endary summoner of the East Continent.
She was the role model in her mind!

“Yun Feng!” Qian Shaoyao shouted Yun Feng’s name desperately with a hoarse and sobbing voice.
Mu Shaohua also shouted, “Yun Feng!” They didn’t say anything.
They only called Yun Feng’s name!

Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai, who were standing in the crowd, didn’t say anything.
They both believed that Yun Feng would come! Xia Qing, who had just recovered, was also standing there.
She was still weak, but she didn’t want to miss her teacher’s competition! Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t show up, Xia Qing only smiled.
Her teacher would come.
She would definitely come on stage!

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“Yun Feng!” “Yun Feng!” “Yun Feng!”

The calls gradually merged together.
Both Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua were a bit shocked.
Gradually, more and more people called Yun Feng’s name.
Yun Feng’s name resounded in the sky! Yao Man listened to the shouts and shouted furiously!

“Why are you shouting? She won’t show up no matter how you shout! Ling, it’s time.
She’s just a coward who runs away!”

Ling looked at the timer and smiled lightly.
“Miss Yao Man, there are still three minutes.”

“What are you waiting for? She can’t possibly come at all!” Yao Man shouted loudly, but Ling was still smiling.
However, he was also puzzled in his mind.
Miss Yun, where exactly did you go? Why aren’t you here yet?

When the voice calling Yun Feng outside became louder and louder, the girl, who had been sitting quietly in the room, opened her eyes gently.
A dazzling light flashed through her eyes.
Yun Feng smiled lightly and extended her fair hand, clenching it gently.
The invisible void in her hand suddenly distorted.
Yun Feng squeezed her hand hard and a slight crack appeared, directly tearing the space!

“The Lord Level is indeed different.” Looking at the Ring of Contract that had obvious changes on her finger, Yun Feng mumbled.
All the patterns on the red and green Rings of Contract had already faded, turning into pure ordinary colors, but there was a tiny pattern on it, which was the word “Lord”.

“Congratulations, Master.
You’ve successfully reached the Lord Level!” Little Fire and Lan Yi’s delighted voices came.
Yun Feng and her Magic Beasts were the same.
Magic Beasts needed more effort and time to reach the Lord Level.
If it weren’t for Yun Feng, even Little Fire and Lan Yi wouldn’t have been able to reach the Lord Level in such a short time!

Yun Feng chuckled as the sounds of the outside world immediately surged into her ears.
Yun Feng suddenly found that her name was being called outside.
Yun Feng stood up and gently touched the clothes on her body with her hand.
Her faint aura was like a queen who came to the world! With a faint smile, she pushed the door open.
“It seems that it’s my turn.”

“Haha, Master will definitely win this time.” Little Fire’s delighted voice sounded.
Yun Feng only smiled and didn’t say anything.
She walked down the stairs.
There were already waves of voices calling her name outside.
Lan Yi couldn’t help but smile when he heard Little Fire’s excited voice.

“It’s more than a complete victory.
Those people’s eyeballs will probably fall out.”

“That’s true.
The Lord Level.
Those guys’ jaws will definitely hit the ground.
If Yao Man knows that Master has already reached the Lord Level, will she be so angry that she vomits blood and dies? Hahaha!”

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