As the dawn broke.

Giantree City was getting ready for battle.

The city walls were full of elven archers and mages.

Beneath the city wall, there were four to five thousand Draconian units standing by.

And so, the Berserk Beast City army has arrived.

The orc army was divided into three legions.

The first legion, the Berserker Corp, numbered around 20000.
It is the backbone of Berserk Beast City.
They were all orc warriors with the Berserk talent, and have generally reached the rank of Elite.

The second legion, the Wolf Rider Corp, about 7000 in numbers.
Each wolf cavalry was carefully selected and paired with a giant wolf mount.
Their offensive capabilities were very powerful.

The third and last legion, Winged Beast Corp, estimated 3000 in number.
This was their flying unit as well as their mage unit from Berserk Beast City.
These orc mages paired with winged beast mounts possessed amazing mobility and destructive power.

The orc army gave out a strong sense of oppression!

An old orc with a face full of scars was riding upon a blood-red furred wolf.
His gloomy yet ferocious gaze was staring dead ahead.

“This day shall be the end for the elves of Giantree!”

“Leave no survivors! Siege their city and slaughter them all!”

Orcs and elves have been at odds since ancient times.

The old city lord even had a deep hatred towards the elves.

Before the battle even commenced, a plan to massacre the city was made.


“The Demon King is just ahead!”

“Allow me to face him!”

The Hero Tu XiuMing has stepped out from the formation of Masters of Ten Thousand.

“Very well, go ahead! If you can kill him before the battle even starts, the position of Berserk Beast City's deputy city lord shall be yours.”

*Deputy city lord?


After killing this Demon King, my strength will definitely grow immensely!

By then, I don't even need to be a deputy city lord.*

*All of Berserk Beast City shall be mine!


This is unexpected.

The forces of the Demon King are very strong.*

The average strength of the Draconian warriors was obviously stronger than the elite orcs from the same level, thus this army was definitely far more powerful than imagined!

As expected from the most powerful Demon king within the vicinity, it seems that after occupying the Giantree City, it has gained a lot of rewards, otherwise such a huge lineup would not be possible.

As long as he could kill the Demon King in advance.

The morale of the Demon King troops would collapse.

The larger the Demon King's territory, the greater his influence and the stronger his strength, the more tempting the rewards would be after killing him.

Tu Xiuming could not bear to stand for another second.

He could not wait to kill him right this moment.

Tu Xiuming pointed with his war spear, “Do you dare to step up and face me?!”

After becoming the Draconian Marshal.

Zhang San's appearance has changed greatly.

Now, he was definitely the best looking one within the Draconian Army.

His scales were of lustrous gold, glistening with elegance and grace.
He stood out way too much and it was simply too easy to spot him at a glance.

“You have a death wish? Allow me to oblige!”

Zhang San was a Draconian of few words.

He activated his B ranked skill – Rampaging Dragon Charge.

Like a cannonball, he launched towards the Hero.

“Not bad! But to fight against me, you're still a bit short!”

Tu Xiuming's whole body petrified rapidly, it grew and bulked up in size.
His stature is now comparable to a Draconian.

This was a powerful talent obtained by killing the Rock Golem Demon King.

It raised its defense, constitution, as well as various other stats drastically.

“A mere level 3!”

“Let me show you!”

“The difference between our rank and strength!”

Tu Xiuming simply attacked with his spear without even attempting to defend.

He has grasped the strength of the Demon King in advance through intelligence.
He was very confident that the Demon King's attack simply could not threaten himself.

As for the Demon King.

He probably did not know he was facing a level 4 Hero.

Otherwise, he would not have charged toward himself so recklessly.
This is utterly inviting death!


The very next second.

A ferocious Qi slash lashed out.

It instantly cleaved through the spear and hit the Hero's body.

Tu Xiuming was sent flying for six or seven meters, and plunged heavily into the ground.
His crash created a huge crater in the terrain.
He instantly spat out a mouthful of blood.


The karma came too fast, it was like a slap in the face.

Tu Xiuming was completely bewildered.

*Why is it completely different from what I've imagined?

How is it that his attack was so powerful?*

Zhang San caught up while winding up his Qi, “If this is all you've got, then you may now die in peace!”

During the conversation.

Another slash arrived.

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded.

Especially the Hero underlings under Tu Xiuming.

“Bloody hell!”

“What's going on with the Demon King?”

“He must have taken drugs!”

“Isn't he only at level 3?”

“That's right, he must be level 3, but why is he so strong?”

Tu Xiuming lost his preemptive advantage due to his carelessness.
He was currently completely suppressed by the Draconian Marshal.
Although he has yet to be defeated, he was getting beaten into a mess.

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