Yao Man looked at the badge in her hand.
The number 16 was clearly printed on it, and the badge in Yun Feng’s hand was also 16.
Yao Man was angry at first, but in the end, she smiled.
Very good, very good! That woman’s contracted Magic Beasts ruined her lightning-element Magic Beast like that.
Also, she embarrassed herself like this last time and Mo Changge saw it! Also, that woman left so arrogantly last time.
She must get back at them one by one!

Seeing Yao Man’s furious smile, Yun Feng didn’t care.
At this moment, Ling said, “After knowing your opponent, please get ready to go on stage.
Our enthusiastic audience is waiting for you.”

The expressions on the faces of the summoners were truly mixed.
They walked out one after another and the enthusiastic cheers outside came again.
What Ling said was true.
Those watching the battle were already completely stirred at this moment! No.1 to No.20, they went on stage to compete according to the order.
No.16 was a bit behind.
After saying this, Ling pushed the door open and left.
Most of the summoners in the room also left one after another.
Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry.
She was still sitting there.
Someone walked over and stopped in front of Yun Feng.

“I’ll take revenge for the humiliation you brought me last time!” Yao Man looked at Yun Feng and gritted her teeth with a cold face.
Yun Feng curled the corners of her mouth indifferently.
“I won’t leave halfway like last time.
I’ll definitely finish what I started.”

“Very good! I’m going to kick you down in front of everyone! Just wait!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes were clear as she looked at Yao Man in amusement.
“Alright, let’s wait and see who’s kicked down!”

Yao Man turned around and left angrily.
A hint of impatience flashed through Yun Feng’s face.
She was a bit regretful that she didn’t meet the man in the hood, but it wasn’t bad to meet Yao Man.
Thinking of the deal she made with Mo Changge, Yun Feng smiled.
The cheers outside surged like waves.
The excitement of fighting and watching the battle was instantly aroused at this moment.
The battles on the ring had already begun.
The second round of battles had begun!

The free arena this time was undoubtedly more eye-catching than the first time.
The forty elites who qualified for the free arena for the first time were all gathered here.
Another exciting battle had already begun.
Cheers rose and fell around the free arena.
There had never been a break.
Ever since the battle between the two contestants began, the drama seemed to have come wave after wave.
Yun Feng sat in the room quietly.
The few people behind her had all gone out.
She was the only one left in the huge room.
She sat there quietly, as if she had merged with the quiet space at this moment.

Yun Feng gently closed her eyes.
There was no telling what she was thinking, as if she was also listening to the commotion outside.
There were exclamations and cheers.
She could hear the laughter of the winners and the sighs of the losers.
The competition was going well, but Yun Feng was completely immersed in her own world like an old monk in meditation.

Suddenly, the noise outside stopped abruptly.
The lively scene immediately became cold and quiet.
Yun Feng was still calm and composed.
She wasn’t attracted by what was happening outside at all.
Her body was relaxed and at ease.
The aura around her also became more uniform and smooth, as if it was completely in sync with the airflow in the world.
Yun Feng was completely immersed in a wonderful state.
Such a wonderful feeling made her entire body relax inexplicably, as if she had already turned into a drop of water.
The entire space around her was like an ocean.
She, who was small, had already merged into this ocean and felt an unprecedented sense of comfort and security.

There seemed to be some kind of guidance in the dark.
Yun Feng took a long breath as she slowly mobilized all her mental strength.
The mental strength that had already condensed into a solid state in her spiritual space slowly melted and spread, gathering in the middle bit by bit like a trickle.
A vortex gradually formed in Yun Feng’s spiritual space.
This vortex kept melting and gathering with her mental strength.
It became bigger and bigger, gradually filling the entire spiritual space.
At this moment, Yun Feng’s spiritual space was like a vast ocean.
An extremely huge deep vortex was formed in the middle and her mental strength around gathered in this vortex desperately like seawater.

The mental space in Yun Feng’s body changed like this and the momentum around her also changed! The momentum of the peak of the Monarch Level slowly spread out of her body and surrounded the space around Yun Feng.
As the vortex in the mental space formed, a bottomless vortex gradually formed around Yun Feng.
With Yun Feng’s body as the center, the aura around also formed a vortex and drilled into Yun Feng’s body desperately.
If someone was next to Yun Feng, they would probably be extremely surprised by this phenomenon!

Yun Feng was like a bottomless black hole.
The space around her was even gradually distorted by the invisible suction force inside her body.
Yun Feng closed her eyes gently with a faint smile on her little face.
She didn’t know the change at this moment.
If she opened her eyes, she would be shocked.

What kind of feeling was this… Yun Feng couldn’t help but let out a very comfortable sigh in her mind, as if she had broken free of all restraints, as if she had broken free of all shackles.
Only her unusually free body and mind were wandering in it.
There seemed to be an endless path ahead for her to choose, an endless space for her to swim.
Yun Feng relaxed her nerves and let her entire body follow this feeling.
Yun Feng was like a drop of water.
As the ocean around her kept swaying gently, she went left and right, following them.

Lan Yi and Little Fire, who were in the contract space, sensed Yun Feng’s current state and suddenly opened their eyes.
Both of them were thrilled! “Master has reached such a level at this moment!” Lan Yi exclaimed in his mind.
The joy in Little Fire’s wolf eyes was like two flames, making its eyes even brighter.

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The two Magic Beasts immediately closed their eyes and followed Yun Feng into the same realm gradually.
At this moment, when Yun Feng was more and more relaxed, she suddenly felt a faint uncomfortable feeling, as if the smooth passage ahead was suddenly blocked.
At this moment, the flow of the vortex in Yun Feng’s spiritual space had already stopped.
The huge vortex stopped in Yun Feng’s spiritual space and the space around Yun Feng also stopped moving.
The pressure in Yun Feng’s body just then suddenly disappeared.

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