On the city wall.

The elves were dumbfounded at the sight.

The hundred-meter long fire elemental dragon was still rampaging on the battlefield, destroying everything it passes and wreaking havoc.

The elements that formed the inferno dragon were definitely not ordinary flames.

How could ordinary flame have such tremendous power? Iron and steel melted like butter the instant the flame came into contact with them.

“His Majesty the Demon King turns out to possess such powerful skill!”

Nancilia's eyes widened in disbelief, “We've never seen His Majesty using this skill on us before! It seems that His Majesty was being merciful to us!”

The might of this skill was too terrifying.

It made even the allied elves break out into cold sweat with horror.

The Demon King had attacked the Giantree City twice before.
If the Demon King had used this move against them during that assault, the destruction would be simply unimaginable.

Thinking about it.

The way the Demon King treated the elves.

It could be said to be very affectionate.

But these orcs were not so lucky.

Zhang Nu ran amuck back and forth several times.

He had torn apart the terrain and gouged out several intertwining rivers on the battlefield.
Except all that flowed in it was fire and lava.

Since he has no physical form after transforming into elemental form.

The inferno dragon was very fast in its speed.

In fact, the whole process only took half a minute.

And yet.

The orcs who were incinerated into ashes.

And the orc were indirectly burned to death by the flames.

Totaled at least 3000 in number.

This number was probably not the final figure, as it was still rising rapidly.
However, the Demon King did not continue to ravage the battlefield.

He deactivated the skill.

The flame quickly shrunk and disappeared.

Zhang Nu regained his physical state.

He let out a long exhale, and felt a little tired, like an ordinary person who ran around a field for three or four laps.

Not to the point of physical exhaustion.

But he requires some time to rest.

This was the first time Zhang Nu unleashed and experienced the “Evil Dragon's Descent” skill.

Judging from the test run's results and the skill performance, it was apparent that the skill was an absolutely powerful and exceptional ability.

After transforming into the Evil Dragon form.

It was almost like entering into an invincible state.

Regardless of physical or magical attacks, they would not cause any damage to the body on hit.

With the three different forms of Evil Dragon.

Not only did it possess high killing potential, it also had a wide attack range.

The only drawback of this skill was that its exertion was too great.

Zhang Nu had already felt some fatigueness after keeping it up for half a minute.
He estimated that he could only last for a minute maximum each time he casted the skill.

Even so.

It was satisfying enough.

Since Zhang Nu's strength would continue growing in the future.

His stats and MP would keep increasing and the time he could maintain the transformation would keep extending.

Even if the skill's effect could only last for a minute.

It was still one whole minute of invincibility.

It was more than enough to deal with most situations.

Zhang Nu did not continue to participate in the ensuing battle.
He dispatched his Draconian army, the Ancient Tree elf army, and the Giantree elf army to encircle and suppress the remaining orcs.
After about half an hour, the battle was completely over.

Thirty thousand orc warriors.

Nearly half of them were ultimately slain.

This battle completely dismantled the main force of Berserk Beast City.

Zhang Nu had even gained around ten million gold.

Among them, about a million gold was from killing the orc soldiers.

The quality of Berserk Beast City warriors is extremely high, almost all of them were elites, and the number of non-elite units was less than a quarter, which was why the reward was so substantial.

In addition to this.

Zhang Nu obtained 32 Hero's Souls.

Which included one level 4 soul, two level 3 souls, twenty-two level 2, and seven level 1 soul.
There were also 5 skill stones that dropped.

Quite an impressive haul.

With these Hero's Souls.

Zhang Nu would have no issue activating the last level 3 talent.

A highlight of this battle that was particularly worth mentioning was that with such a considerable amount of enemies slain, the combat losses were so surprisingly low as to be almost negligible.

Throughout the battle.

The Draconian army were the vanguards leading at the forefront.

They directly collided and fought against the orcs several times their number.

When the battle concluded, only a dozen or so Draconian soldiers died, which was nothing short of a miracle.

One of the major reasons why the Draconian army could perform such a miracle was due to the battle ending relatively quickly.

Zhang Mu transformed into the Evil Dragon and the terrible might he displayed was so dreadful that even the berserking orcs felt complete despair.
In the end, a large number of orcs surrendered.

Thus, the battle ended swiftly.

And the combat losses were naturally small.

Secondly, it was due to the blessing of the Temple of Nature, Li Si's Blood Ritual, as well as Zhang San's leadership.
Only with the combined efforts of these three could the casualty rate be contained at the minimum.

This was a glorious victory.

Not only did it thwart the Heroes' efforts once again.

The battle outcome directly determined the fates of these two cities.

