The old city lord was defeated.

The army was almost completely annihilated.

The bad tidings were immediately brought back to Berserk Beast City by the Winged Beast Rider Mages who fled.

It promptly led an unprecedented turmoil within the Berserk Beast City, and a fierce infighting took place between the three remaining Masters of Ten Thousand.

The final outcome was the two defeated Masters of Ten Thousand left the city along with their subordinates.

Gorr, the strongest amongst the three, had emerged victorious and taken control of the city.

Right after Gorr became the new lord of Berserk Beast City, he urgently ordered the orcs to strengthen the defenses of the city, preparing a large number of arrow towers, heavy ballistas and setting up the defensive parameter.

Although the forces of Berserk Beast City were severely depleted.

Especially the elite forces who were almost completely wiped out.

However, the city possessed the advantage of treacherous terrains and the number of orcs residing within was still huge.

Gorr believed that as long as he could put up a last-ditch resistance and repel the upcoming assault, he would officially become the lord of Berserk Beast City.

This was his opportunity to soar to the top position.

While Gorr was busy laying out the city's defenses, an orc soldier rushed over in panic.

“Master of Ten Thousand…”

Gorr responded with a hard slap, “How dare you call me Master of Ten Thousand still? Do you want to die!?”

The orc soldier had half of his teeth knocked out.

He hurriedly corrected his words, and continued with a slurred speech,”Cwity lawd! Mah lord! Dwagon! Thwer…ther…there's a dragon!”

Gorr's eyes widened, before he could fly into another rage, a frightening aura enveloped the whole city.

Gorr's expression distorted, he picked up his battle ax and stormed out of the fortress.
Before he could give out orders to his men, a huge and terrifying shadow hung over him.

A dragon!

There was really a dragon!

And a massive one at that!

After Zhang Nu advanced into level 4.

The dragon form grew to a length of over 80 meters.
His dark golden scales were now palm sized, and across the surface of every scale were mystical and intricate golden patterns, exuding a sense of mystery and pressure.

The orcs attacked in haste.

The heavy ballistas fired out black iron bolts in rapid succession.

The ballista bolts were two to three meters long and were forged from precious black iron.
Paired with the firing force of heavy ballistas, these black iron bolts could deal serious damage to most level 4 magical beasts.

Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!

Sparks burst out from the collisions.

The heavy bolts shattered on impact and bounced off one after another.

These weapons had little effect on the massive dragon, the damage dealt was nothing more than being bitten by a mosquito.


The dragon landed precisely in front of Gorr, creating a large crater.

Smoke and dust permeated the air.

And the silhouette of the massive dragon disappeared.

Out of it came a three meter tall humanoid figure.

Zhang Nu walked up to Gorr, the oppressive feeling he was giving off became even heavier.
He stared down at the orc lord in front of him, whose legs were giving away from terror.

“From today onwards!”

“I shall be the master of this city!”

“Those who obey shall live and prosper, those who don't shall meet their demise.
Live or die! Make your choice!”

Gorr refused to accept this outcome.

His eyes turned bloodshot.

“Fucking bullshit! I've only been the city lord for a single fucking day! No one can take the throne from me! Die!”

His lust for power completely blinded his reasoning and overwhelmed his rationality.

Gorr let out an angry roar and swung his ax at Zhang Nu.

Just then, five Draconian Warmonger Royal Guards were instantly summoned to the Demon King's side.

“Kill him.”

Zhang Nu issued an order.

Gorr was a level 3 Lord orc.

Five level 4 Elite units were more than enough to deal with a single level 3 Lord.

Moreover, the Draconian Warmonger Royal Guards were not ordinary Elite units.
They activated their battle formation, which greatly strengthened each other's combat prowess.

After a dozen rounds of clashing steel.

Gorr was clearly suppressed.

He finally felt the dread of dying.

Compared to power and authority, it seemed life was weighted heavier in his mind.

Gorr quickly pleaded for mercy, “I surrender…..”

“Too late!”

Five large blades wreathing in Qi, swiftly landed on Gorr.

The self proclaimed city lord was then brutally dismantled by the five royal guards in front of the countless orcs, who rushed to the scene at the news of an attacking dragon.

'Not bad at all!!'

For an elite unit, the royal guard's strength was satisfactory.

If five royal guards could completely crush a Lord unit of a lower level, or restrain a Lord unit of the same level.
Then, what about fifty or even five hundred of them?

The more royal guards there were, the more powerful the battle formation would be.

The limit of this unit was boundless.

There was no flaw with this unit, except for being a little too expensive.

Zhang Nu unleashed a wave of Dragon Fear, and with his current level 4 strength, the range of Dragon Fear could easily cover most of the city.

Dragon Fear was essentially a psychic attack.

It affects all hostile entities within its effective range, as well as Zhang Nu's specified targets.
If the targets' strength or psychic resistance were too weak, they would be critically damaged and fall unconscious.


Some ordinary orcs were perhaps too close to the Demon King, and sustained exceptionally high damage.

The orcs were struck with extreme fear and let out blood curdling screams.
They started to bleed profusely from every orifice, dropped to the ground and died violently.

[You've slain an orc.
Gold +10!]

[You've slain an orc.
Gold +10!]

[You've slain an orc warrior.
Gold +25!]

[You've slain an orc warrior.
Gold +25!]

[You've slain an orc warrior.
Gold +25!]


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