The gold reserves were abundant.

However, they were mainly distributed deep inside the mine and underground.

Which also implied that if Zhang Nu wanted to mine the gold, he must build a mine first.
That would require a lot of preparation time.

Zhang Nu was not in a hurry.

'Let's survey around first.'

After circling around the gold mine, a peculiar area caught his attention.

[Flaming Giant Ant Nest] Level 3 lord area.
High exploration value.

Description: These are a hive of Level 3 magical monsters dwelling near the gold veins.
They have extremely high physical defense due to their impenetrable carapace.
The ants also have a power and deadly fire attack ability.
They are ferocious and brutal, killing everything that dares to approach their territory.

The gold mine's rating was Level 3 lord as well, probably because of the existence of this giant ant nest.

The value of Level 3 lord monster area was already pretty significant.

Furthermore, judging from the description, every single giant ant here was Level 3.

This nest was the best Level 3 monster area!

With so many monster ants near the gold mine, it would undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble to the mining operation.

From the prompt message, the ant nest extended into every direction, deep into the mining area.

Wouldn't it be time and cost efficient by just taking out the monsters and transforming the existing ant nest into a mining facility?

Zhang Nu descended onto the ant nest.

Several ants were patrolling nearby and their sizes were as big as a cattle's.

[Flaming Giant Ant] Level 3 elite unit.

Skills: Fiery Spit (C rank), Molten Acid Fireball (C rank), Powerful Bite (D rank), Carapace of Inferno (D rank), Scent Perception (D rank).

The giant ants immediately detected the intruder and five jets of high pressure fire shot out.

This was a flame that could melt steel within ten seconds, enough to severely damage anyone without any magic or Qi protection.




Zhang Nu did not feel even a trace of the scorching heat.

For someone with High Anti-Magic like him, these attacks were like a warm and gentle spring breeze caressing his face.

With a snap of his fingers, a stroke of blood colored lightning lashed out.

[You've slain a Flaming Giant An.
Gold +1000!]

[You've slain a Flaming Giant An.
Gold +1000!]

[You've slain a Flaming Giant An.
Gold +1000!]


'Level 3 elite monsters are awesome, the gold rewards were very generous!'

Zhang Nu continued to stride into the nest.

The nest passages of the giant ants were very spacious and sturdy, almost comparable to a train tunnel.
Even a large built man like Zhang Nu did not feel cramped at all.

Click! Click! Click!

Amidst the strange noises from all around, dozens of Flaming Giant Ants poured out.

Hot scorching flames blasted onto Zhang Nu continuously.

The tunnels had limited space for movement, when the number of the giant ants were large enough, their fiery attacks would completely envelope the passages and erase any possibility to dodge.





The attacks were not able to penetrate his defense at all.

Intellect was not the giant ants' strong suit.

All they did was continue spraying fire.

Zhang Nu discharged several strokes of lightning.

These terrifying lightning attacks were like a sharp blade, easily piercing through the ants' impenetrable carapace, ripping their bodies apart.

[You've slain a Flaming Giant Ant.
Gold +1000!]

[You've slain a Flaming Giant Ant.
Gold +1000!]

[You've slain a Flaming Giant Ant.
Gold +1000!]


Zhang Nu kept on going deeper into the nest.

Everywhere he passed, ant carcasses were littered everywhere.

Along the way, around 300 ants were killed.

The gold rewards were up to 300 thousand by then.

This was all too satisfying.

Even if there was no gold mine, the gold rewards were certainly worth the trip.

Zhang Nu was not one bit injured during the whole journey.

The biggest loss was nothing more than a few bottles of potions for MP replenishment.

To be fair, the ants were not weak at all, plus they had terrain advantage.
Even if a team led by a few Level 4 experts invaded the nest, they would inevitably suffer heavy losses and casualties.


These unlucky creatures encountered a magic immune freak.

Not only did Zhang Nu have High Anti-Magic, he was also in possession of the rare B rank skill, Fire God's Blessing.

So even if the fire attacks were stacked up hundreds of times, it still would not be enough to inflict even the tiniest bit of damage on him.

In front of Zhang Nu was a wall of fire.

He could sense a large number of giant ants behind the wall of fire, and some of them even had especially stronger aura.

This must be the core of the ant nest.

Zhang Nu walked straight through it.

The wall of fire was paid no heed.

Within the core of the nest was a chamber, littered with ant eggs and Flaming Giant Ants.

One of the ants situated in the middle was especially massive compared to the others.
It was guarded by two dark red giant ants twice the size of a normal ant.

[Fiery Giant Ant Queen] Level 3 lord unit.

Skills: Psychic Invasion (B level), Mind Lash (B level), Death Embers (C level), Extreme Heat Fire Wall, etc.

[Blazing Giant Ant King] Level 3 elite unit.

Skills: Molten Iron Claw Blade (C rank), Flame Charge (C rank), Death Slash (C rank), Frenzied Self-Detonation (C rank)

Zhang Nu suddenly felt a slight headache.

[You are under psychic attack.
HP -10!]

[You are under psychic attack.
HP -15!]


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