Zhang Nu has been watching the show the whole time.

He wanted to test the abilities of Zhang San and Li Si.

To his surprise, he found the combination of Draconian Marshal and High Priest to be very powerful.

In the end, both of them were only level 3 Lord units, yet their opponents were a level 4 Lord and a level 3 Overlord.

Regardless of which aspect they were compared against, the disparity in strength was too great.

Zhang Nu thought it would be good enough if the Draconian Marshal could hold on for just a while.

Unexpectedly, Zhang San almost fought the two opponents to a stalemate by himself.
And all the while, the High Priest only provided support and did not attack throughout the battle.

Draconian Marshal.

Draconian High Priest.

Their capabilities were evident from this battle.

They definitely would not be able to defeat an Overlord of the same level in a duel.

However, in the event of a large-scale battle, when a Draconian Marshal or a High Priest joined in, their role and influence on the battlefield would far exceed an Overlord unit of the same level.

Zhang Nu descended from the sky and landed in the middle of the battlefield.

The Berserk Beast city lord, Grey was supporting his own body with his ax handle.
It was difficult enough for him to be barely standing on his feet.

As for the Hero Tu Xiuming, even though he was not seriously injured, the fierce battle just now had exhausted all his MP.

In other words, both orcs have reached their limits.

They thought they had finally attained victory after paying a huge price, but the development of the current situation was unexpected.

“Who the hell are you!”

Tu Xiuming wanted to step forward.

Only to be immediately greeted by a burst of intense pressure.

In an instant, he fell into a slight trance and dizziness.

[You have been attacked by Dragon Fear, HP -20, stunned for 2 seconds, all stats have been suppressed.]

Zhang San returned to his Draconian form.

Although seriously injured, he still knelt on one knee.

“Master, this one is incompetent.
To have Master appear personally is my failure.”

He was no longer haughty and arrogant.

All that remained were shame and remorse.

The sight has caused everyone on the scene, especially Tu Xiuming and his Hero underlings to be startled.

Why was this being, who has demonstrated terrible might, who has made everyone shudder in fear, treating this Draconian in front of him with such respect and humility?

The crowd of Heroes carefully sized up Zhang Nu.

Only then did they discover the difference between the Draconian Marshal and the Demon King.

The Draconian Marshal was covered in lustrous golden scales, he was definitely the best looking one within the Draconian army.
Such a prominent and eye-catching existence, of course he would be regarded as the leader by others.

But when standing side by side with the real Dragon Demon King.

The differences in appearance were still very distinct.

The dragon scales of the Demon King were not as brilliant or shiny.

However, each of his dark golden scales were enveloped by a dim luster, not to mention his enormous draconic wings and ferocious looking horns.
Everything about him was domineering, intimidating, majestic, and brimming with kingly demeanor.

The Draconian Marshal was obviously not comparable to the real deal.

The Heroes on the scene were petrified.

They have grasped the truth of the situation.

This shiny Draconian was never the Demon King.

Everyone was fooled by the real Demon King.
They have acted and performed like a buffoon for such a long time, and only now did they fathom the reality.

The Heroes' current emotions could not be described by mere words.

Like a roller coaster, from being full of confidence at the beginning, to doubt, fear and panic, then to find hope at a turning point, only to be finally pummeled into the depths of despair.

Supposing that.

From the very beginning.

The Demon King was only spectating.

What was the point of everything they have done until now?

If this shiny Draconian was not the Demon King, then why did he possess such ridiculous strength? A mere level 3 lord, fought toe to toe against two massive powerhouses?

A mere subordinate of the Demon King had such trembling strength.

What kind of spectacle would it be if the Demon King was to personally intervene?

It was hopeless.

Their minds have been broken.

The expression on Tu Xiuming's face was hideously twisted as if he had been force fed ten tons of shit, “No! This can't be! You're bluffing!”


“You can't fool me!”

“You're at the end of your rope!”

“So you can only be bluffing!”


His words came to an abrupt halt.

Tu Xiuming was still standing on both legs.

And yet, his upper torso was missing.

[You've slain a level 4 Hero.
Hero's Soul +1, skill stone +2!]

Zhang Nu had fired a bolt of Hell Thunderflame, which is his strongest conventional attack at present.
It consisted of both Abyssal Lighting and Dragon Flame.
It was fast, powerful and difficult to dodge.

If Tu Xiuming was in his prime state, it was possible for him to dodge once or twice and entertain Zhang Nu for a while before inevitably dying.

But in the battle with the Draconian Marshal just now, both his HP and MP were severely depleted.
In addition to receiving a huge shock and his struggle in accepting reality, the Hero's only fate was to be killed in a single blow.

Witnessing the scene.

The city lord Grey's eyes were bursting with wrath.

Both the orcs and the remaining Heroes were extremely terrified.

The Hero Tu Xiuming's strength was second only to the city lord Grey.
Even if slightly inferior, the disparity between their strength was miniscule at most, since the Hero has level advantage.


Such an existence.

A top level 4 Hero.

Was instantly decimated by the Demon King in a blink of an eye.

Half of his body was blasted into smithereens.

Not even his full corpse was intact.


Zhang Nu put down his hands.

He swept his gaze over the crowd and landed on the old city lord of Berserk Beast City.

“Do you still think there's a need to continue the fight? Submit now and I might consider sparing your lifes.”



Grey sneered.

He held himself up with difficulty, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was showing indications of entering frenzy mode once again.
A beast-like growl escaped his mouth, “Never!”

Zhang Nu was a little surprised.

After all, when it came to this in the past, all he had to do was display enough might to force his opponents to lose all their will to resist.
Then, he would generously spare their lives.
By then, there would be a high probability for the opposing part to simply submit to him.

However, this old orc was very proud.

He was extremely resolute.

On one hand, he only had a few years left in him.
There was no point in giving up his dignity as a warrior just to survive.

On the other hand, he had gone step by step from a tribal chief to a city lord today.
It could be said that the Berserk Beast City was built by his own hands.
He had undergone a legendary life.
How could he be willing to let all of these go?

Grey held up his battle ax and let out a roar, “Come! Show me the true power of a Dragon Demon King!”

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