Chapter 10: Tragic Curbstomp

Many goblins were injured or killed, but the skeleton soldiers fell one by one.
Although the situation was very much in their favor, the Heroes all keep feeling like something's wrong.

Where's the Demon King?

Could it just so happen to be away from home right now?

Or did it hide itself away after seeing that he's losing?

“Demon King!”

“Stop hiding!”

“You're not getting away!”

“If you come out now, we can still give you a quick death!”

Chen Hu didn't manage to get out more than a couple of taunts before a sudden gust blasted into them.
Something had come from above them.

Chen Hu looked up.

A terrifying and mighty figure was up in the air.

He flapped his wings and stared down with golden slitted eyes.
He also had intimidating horns on his head, was covered in dark gold dragon scales, and gave off an overwhelming presence.

“D-demon King?!”

The five Heroes were shocked.

The other goblins couldn't even hold themselves upright with how much their legs were shaking.

That's not right.
It's all undead monsters here, so shouldn't the Demon King logically also be an undead? What's with that, it's way too powerful!

“Oh, so it's Heroes.”

The Demon King's killing intent vanished and he instead showed a slight smile.
It's as if he wasn't angry and instead was presented with a happy surprise.

I didn't expect that you'd deliver yourselves right to my doorstep.
And here I was just worrying over how to find you!”

He rapidly landed as he spoke.

The goblins were all terrified into backing off.

Chen Hu angrily bit out with a dark look, “What are you afraid of? This is all just a facade! He's only been here for a few short days, so just how strong can he be!”

The other four Heroes calmed down slightly.

Demon Kings aren't like Heroes.
Heroes basically possess existing people, whereas Demon Kings directly descend.
Thus, it will definitely take time for the latter to become strong.

The game only started a few days ago.

Thus, this guy must just be putting up a facade!

“Get him!”

“Everyone together!”

“Kill him!”

The goblins hesitated for a moment, but they did have the numbers advantage.
Under the leadership of the five Heroes, they all immediately found their courage again and charged forth screaming.

As the saying goes, enough ants can chew an elephant to death.

Chen Hu refuses to believe that he won't be able to take down a Demon King with all the people he brought!

Javelins, arrows, and throwing axes were launched one after another.

The Demon King didn't dodge at all though.
He instead just allowed all the attacks to hit him.
However, there was no effect at all.
All the attacks just bounced off without so much as scratching even a single scale.




It's unknown if it's because the goblins were just too weak or if it's the Demon King whose defenses are too overwhelming.

Either way, this round of attacks basically caused no damage.

The Demon King laughed, “Ha.
Is that all?”

The five Heroes had a realization.

They made a huge mistake.

But an arrow, once loosened, cannot be taken back.
It's too late to regret things now.

The Demon King faced the goblins surrounding him and suddenly let out a roar into the air.
His originally strong, three meters tall body suddenly expanded to ten meters in length.



“Run away!”

“It's a dragon!”

An intimidating dark gold dragon appeared in the middle of the goblins.

The dragon's body looked like it's still basically a baby dragon, but to beings like goblins, this was still an unstoppable mighty existence.

The dragon's tale swept at them in a flash.

It struck with earth shattering force.

Faced with such an attack, never mind the simply equipped goblins, even a fully armored knight would be crushed to paste!

Tragic screams filled the air.

The goblins were all sent flying like they were so much trash to be swept up.

Anyone struck instantly had their bones shattered to pieces.

Even if they were lucky enough to have lived past that, after getting thrown into the air by over ten meters, they'll die anyways after impacting the ground.

The five Heroes all tried to run away, but two of them were simply stomped to death while two others were blown away by the tail sweep.
All of them were instantly killed.

Chen Hu was the fastest, but there was no way that he could escape a dragon!

When he felt a powerful gust blasting at him, he grit his teeth and tried to block the coming blow with his spear.
However, his defenses were crushed by the dragon's claw, and three sword-like claws instantly ripped through his chest.
The unstoppable force behind it also threw him several meters away.

What terrifying power!

This one hit blew through 95% of his HP!

Chen Hu dropped to the ground in utter despair.

The difference in power was just too much.
There was no possible chance of victory whatsoever!


He can't die!

How could he just die here!

Chen Hu struggled to press down on his wound with a hand.
A white light sunk into the wound and his shattered body started quickly healing.

It's a skill: Healing!

Hero players have a certain chance of obtaining skills as well.

If they're lucky and managed to get a strong person's body, then they could start with quite a few skills.

This was completely useless in the face of the current situation though.

The Demon King charged forth and once again crushed him into the ground.

Chen Hu spoke, terrified, “Wait, please.
You can't kill me!”

“Oh? Why?”

“I have money.
I have lots of money.
If you just let me go, then when we get back to reality, I'll give you a million bucks.
No, five million!”


The Demon King grabbed Chen Hu and suddenly squeezed.

This particular goblin Hero was instantly ripped in two.

The battle has ended.

Zhang Nu checked the relevant information logs.

[You've slain a goblin.
Gold +5!]

[You've slain a goblin.
Gold +5!]

[You've slain a goblin.
Gold +5!]


[You've slain a goblin Hero.
Hero's Soul +1!]

[You've slain a goblin Hero.
Hero's Soul +1!]

[You've slain a goblin Hero.
Hero's Soul +1, skill stone +1!]

T/N: And there goes the first Heroes.
Now I kind of want to go search for that gif (or was it a video) of that meme of”I have made a huge mistake.”

Editor's note: Has anyone wondered what happens when the players die? Is this some 'Alice in Borderland' situation? Did anyone watch the Netflix version, by the way? Spoiler: I wanted to cut off one of the actor's tongue.
Some things should just never be made into life action…

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