Giantree City no longer had to worry about the orcs attacking anymore.

Since most of the elites of Berserk Beast City were killed in the battle, and the remaining orcs were mostly common soldiers, the city would not be able to stir up any trouble from now on.


“The prisoners of war are all under control!”

“There were nearly ten thousand captives this time!”

“We are currently teleporting and imprisoning the prisoners in the dungeons with haste.”

Zhang Nu nodded.

There were too many prisoners this time.

To prevent any situation from occurring.

It was better to lock them all in the dungeons.

However, it was not a long-term solution for so many captives to be locked up in the dungeon.
It would take a lot of food to feed them.

Kill them all?

It would be such a waste.

The orcs had impressive combat prowess.

And the orcs would not eat as much as the Draconians.

Nancilia came to make a suggestion, “Your Majesty, Grey is dead and the Berserk Beast City no longer has a leader.
There will be anarchy soon, we should take early precautions.”

The battle was won.

The biggest threat to Giantree City was no more.

The elves were definitely pleased.

But along with joys, there were concerns.

The orc tribes had little discipline and only obeyed the strongest.
The sole reason as to why the twenty thousand orcs in Berserk Beast City could be brought together was because of Grey.

If their ranks were dispersed, according to the orcs' nature, they were bound to become bandits and raiders.
Most of them would move to the vicinity of Giantree City to loot and plunder the caravans and villages.

The development of Giantree City would undoubtedly be greatly affected.

And the various small tribes nearby would also suffer.

“Don't worry.”

“I'll think of something.”

The Berserk Beast City was a level 3 Overlord city.

As a Demon King, Zhang Nu would not give up conquering such a city.
After all, the possible rewards from the treasure chest were too tempting.

Zhang Nu took Nancilia with him.

The two took a tour among the captives.

Nancilia noticed that the orcs, who were usually rude and fearless, were shivering in fear in front of the Demon King.

As expected.

To tame a beast.

One must be more ferocious and ruthless than they were.

The young city lord was increasingly impressed by the Demon King.

She finally understood.

As to why Chen Guoguo worshiped the Demon King so much.

Such a mighty Demon King.

There was such a great sense of security being his subordinate.

Zhang Nu's eyes lit up as he spotted a special orc.

[Berserk Beast City's Master of Ten Thousand, Gru] A level 3 Lord unit. 

Description: One of the eight Masters of Ten Thousand from Berserk Beast City, the younger brother of city lord Grey.
He had traveled to various places when he was young, one of the very few orcs who have seen the myriad aspects of the world.

There were four Masters of Ten Thousand who participated in this battle.

Except for Gru here, the others have all died.

This Master of Ten Thousand here named Gru was the younger brother of the city lord Grey, and had a decent reputation within Berserk Beast City.

“That's it!”

“We can establish a new city lord for the Berserk Beast City.”

“Grey, the city lord is dead.
His two most outstanding sons are also dead.
There is no heir to the succession of the city lord.”

“According to the orcs' custom of respecting the strongest, whoever has the biggest fist will become the boss.
So the new leader could only be elected from the remaining Masters of Ten Thousand.”

“And we have a Master of Ten Thousand right here.”

Zhang Nu pointed out Gru.

This Master of Ten Thousand was different from his brethren.

From his description, this orc had traveled around and had a broader view of the world.
Thus, he was more tactful and less stubborn, otherwise he would not have surrendered.

Zhang Nu gave the elves an order to convince Gru for him.

Zhang Nu wanted to rule over the Berserk Beast City through Gru, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of conquering the Berserk Beast City, as well as controlling the population and various resources of the city as much as possible.

It so happened that the young city lord was getting worried about not having any opportunities to perform.

She immediately patted her chest and said, “Your Majesty, rest assured that the elders and I will get this done!”

Leave the subordinates to take care of the small tasks.

The great Demon King should not do everything himself.

Zhang Nu was teleported back to the Darkness Valley through the High Priest.
He wanted to sacrifice the Hero Souls on hand, it was of utmost importance for him.

[You've sacrificed a level 4 Hero's Soul.
1012 talent points gained!]

This was only one soul.

And to get a thousand talent points from it!

As expected from a level 4 Hero's Soul.

This was only a Hero who just broke through level 4.
If the sacrificed soul was from a stronger level 4 Hero, the talent points gained might be even more!

The more Heroes like this, the better.

Better give him a bunch of them right now.

Zhang Nu spent 1000 talent points to activate the last level 3 talent.

[You've activated the level 3 Talent “High Anti-Magic”!]

[All level 3 Talents activated.
Level up conditions satisfied!]

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