Grey was furious at the sight and leapt forward.

Under the relentless attacks of a level 3 Overlord.

Zhang San was finally repelled and got slightly wounded.

Grey, the city lord was dissatisfied, “You are too gullible! He obviously has a command-type skill that strengthens himself, and his current strength is not inferior to yours.”

But of course.

The Draconian Marshal.

As a commander type combat unit.

Not only did he possess incredible combat prowess.

He also had excellent command-type skills.

Among them, the most vital command-type skills were [Battle Dragon's Aura] and [Qi Aura].

The former enhanced the strength of the entire army.

The latter reinforced himself with the presence of the entire army.

The Draconian Marshal had different combat power during single combat and large scale battles.
The more soldiers he led, the stronger he would be.

For example.

If he had the power to compete with top Lords.

After being reinforced by his army.

Zhang San would basically have the strength of an Overlord.

Grey had run out of patience, “Do not waste anymore time! This is a tough one to deal with, let's finish him together!”

Tu Xiuming originally wanted to put on a good show.

He never thought the Demon King would be way stronger than he imagined.

A failed attempt of being pretentious.

He became enraged from the embarrassment.

'Forget it!

It doesn't matter!

This Demon King is too powerful.

I can't handle it on my own.

But now, he shall personally face the wrath of Berserk Beast City's city lord.

He's dead!'

Seeing this, Li Si, the Draconian High Priest, immediately unleashed his ritual magic and enveloped the entire field with Blood Ritual.

A loud roar.

Zhang San transformed.

Instantly, he turned into a Golden Earth Drake.

The Golden Earth Drake was 20 meters in length, its scales, as if forged in gold, majestic and domineering.
It apparently wanted to fight the two orcs head on.


Grey's eyes were bloodshot.

His Qi turned into a 10 meter blade.

Like a wave of sea, it crashed onto the Earth Drake.

Grey had mastered his Qi to great success ten years ago.

His strength had long dominated his peers at the same level.
Even compared with other Overlords, he can at least rank in the middle.
Grey was even stronger than Tu Xiuming!

The power behind this blow was of a level 4 Lord.

If it was hit directly.

There would be only death or incapacitation awaiting the victim!


The Golden Earth Drake was driven back for a few meters.

Only a few scales got damaged.

It probably suffered some superficial injuries.
But such little damage was far from severe, let alone a fatal threat.

“How the hell is this possible?!”

Now it was not only Tu Xiuming.

Grey's eyes were widened in disbelief.

The Earth Drake was originally a species known for its superb defense.

And the defense of a Golden Earth Drake was superior to that of a Black Iron Earth Drake.


There was also the Blood Ritual.

More than half of the damage inflicted onto Zhang San was transferred, so even if it was an orc as strong as the city lord Grey, he could only do as much as a scratch.

“Damn it!”

“Just die!”

Tu Xiuming made a move.

Lighting entwined his spear.

And thundered towards the Earth Drake.


If the Berserk Beast city lord's attack was regarded as a scratch.

The Hero's attack could not even be considered a tickle.

The Golden Earth Drake had a massive HP pool and it regenerated very quickly.
Not to mention it was also blessed with the Level 3 Goddess of Nature's Divine Art.
They would not be able to kill the drake with this kind of miniscule damage, even if they fought to the end of time.




The morale of the orcs had fallen apart!

It was their first time seeing the city lord's attack fail.

As for the Heroes?

They were in more panic.

“Game over, man! GAME OVER!”

“How the hell do you fight this?”

“The Demon King's defense is too ridiculous!”

“Is this the current strongest Demon King? It is hopeless!”

“Even the city lord can only deal this much damage.
I don't think we can even break its defense.
This is going to be a nightmare!”

Grey was furious.

His green skin turned blood red.

Veins were rippling throughout his whole body.

It was an advanced Berserk talent, [Blood Frenzy].

The talent could significantly boost the strength of its user, but it would shorten its user's life span as a price.
It would not be used unless absolutely necessary.

