“Very well.”

Zhang Nu did not push the issue further.

There was a blood feud between Berserk Beast City and Giantree City.

Grey had the blood of thousands of elves on his hands.

Even if he forcibly took Grey under his command, it would not be pleasant for the elves of Giantree City.

“You are a true warrior!”

“I shall fulfill your last wish!”

“You may witness my true power before your final breath!”

Grey laughed maniacally, “Hahahaha, the battle hasn't even started yet.
It isn't certain who shall survive in the end!”

He raised his battle ax and hysterically howled, “CHARGE!”

The three armies of Berserk Beast became agitated.

The Demon King may be insanely powerful.

However, he was but one man.

In terms of military strength.

Berserk Beast City was far superior than Giantree City.

Even with the troops brought by the Demon King.

Berserk Beast City may not necessarily lose.

The orc city lord has an extremely high prestige in the eyes of the Berserk Beast orcs.
When they heard his command, they were determined to fight.


Tens of thousands of Berserker Corp warriors went berserk.

This berserker talent had two major benefits, the first was of course a significant increase in their stats and combat power.
The second was that it was very effective in suppressing their inner fear.

In times like this.

It was undoubtedly useful.


“Kill the Demon King!”

“Whoever killed the Demon King shall be the next Master of Ten Thousands!”

Tens of thousands of orcs swept forward.

Their primary target was the Demon King, followed by Giantree City.

Nancilia began to worry,”This is bad, His Majesty the Demon King is being encircled.
The damned orcs couldn't win against him, they are planning to overwhelm him with numbers!”

The elves counterattacked.

Arrows, magics, arcane arts.

Various attacks rained down upon the frenzied orcs, yet it was unable to stop them.

The Draconian Army also joined the battle.
Although their number was small, they held their ground like a wall of iron.
Not even the orcs could break through at the moment.

Zhang Nu did not intend to waste anymore time.

It was dangerous to fight against a cornered beast.

The orcs have gone completely mad.
They knew it was impossible to stop a second wave of attacks, so they decided to put all their strength behind this wave of assault.

There would be losses for every minute and every second wasted.

Thus, he wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

He had no choice but to try out his newly mastered skill, [Evil Dragon's Descent].

The moment the Demon King unleashed the skill, his whole being disappeared into the thin air.
A large cloud of black fog burst out, and like a volcanic eruption, it spewed into the sky.

The very next second.

The clear cloudless blue sky was suddenly overcasted with dark clouds, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Countless black fog gathered in the mid-air to form a ferocious giant dragon with a length of more than 100 meters.

The dragon was an elemental.

It did not have a corporeal form.

However, its presence was overbearing.

It was as if the dragon was constantly unleashing Dragon Fear, making it impossible for ordinary magical beasts or creatures with weaker will to even approach.

This is the form of “Evil Dragon of Annihilation”!

It was the strongest offensive skill within his level 3 talents.

The “Evil Dragon of Annihilation” form was, to put it bluntly, an elemental form.

In this form, Zhang Nu was close to being invincible.
There were also changes in his various skills.

The Evil Dragon form could spew draconic flames, summon thunder and lightning, and even cast its abyssal devouring skill.

As a result.

Zhang Nu gained three different forms of Evil Dragon.

The first form: Devouring Evil Dragon,

This was the current black fog-like form.
The whole being was made up of devouring-energy, which could absorb all kinds of attack.
This form's offensive power is slightly weaker, but it was indestructible, as it could resist various types of attacks.

The second form: Inferno Evil Dragon.

In this form, the whole body would be composed of draconic flame, which was equivalent to an elemental dragon.
However, instead of ordinary flame, the dragon was formed by abyssal draconic flames.

The third form: Thunderstorm Evil Dragon.

The third form was similar to the Inferno Evil Dragon form, the only difference was the body would be composed of lightning.
Not only was it the fastest form, it also possessed the highest explosive power.

“What the hell is that?”

“Quick! Attack!”

Several hundred orc mages riding upon their winged beasts attempted to attack the Demon King with magic.

But no matter how much the orc mages urged on, the winged beasts did not dare to approach.
Suddenly, the Demon King's enormous body dispersed into a large cloud of black fog.

Almost instantaneously.

Dozens of winged beast riders were enveloped by the fog.

When the black fog gathered to reform the dragon.

The unfortunate victims have already been consumed by the Evil Dragon.

[You've slain a Winged Beast Rider Mage.
Gold +200!]

[You've slain a Winged Beast Rider Mage.
Gold +200!]

[You've slain a Winged Beast Rider Mage.
Gold +200!]


The orc mages, alongside their winged beast mount, were disintegrated within the Evil Dragon by its devouring-energy, leaving only some metal scraps falling onto the ground.

“Oh no!”


“Our attacks were useless against it!”

The remaining Winged Beast Riders fled quickly.

Zhang Nu did not go after them.
Instead, he switched his Evil Dragon form.
The Demon King suddenly burst into flames and turned into a huge inferno dragon.

He hovered and circled around.

And with a dive, he swooped down from the sky.

His target was the Berserk Beast city lord, Grey.

In his flight towards Grey, he swept past the orc troops.
Rolling dragon flames billowed wherever the dragon passed and the orcs were burned to char or ashes in an instant.

[You've slain an Orc Berserker .
Gold +80!]

[You've slain an Orc Berserker .
Gold +80!]

[You've slain an Orc Berserker .
Gold +80!]


Grey, the city lord stood frozen in place.

He could only watch as the Inferno Evil Dragon, with a devastating momentum, incinerated everything and every orc within its way

Eventually, the dragon dived towards him.


He was powerless to stop it.

The difference was too great.

So this is the true power of the Dragon Demon King.

His death was imminent, yet Grey was somewhat relieved.

After all.

As a proud warrior.

Death by old age or illness were both great humiliations.

Only the fate of dying on the battlefield would suit a warrior.

It would be an honor to perish under such tremendous power.

The next instance, the inferno dragon arrived.

Endless torrents of flame flooded in.

The dragon flames flowed like a raging river.

The river continuously washed over the old orc warrior.
His armor melted away and his body burned into ashes.

[You've slain the Berserk Beast city lord.
Gold +25000!]

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