A single wave of Dragon Fear.

It took out nearly a hundred of orcs within the close vicinity.
In addition, thousands of orcs inside the skill's effective range had fallen unconscious on the spot, and even more orcs were in a temporary state of daze.

This was a crowd control skill.

It unexpectedly exerted the force of a mass destruction skill.

This was something even Zhang Nu himself did not anticipate.
It seems that after becoming a level 4 Demon King, all of his skills have been greatly enhanced.

While the orcs were still being disoriented by the Dragon Fear.

Li Si descended from the sky and landed beside Zhang Nu.
He deployed a teleportation field, and hundreds of Draconian units came through.
Among them was an orc, it was Gru, the Master of Ten Thousand who surrendered.

Zhang Nu said indifferently, “Let's see your performance.”

Gru noticed the former Master of Ten Thousand, Gorr, who had been torn into pieces, as well as the orcs who were either collapsed on the ground or outright dead.

Please rest assured, Your Majesty, this subordinate will not let you down.”

Gru had experienced the terrible might of the Demon King firsthand and knew there was no other choice for Berserk Beast City.

It was better to submit than being razed to the ground.

Gru was different from other orc leaders.
When he was young, he had traveled across many lands, and even visited human capital cities.
Thus, he had a deeper understanding and broader view of the world.

Serving the strong would do no harm to the orcs.

Gru stepped up and ordered the orcs to submit.

He had a high reputation in the Berserk Beast City, and the orcs were trustful of him.
He first took command of a group of Chiefs of Thousands, then instructed the same group to oversee the Captains of Hundreds.


Under the command and supervision of Gru.

Hundreds of thousands of orcs submitted to Zhang Nu one after another.

[165233 orcs have surrendered to you.

Only 16 thousand orcs?

The number was lower than Zhang Nu imagined.

According to his intelligence, It was understood that Berserk Beast City had a population slightly larger than that of Giantree City.

Noticing that the Demon King seemed dissatisfied, Gru immediately explained, “Your Majesty, after Grey's defeat, the three Masters of Ten Thousand fought among themselves.
The two defeated ones took their soldiers with them when they left the city.”

That explained it.

The two Masters of Ten Thousand each took away ten thousand troops with them.

Furthermore, there were orcs who had secretly fled the city due to fear.

In the end, only a little more than 16 thousand orcs left.

No matter.

Berserk Beast City was surrounded by barren mountains.

It would be difficult to even find suitable land for farming.

Although the food consumption of orcs was only a quarter of that of the draconians, it would still be a burden to feed them all if there were too many.
16 thousand was indeed not a small number.

Zhang Nu accepted their surrender.

A notification appeared.

[You've conquered Berserk Beast City!]

[You gained Shining Mithril Chest x1]

Berserk Beast City's level was slightly higher than that of Giantree City.
Although it had greater military strength, it did not have any defense facilities like city barriers or magic towers.
So, the difficulty of both cities was roughly on the same level.

Hence the rewards of both cities had the same modifier.

However, the quantity of Berserk Beast City rewards should be slightly higher.

Zhang Nu did not hesitate and opened up the treasure chest.

[You opened the Mithril Treasure Chest.
You've gained “Gold” x 400000, “Blueprint: Temple of War” x 1, “Blueprint: Orc Base Camp” x 1, “Blueprint: Advanced Beast Pen” x 1, “Castle Leveling Scroll” x 1 , “Strength Crystal” x 10, “Constitution Crystal” x 10! ]

As expected, there was a lot of gold in the chest.

In addition, three blueprints were obtained.

[Blueprint: Temple of War] Level 3 Blueprint.
Costs gold x120000, wind gems x50, fire gems x50.
You may summon a Temple of War within your territory.

[Blueprint: Orc Base Camp] Level 3 Structure.
Costs gold x150000, fire gems x50, dark gems x50, stone x10000, steel x10000, wood x10000.
You may summon an Orc Base Camp within your territory.

[Blueprint: Advanced Beast Pen] Level 2 Structure.
Costs gold x40000, life gems x10, stone x1000, steel x1000, wood x1000.
You may summon an Advanced Beast Pen within your territory.

The Temple of War was a structure dedicated to the Goddess of War.

It should be similar in effect to the Temple of Nature which was dedicated to the Goddess of Nature.

When built, the whole army could be bestowed blessings.

Very practical and worth building it.

The latter two were barack-type buildings.

The Orc Base Camp was definitely used for orc troops recruitment, which should include level 1, 2 and 3 units.
While the Advanced Beast Pen was probably for summoning level 1 and 2 tamed magical beasts.

The value of these three blueprints was definitely satisfactory.

In addition, there was a Castle Leveling Scroll from the treasure chest.

But, since Zhang Nu's castle had already been upgraded before, it was not possible to level up the castle again using this scroll of the same rank.

The only choice was to sell it to other Demon Kings.

The scroll was an exceptional item, it should be able to fetch a good price.

Lastly, there were these 10 Strength Crystals and 10 Constitution Crystals.

These crystals were extremely valuable for stat growth, each of them could increase 10 corresponding stats.
Zhang Nu used them all on himself without hesitation.

[Strength +100 permanently!

[Constitution +100 permanently!]

This was a huge boost even for Zhang Nu.

This batch of crystals was no less valuable than the blueprints.

“My Master, all of the orcs have been gathered.”

Zhang San and Li Si came to report the situation.

Now, it was time to seek out the rats.

Zhang Nu roughly screened through gathered orcs, and found hundred or so Heroes who failed to flee in time hiding amongst the orcs.

Most of these Heroes were weak.

They were generally level 1 or 2.

Zhang Nu took advantage of his cheat ability of seeing through hidden information to check the Heroes' biography for their characters and personalities.
Among them, those who were sinister, cunning or devious according to their description were picked out and executed on the spot.

As for the remaining Heroes, they were taken back to the dungeons by his Draconians.

Maybe some of them could be recruited into the Dragon's Shadow Heroes Guild in the future.

Of course, there may still be some Heroes lurking in Berserk Beast City.
After all, it would take Zhang Nu a lot of time to sift through hundreds of thousands of orcs one by one.

Even if there were any who may have slipped through the net.

They were also unlikely to pose any threat to the Demon King.

Zhang Nu decided to take his time and gradually sort out the orcs thereafter.
Now, the utmost important issue that needed to be addressed at the moment was how to manage and utilize the orcs of Berserk Beast City.

In the past, the Berserk Beast City looted and plundered for a living.

They did not farm or produce at all.

The orcs relied upon looting, robbing, pillaging and exhorting to make ends meet, which was the reason why Berserk Beast City was so notorious.

Now that Zhang Nu has become the owner of this city.

He did not wish for such practices to continue.

Sooner or later, the entire Chaos Forest would be his territory.

By allowing the orcs to continue their plundering, it would be no different than ransacking his own territory.
Not only would it not create any value, it would also heavily affect development.

This was not desirable.

These 160 thousand orcs.

They must look for another way of living.

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