
This was a relatively small number.
After all, compared to the total number of people participating in the free arena, this number was a bit small, but it was still a lot for the Summoning Union.

The second round of the competition was expected by many people.
The Summoning Union’s intention this time certainly made these people who qualified a little aware in their minds.
This matter must be unusual and the most important thing was to qualify for the second round.

Yan Che never showed up again after helping Xia Qing, but Yun Feng learned from Mo Changge that he was still in the Thousand Peak City.
She wasn’t surprised that he was doing something in secret.
Qu Lanyi had already told her that Yan Che swallowed the dark element into his body.
That guy was probably trying to take that power for himself.

Mu Canghai was as cold as ever, but he was always a bit deep in thought when he looked at Qu Lanyi.
Ever since Mo Changge learned that Yao Man lived opposite Yun Feng, he had only come once or twice in a month.
Every time he came, he was in a hurry and reminded Yun Feng not to forget their agreement.
Xia Qing’s condition had stabilized.
After more than twenty days of recovery, Xia Qing slowly got better.
However, after this disaster, Xia Qing seemed to have grown a lot.
The most obvious thing was that she didn’t stick to Yun Feng anymore and didn’t say much about her Ring of Contract that was forcibly taken away.

Seeing Xia Qing like this, Yun Feng was a bit gratified and couldn’t help but feel a bit sad in her mind.
She had to take back Qingqing’s Ring of Contract in the second round no matter what.
After that, this chick would probably spread its wings and fly away.

Little Fire and Xia Qing were still a bit awkward, but they could talk to each other now.
Occasionally, Xia Qing smiled at Little Fire, but Little Fire didn’t say anything.
Soon, the second round of battles was about to begin.
Ling came to explain the second round for Yun Feng.

The forty winners from the four free rings would fight in the second round together.
The rules of the second round had changed clearly.
Unlike in the first round, it didn’t matter how many battles they would win in the second round.
The forty winners would be randomly matched.
They would fight in pairs, until there were only five winners left.

Five out of forty contestants could be considered a cruel elimination.
Thinking of the randomness this time, Yun Feng was relieved.
Since Mo Changge had said so, she would definitely fight with Yao Man this time, and it would be even better if she met that man in the hood.

The second round of the competition hadn’t started yet, but the news had already spread throughout the entire Thousand Peak City.
Those who could win the first round certainly weren’t simple people.
There would definitely be an even more exciting battle when these forty people gathered together.
Battles between summoners couldn’t be seen everywhere.
If it weren’t for the convention this time, two summoners probably wouldn’t have a chance to meet, let alone fighting so frequently.
If they missed this time, it would be countless years until the next time.

When the news of the second round of the competition spread, the summoners of the Thousand Peak City were all excited.
Even those who were eliminated in the first round were full of enthusiasm and looked forward to the second round.
They were all discussing the same topic as many people.
How would Yun Feng perform in the second round?

Under the anticipation of many people, the second round of battles finally began! The second round of battles was here! Yun Feng had never thought that she would meet a familiar surname among these forty people.

Before the second round of the competition, the forty people who qualified were invited to the reception building of the Summoning Union.
Dozens of people sat in a spacious room that wasn’t crowded at all.
There was no telling why they were gathered here, but it was obviously for a purpose.

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Yun Feng sat in the back quietly and listened to the whispers of the other summoners.
A few of them knew each other.
Yao Man, on the other hand, sat far away from Yun Feng.
She was full of anger when she saw Yun Feng.
In order to maintain her image as a good girl, Yao Man decided not to see her.
What made Yao Man even more uncomfortable was that when she fought with Yun Feng that day, she heard that Mo Changge was also there.
Thinking that Mo Changge saw how embarrassed she was, Yao Man gritted her teeth and glared at Yun Feng.
She swore that she would save her face in the second round.

Yun Feng sized them up slightly.
There were only thirty-nine people present.
The one who was absent was naturally the hooded man.
However, after a while, the door was gently pushed open and the sound of the robe dragging on the ground came again.
Yun Feng suddenly looked at the door coldly.
Everyone also looked up.
When they saw the person who came in, some of them immediately turned pale and some frowned.

This man, who was wrapped in a long robe, carried a sense of evilness even if he didn’t do anything, which made people disgusted.
Yao Man looked away in disgust and mumbled something.
The man in the hood walked in and met Yun Feng’s eyes.
The corners of his mouth slowly curled up again.
Yun Feng looked away coldly.
The man in the hood sat in the back, while the others moved their seats forward as far away as possible.
However, Yun Feng didn’t move at all.
She looked coldly and saw that there were only two people sitting behind.

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