Chapter 96: Beaten Up (5)

“Next! No.
22!” The old man yelled loudly.
Yun Feng then came up quietly with her number card.
Her short body was quite conspicuous among these young people and her innocent little face also drew eyes on her along the way.

Even the white-haired old man gazed up and looked at Yun Feng.
After seeing the number card in her hands, he pointed at the groove.
“Infused your fighting energy.”

Yun Feng stood there and didn’t do anything.
The old man couldn’t help but look at her in confusion.
Yun Feng then said, “I’m a mage.
Can I infuse my mental strength?”

“Gasp…” The sound of the gasping crowd came.
Almost all of them looked over because of what Yun Feng said.
I’m a mage!

The old man looked up and lifted his monocle with both of his hands.
He sized Yun Feng up several times.
A mage came to the Mercenary Union? Didn’t mages go to Masang School of Magic? Even those loners wouldn’t come to the Mercenary Union.
Almost all of the members of the Mercenary Union on the East Continent were warriors!

Wang Ming was also startled sitting there.
A mage? Judging by her moves earlier, she should be a warrior! How would a mage have such a body, a body comparable to that of a warrior?

“You’re a mage?” The white-haired old man asked.
Everyone in the cabin held their breath and waited for Yun Feng’s reply.

“That’s right.
I’m a mage.”

“Are you sure you want to join the Mercenary Union?”

“Yes, I want to join the Mercenary Union.
Can mages not join here?”

The white-haired old man pushed his monocle up again.
“No, there’s no such rule.
A mage is joining the Mercenary Union.
Interesting…” He murmured.
The old man then pointed at the groove before him.
“Luckily, this thing works on mental strength as well.
Infuse inside.”

The cabin became even more quiet than it used to be.
Everyone gazed over to Yun Feng and her little hand which she was lifting slowly.
Their eyes stared at that groove firmly.
All of them were guessing in their minds.
What level mage would she be? Level 2? Level 3?

Wang Ming couldn’t sit quietly in the chair either.
He abruptly stood up and stretched his neck to look at Yun Feng.
What level mage would this Young Lady be? Level 3? Thinking that Yun Feng might be a level-3 mage, Wang Ming became extremely delighted in his mind, as if he was proud to share this honor with the Yun family.

Yun Feng put her hand in the groove and glowly released her mental strength.
The liquid in the groove immediately rose to the position of level 5!

Level 5! Oh God! Everyone’s pupils shrunk and even the white-haired old man was a little dumbfounded.
He couldn’t help but lift his monocle up with his hand, as if he couldn’t believe the data shown in the groove in front of his eyes.

The liquid in the groove stopped stably at the position of level 5 and didn’t move anymore.
The old man repressed his emotions, then took out a mercenary badge and gave Yun Feng a friendly smile.

“Little girl, your name.”

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
Then, Wang Ming came up.
His tall body stood in front of the table as he looked at the old man from above with red light all over his face.

“Old Deng, this is our Young Lady.
Don’t even think about doing anything to her!”

The old man couldn’t help being startled after hearing that.
He immediately chuckled.
“The Red Maple Mercenary Team is truly lucky to have found such an outstanding Young Lady.
Looks like you’ll certainly get four stars in the level assessment this year.
Well, since she’s already made a choice, she’s yours.”

The old man took out a stamp and pressed it gently on the badge.
A red maple leaf was stamped on it.
The old man handed the badge to Yun Feng with a smile, acting totally different from his cold attitude towards the other people.

Yun Feng took the badge calmly and ignored the astonished gaze from everyone else, walking out of the cabin with Wang Ming.
After Yun Feng left, the cabin immediately went into chaos.
All the young people couldn’t believe what they saw.
A level-5 mage came to the Mercenary Union! And this level-5 mage was a little kid! What was worse was that this mage was recruited by the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

Wang Ming walked out of that small cabin and the smile at the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but widen to the maximum.
Yun Feng followed behind him and was a bit speechless, seeing the corners of his mouth curl up constantly.

They walked to the guards at the cordon and the two guards gazed at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng slowly pinned her badge in front of her chest.
The two guards took a look at the badge curiously.
After just one look, their expressions changed drastically.

“Please!” The two guards immediately said so.
Wang Ming was a bit pleased as he brought Yun Feng inside.
After the two of them went far, the two guards couldn’t help but glance at Yun Feng several times, then looked at each other.

“Did you see the level indicated on that badge clearly?”

The other guard nodded as he touched the sweat on his forehead.
Is that kid from a large family? Does she just want to experience and play around as a mercenary?”

“Fuck, who knows? The descendants of the large families all have nothing to do!”

Another guard chuckled.
The two of them then stopped talking and continued to do their job as a guard.

In some top families in the Karan Empire, kids with outstanding talent might want to experience a different life.
These large families certainly had a mercenary group that relied on them or even belonged to them in the mercenary world, so it was possible for the talented young people in these families to go and experience it a bit.
There wouldn’t be any danger at all anyway.

For the talented younger generation of those large families, being a mercenary was kind of their pastime.
So, these pampered young people were certainly seen as some bored people for the other mercenaries, who treated this as their job and risked their lives just for a few gold coins.

Yun Feng controlled her strength on purpose during the assessment just then.
It wasn’t wise to expose all her power.
She had to have a card up her sleeve at all times.
She couldn’t give those people who were a danger to her a chance to be fully prepared.
Even if the other party was fully prepared, she also had to make them draw water with a sieve.

The mercenary world had always been complicated, so Yun Feng was cautious.
Level 5 was neither high nor low, but it was indeed astonishing considering her age.
Besides, she was even a mage.

After passing the cordon, Yun Feng finally saw the headquarters of the Mercenary Union of the Karan Empire clearly.
Even though it was just the territory of a union, it was extremely huge, occupying almost half of Ge Yuan like a small kingdom.
This was probably the only place where the royal family of the Karan Empire couldn’t reach.

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