[Level up successful!]

[MP +1600, HP +800, Strength +100, Agility +200, Constitution +100, Will +200, Dragon Flame, Dragon Fear, Hell Thunderflame, Abyssal Devouring, Adamantite Dragon Body, Dragon King's Sanctum, and Evil Dragon's Descent's skill effect increased by 10%……]

Level advancement completed!

Significant increase in all stats.

Zhang Nu was now officially a level 4 Demon King.

He quickly checked his status.

Name: Zhang Nu

Level: 4

Race: Abyssal Dragon (Demon King Race)

Base Stats: 1600 HP, 3200 MP, 190 Strength, 380 Agility, 190 Constitution, 380 Will

Level 1 Talents: Abyssal Draconian, Dragon Flame, Dragon Fear, Lightning Control, Beginner Anti-Magic

Level 2 Talents: Adamantine Dragon Body, Abyssal Devouring, Hell Thunderflame, Medium Anti-Magic.

Level 3 Talents: Dragon King's Sanctum, Evil Dragon's Descent, High Anti-Magic.

Level 4 Talents: Spatial Manipulation (Inactive), Time Control (Inactive), Dragon God Physique (Inactive)

Other skills: Black Hole of Death (B Rank), Fire God's Blessing (B Rank), Magic Seal (C Rank), Shadow Leap (C Rank), Healing (D Rank), Blood Sacrifice (D Rank), Blessing of the Gust (D Rank), Earth Spike (E Rank), War Trample (E Rank).

Talent Points: 25

Everytime Zhang Nu leveled up.

The boost in his strength was evident.

The amount of level 4 talents was the same as level 3, being three of them.

However, the difficulty in activating the talents had multiplied.
Each talent now required 10000 talent points!

This has given Zhang Nu a splitting headache.

If he were to hunt level 1 or 2 Heroes for this, wouldn't it be necessary to kill hundreds and thousands of them?

Therefore, if Zhang Nu wanted to quickly activate his newly gained talents and bolster his power, then is it best to draw in the top Heroes, such as someone like Tu Xiuming who was a level 4 Hero.

But a level 4 Hero.

It would not be easy to come by.

This time Zhang Nu yielded several skill stones.

Among them, the one dropped by Tu Xiuming was the most valuable.

[Skill Stone: Rock Golem Form], a B rank skill.

This skill could transform oneself into a rock golem.
It had low consumption and its effect could last for a long period.
The transformation would significantly enhance one's physical and magical resistance, and it came with an ability to cast low rank earth type skills.
The only drawback was that it would lower the user's movement speed.

The skill stone was quite good.

However, it was of little value to Zhang Nu.

His own defense was already formidable, and after obtaining the High Anti-Magic, it became even more difficult to hurt him with magic.

'Let's keep it for now.'

This level of skill stone.

If it was to be sold in the Demon King's trading platform, it should not be an issue trading a hundred thousand gold for it.

Zhang Nu was not short of a hundred thousand gold at the moment, thus he could only keep it in his collection.
The value of such skill stone should climb greatly in the future.

The remaining skill stones were only rank C or D.

They were all common skills or spells.

There was not one that Zhang Nu would consider worth a second look.

Zhang Nu went and examined the latest unit types.

With each level up of the Demon King, there would be an update for his unit types.
This time was quite different from the previous ones.

[Draconian Mastercraftsman] Level 4 Normal.
Leveled up from Draconian Craftsman.
They possess exceptional craftsmanship that reached acme of perfection.
Costs 10000 gold per level up.

[Draconian Warmonger Royal Guard] Level 4 Elite.
Level up from Super Draconian Soldier.
They possess incredible combat prowess.
Costs 20000 gold + 10 life gems per level up.

[Draconian Mystic Royal Guard] Level 4 Elite.
Level up from Mystic Draconian Battlemage.
Costs 50000 gold + 10 dark gems per level up.

[Earth Drake Grand Marshal] Level 4 Overlord.
Level up from Draconian Marshal.
They possess greater combat and commanding capabilities.
Costs 1000000 (one million) gold + 1 level 4 Hero's Soul.

[Sky Drake Archpriest] Level 4 Overlord.
Level up from Draconian High Priest.
They possess superior magic casting capabilities.
Costs 2000000 (two million) gold + 1 level 4 Hero's Soul.

Without a doubt, the strength of the level 4 units was greater than imagined.

At the same time, Zhang Nu noticed that the recruitment cost of level 4 units not only became exceptionally expensive, but also required other materials other than gold. 

Draconian War Guard, Draconian Mystic Guard.

These were upgraded from basic units.

Their only requirements were only gems, so it was still manageable.

There were also no longer any requirements on the army or population size for the summoning of Earth Drake Grand Marshal and Sky Drake Archpriest. 

