A goblin village that doesn't give a shit as five heroes have descended!


This shows that the number of heroes was large.


It is several times or even ten times that of the Demon King.


Five goblin heroes, led by one named Chen Hu.


This goblin body of Chen Hu was once the hunting captain, chief hero, and the strongest goblin in the village.


After the arrival of the heroes.


It has grown a lot in just a few days.


The other four players naturally followed his lead.


“Everyone's here!”


Chen Hu was in high spirits.


He not only gathered four companions.


He had even organized thirty young and strong goblins in the name of hunting.


At this time, a goblin hero hesitated: “The protection period has just expired, and we are going to kill the Demon King, is this too soon?”


Chen Hu smiled coldly: “What are you afraid of? Just because the protection period has just passed, the Demon King has no time to grow up.
This is our chance!”


Another hero immediately echoed: “The boss is right, we can only use goblins, but goblins are too weak, and they will be worthless if they are not used now.”


The other heroes nodded.


Hero players are not the same as Demon Kings.


After the arrival of the heroes.


All have their own identity.


There are relationships that can be used.


These five players have all become goblins, and naturally they will find a way to make the village goblins work for them, and even make them cannon fodder as their stepping stones.


Compared to the Heavenly heroes.


These ordinary goblins grow too poorly.


The five people will leave the village sooner or later for development.


Villagers are just consumables that can be used in the early stage.


They also have a little value now.
When the demon king grows up in the future, the value of the goblin cannon fodder is gone.
Now, when should we wait?


“There are several demon kings nearby!”


“Which one are we going to deal with first?”


Different player camps.


The player interface is also different.


The Demon King has a chat area and a trading area.


Heroes do not have chat transactions, but they have an additional map function within one hundred kilometers.


As long as there is a demon king's lair.


Its location will automatically appear on the hero map.


Now there are eight or nine Demon King markers within a small 100 kilometers, so they don't know how to choose for a while.


“Let’s go to the Dark Valley!”


Chen Hu made a choice directly.


“This lair is the closest, even if we don't go to the challenge, it will definitely expand out in the future and pose a threat to us.
So, It's better to strike first.”


Chen Hu in the real world is a ruthless person who dares to fight and kill, specializing in wandering the gray area doing the business of making offshoots.






No shortage of everything.


This era is simply born for him!


Chen Hu believes that he can rise up, trample others under his feet, and become a supreme king.


Heroes can kill monsters to upgrade.


They can also exercise and cultivate to become stronger but it’s too slow.


A goblin with a low starting point and a step-by-step cultivation of monsters will not become a strong man in the year of the monkey.


To break through the shackles of talent races.


The only way is to kill the Demon King!


The reward of a demon king can be worth years of penance!


If you kill a hundred demon kings, you will reach the pass condition!


The demon king in the dark valley will become the starting point of his bullying, and will become the first sacrifice, the stepping stone in the life of a strong man!


In the evening, five heroes, thirty ordinary young goblins, a total of thirty-five goblins sneaked into the valley.


The heroes can sense the Demon King's lair but the Demon Lord cannot sense nearby heroes.


This makes the Demon King more passive and vulnerable to sneak attacks.


However, the heroes can only determine the general area of ​​the demon king's power, and cannot accurately judge the demon king altar, which is the core of the demon king's lair.


So there is a game process of reconnaissance and exploration.


The Demon King needs to deal with the heroes who appear to attack at any time.


After entering the Demon King's lair, heroes must also be careful of the traps set up by the Demon King and the Demon King's minions.




“Found it!”


“It must be the Demon King's lair ahead!”


Ahead is the ruins of a small town in a valley.


It was as lifeless as a tomb.
About twenty or thirty skeletons were moving among the ruins.
They were organized and obviously not wild monsters.


Chen Hu was immediately overjoyed.


This time it was a sure thing!


“It seems to be the Skeleton Demon King!”


“In just a few days, he has created so many skeleton soldiers?”


“Yeah, there are dozens of skeleton soldiers in less than a week.
If we give him a year and a half, then we have no chance at all!”


Chen Hu grinned: “Hey, the stronger the demon king is, the more rewards you will get after it is eliminated.
This is a wedding dress for us!”


A wave of his hand.


“Kill them all!”


“Don't let him run away!”


Thirty goblins rushed out.


Sneak attack on these skeleton soldiers who are replenishing their energy.


The skeleton soldiers had no emotions.
When sensing the intruder, they instinctively took out their weapons to resist, and the two sides immediately fought together.


Normal goblins are weak.


It's not as good as these skeleton soldiers in a heads-up fight.


However, goblins are intelligent creatures.
They can make up for the lack of strength through cooperation and strategies.
Under the premise of preparation and planning, they are able to deal with the same number of skeleton soldiers.


What's more, There are five goblin heroes.


They are far stronger than ordinary goblins.


Among them, Chen Hu's body has elite-level strength.
After the talent of the hero is strengthened, it is even stronger than before.


The skeleton soldiers fell into the wind without any doubt.


One skeleton soldier after another was smashed by the goblins.




“That's all.”


“We are sure to win!”


At this moment, the five heroes were full of fighting spirit and morale, and they felt that they would definitely become the first heroes to successfully hunt down the Demon King.


Meanwhile, on the Devil King altar in the distance.


Zhang Mu suddenly opened his eyes.


A flash of coldness flashed in his eyes.


【Alert! 】


【Your territory is under attack! 】


【Your Skeleton Soldier was killed! 】


【Your Skeleton Soldier was killed! 】




He got a prompt.


The Mound of Dead Bones is under attack!

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