Grey couldn't care less at this very moment.

This Dragon Demon King was probably the toughest and most powerful opponent he has ever faced in his entire life, and it has incited his fury.

'No matter the cost!

It must be taken down!

As long as this Demon King is defeated.

Giantree City will crumble!'

Tu XiuMing also unleashed all his status skills, constantly strengthening himself, pushing his power to the extreme.
He then charged towards the Earth Drake alongside Grey.


Qi, lighting, flame.

Various energies collided in a frenzy.

The orcs, the Heroes, the elves, and even the Draconians, were all stunned by the battle.
The strength demonstrated by both parties was beyond reckoning.

The Earth Drake kept enduring the fierce blows, one after another.

With an abnormally massive HP pool, as well as regenerative power.

It withstood everything.


Although its defense was ridiculously strong.

The Earth Drake's means of attack was relatively lacking.

Due to its enormous size, it was not flexible at all.
In most cases, it could only defend passively and barely had opportunities to counter attack.

In this case.

No matter how high the defense was, or how fast the recovery was.

It was only a matter of time before being defeated.

The two sides clashed for a couple of hundred rounds.

The Golden Earth Drake has finally begun to show signs of exhaustion, but the two orcs were not much better, especially the city lord, Grey.

In order to take down this terrible opponent.

He had almost exhausted all his strength to maintain his Blood Frenzy.

The side effects on his body were getting more and more severe.
This would undoubtedly shorten a great deal of his life span, and his strength would be impaired for a long time after this battle.


“You! Cover me!”

“I'm going to finish him off with a final blow!”

Not only did Grey not end his frenzy state.

Instead, he intensified his berserking.

Blood oozed from the skin all over his body, and started igniting and bursted into flames, making him as terrifying as a demon god.

As Tu Xiuming witnessed the sight.

He gave it his all to unleash the rocks.

All to restrict the Earth Drake's movement from every direction.

“Scorching Blood Demon Slash!”

With a maniacal grin, Grey concentrated the flames formed from his blood onto his weapon.
It finally shifted into a powerful blazing light and blasted onto the Earth Drake.


This was an Overlord ranked warrior.

Who hysterically unleashed a blow that had cost him half of his remaining life span.

Even with the Blood Ritual, it is inevitable that the attack would deal serious damage.

The Golden Earth Drake let out a low roar.

There was a huge wound on his body.

Even with a recovery power as strong as his, Zhang San would not be able to recover in a short time.
In fact, he was temporarily incapacitated at the moment.

With this.

The outcome of this thrilling battle.

Was finally decided.

Grey was drenched in blood and lost his power to fight any longer.

He shouted frantically: “Kill it now and take down the Giantree City!”

Neither the orc city lord nor the golden drake could move, yet the Hero still retained his combat power.
He could take this opportunity to kill the dragon.



“I've won!”

“You are the strongest Demon King I've ever seen.”

“It is unfortunate, but it all ends now.
Today, you will die by my hands!”

Tu Xiuming was trembling from excitement.

If it was not for the old city lord, Grey.

He would not have been able to kill such a strong existence no matter what.

Now a once-in-a-lifetime great opportunity was right in front of him.

Such a powerful Demon King.

How much reward would there be for killing him?

A satisfied expression was also shown on the orc city lord's face.

Although he paid a heavy price.

The final victory was his.

He has not felt such fulfillment in decades.

He recalled the last time he felt this way, it was his first battle shortly after he came of age, when he fought a group of powerful magical beasts for a day and a night.

Even though he was seriously injured.

But he survived.

It was the same this time.

He lost half of his life.

But, even so, he completed a counter-kill in a hopeless situation.

As a warrior, there is nothing more intoxicating than this.
The feeling of turning the tides, and triumphing over a powerful enemy at the line of life and death.

And yet.

Right at this moment.

A loud applause rang out.

It left everyone present baffled.


“Splendid! Marvelous! That was truly wonderful!”

“What a brilliant battle performance! This king has thoroughly enjoyed it!”


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