However, it required Hero's Souls.

It also damn well had to be level 4 Hero's Souls.

This was simply a little too infuriating.

Zhang Nu himself would like to get his hands on a few more level 4 Hero's Souls.

But of course.

Although the summoning conditions were demanding.

These two were both Overlord units.

If the recruitment was successful, any of these two existence could form their own independent forces within this continent.

Right now.

The only level 4 units Zhang Nu could recruit were Draconian Mastercraftsman and Draconian War Guard.

Draconian Mastercraftsman did not require any special materials, but 10000 gold per summon was definitely not cheap either. 

'Let's summon five for now.'

After a few minutes.

Five somewhat aged looking Draconians came down from the Demon King altar and kneeled respectfully, “Greetings, my Master.”

“You may rise!”

Zhang Nu took a look at their stats.

Not only were the Draconian Mastercraftsmen superior versions of the Draconian Craftsmen, they were also proficient in strengthening, enchanting, and de-synthesising. 

In addition, their mastery and knowledge in the field of construction and forging were extremely high.
As long as there were enough high quality materials, they could forge purple grade equipment.

Zhang Nu did not have much use for equipment, thus there was little attention paid to them.

However, in truth, there was a huge market for equipment.

He had heard there were several Demon Kings who specialized in equipment production and trade.
Their ability to make profit was no inferior to that of Zhang Nu's goblin farm.

Based on the level of the Draconian Mastercraftsmen' various production skills.

If they were situated in cities of various kingdoms from the mainland.

They would be absolutely capable of becoming a local famous craftsman, earning hundreds of thousands of gold each year.

In other words, even if Zhang Nu did not employ them himself and send them out to work in major empires as labor export.
They could still earn a lot of gold for Zhang Nu and become treasured by the local royalties.

Which is why even though the price was extremely high, it would definitely be worth it.

Zhang Nu still had some life gems in hand.

He decided to summon five more Draconian War Guards.

Five Draconian Warmonger Royal Guards cost 100000 gold and 50 life gems.
The prices were quite terrifying for mere elite units.

Five Draconian Super Soldiers upgrade completed.

[Draconian Warmonger Royal Guard] Level 4 Elite unit.
500 HP, 300 MP, 55 Strength, 44 Constitution, 56 Agility, 38 Will.
Loyalty 100%(Locked).
Fatigue 10%.
Hunger 10%

Skills: Instant Summoning (Talent), Raging Dragon Qi (B rank), War Dragon Formation (B Rank), Draconic Blood Awakening (C rank), War Drake's Scales (C rank), Qi Impact (C rank), Magic Resistance (C rank), High Speed Healing (C rank), Aerial Scouting (D rank)…

Super soldiers became royal guards.

Their core abilities and combat style had not changed.

In addition to the substantial increase in stats and skill levels, the biggest difference between the royal guards and the super soldiers was the two new skills.

The first was the talent skill: Instant Summoning.

The skill had to be passively triggered by Zhang Nu.
The reason why royal guards were called as such, was due to their duty in protecting their master, and they must appear wherever and whenever when summoned.

No matter where Zhang Nu would be.

The royal guards would always be able to sense the summon.

Zhang Nu only needed to issue the command.

And the royal guards would be summoned to him in an instant.

It was like a summoner mage's summoned beast.

However, each royal guard could only be summoned once a day.

There was no denying this was a convenient skill.

It was also the biggest distinction between royal guards and super soldiers.

The second difference was the B rank skill: War Dragon Formation.

The skill could not be activated alone.
It could only be unleashed when there were three or more Draconian Warmonger Royal Guards present at the same time.

Its primary function was to block or trap the enemy within the formation, thus suppressing the enemy who could be several times stronger than the royal guard squadron.

The royal guards were responsible for protecting their Master.

This skill could be deployed in crucial moments, allowing their Master to escape unscathed.

Overall, Zhang Nu was quite satisfied with the comprehensive abilities of the royal guards, and the trait of being able to be summoned instantly gave him a pleasant surprise.


The recruiting was too troublesome.

He did not have many gems in hand right now.

As for the Bloody Giant Wang Shi, although he was quite good in getting his hands on some gems, it would be difficult to meet Zhang Nu's huge demand in the future by relying on his supply channel alone.

Just then.

Li Si came over and reported, “Master, there is news from Giantree City.
Gru is willing to serve you and aid us in ruling the Berserk Beast City.”

“They managed to convince him that quickly?”

“It just so happens that my work here is done.”

Zhang Nu got up and said, “I shall personally head to Berserk Beast City myself.”

This was a level 3 Overlord city.
If the city was not conquered quickly, there would inevitably be unnecessary issues. 

'Let's hurry and get that treasure chest before anything else!'

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