Mysterious Witch gave Zhang Nu a list of the required ingredients.

Zhang Nu frowned slightly after giving it a look.
All the required ingredients for the elixir were relatively rare and uncommon.

Among them, the rest of the ingredients were somewhat easier to come by.

Whether it was from Demon Kings trading market, Giantree City elven vaults, or even from other cities, as long as the gold was sufficient, it should not be difficult to get.

Except for one:

“Greater Daemon Heart”

This particular ingredient would be a pain to acquire.

The daemon heart itself was not a rare material.

But if one wished to concoct a potion like the Elixir of Awakening, an ordinary daemon heart obviously could not satisfy the requirement, only a Level 4 Overlord ranked daemon heart could.

The issue was how could such an ingredient be easy to find?

Currently, with the general strength of most Demon Kings, it would be extremely difficult for them to slay a Level 3 Overlord, let alone a Level 4 Overlord.

Not to mention it was a Level 4 Overlord Daemon.

That was also not something that could be easily found just by looking for it.

Even so.

Zhang Nu was determined to try.

Once the young city lord managed to survive this ordeal.

Her strength would inevitably skyrocket.

Although it was impossible for her to instantly evolve into an Elven King, there should be no issue for her to become a top Level 4 Overlord.

With such a powerful unit in hand.

The overall strength of the territory would soar by a large margin.

Besides, Zhang Nu had the intention to challenge the sealed gate in the future.

It would be very difficult if Zhang Nu was to challenge it alone.
But if he had the aid of a Level 4 Elven Overlord playing a support role, then the chances of success would be much greater.

As the thought came to mind.

Zhang Nu accessed the chat room and posted a message: “Buying a Level 4 Overlord rank Greater Daemon Heart with 200,000 gold.
Those who have it can directly trade with me!”

Great reward had always allured men to brave danger.

Anyone could be bought if the price was high enough.

Once the incredibly high bounty of 200,000 gold was announced.

It blew up the Demon King chat room.

“Holyshit, I didn't accidentally miscalculate an extra zero, right?”

“How scary, so is this the world of tycoons? Throwing out a 200,000 just like that?”

“All of my assets didn't even amount to 200,000 gold!”

“200,000 gold to acquire a daemon heart? This is insane!”

“Hah, what the boss wanted here is a Level 4 Overlord rank daemon heart.
Even if he reserves the gold for you, do you have the ability to earn it?”

“Nothing else to say! Please allow me to worship the big boss!”

“Worship the big boss +1!”

“Worship the big boss +10086!”


Although the high bounty Zhang Nu posted had led to countless discussions and admiration, most of these guys were here to watch the commotion.

Zhang Nu could not help but frown at the scene.

He could not bear to keep wasting time like this.

Zhang Nu would have liked to hunt a Level 4 daemon himself.

Yet the issue was he has never heard of such a high level daemon within the boundaries of Chaos Forest.

At this very moment.

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “Hey, potato boss, it doesn't seem like you're selling potatoes today.
What do you want with such a high level daemon heart?”

Zhang Nu's hope got jogged up a little.

The Succubus Queen was one of the stronger Demon Kings.

Her strength could be ranked at the first few positions within this chat channel.
Even if she was compared against all the other Demon Kings in the globe, she was still one of the tops.

According to her known personality, she would not have gotten nosy without a reason.

Zhang Nu answered with another question, “You've got means of obtaining it?”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin replied, “Truth be told, there is a Level 4 Overlord daemon near my territory.
Its existence has been bothering me for a long time.
I've planned to eradicate it in the near future.”

Zhang Nu: “When are you going to do it?”

Han Kexin: “I do not have absolute confidence in taking it down.
But, since you have a need for its heart, I think we can work together for once.”

“I don't have any gold either.”

“Just come over and help me.”

“After the deed is done, the heart is yours and the treasure chest? Mine.
What do you say?”

Zhang Nu: “I do not have your location.”

Han Kexin: “Not a problem.
I have a teleportation stone that can be used for fixed location teleportation.
Enough for a one round trip.
How about that?”

Zhang Nu became interested.

He had known the Succubus Queen for a long time.

Both parties have traded with each other for more than a dozen times.

They could go as far as to be regarded as long time partners.
There was trust in each other, and they did not have any reason to harm each other.

Frankly speaking.

The territory of a fellow top Demon King.

Zhang Nu cannot deny his strong interest in visiting one.

“Very well!”

A few minutes later.

The Succubus Queen handed the teleportation stone directly over to Zhang Nu through the Demon King trading system.

[Fixed Location Teleportation Stone] Purple grade item.
This item can record coordinations and perform fixed location teleportations.
It ignores spatial distance and disturbance.
Current remaining uses: 2.

What a great item.

The function of this item was simple.

It could record the spatial coordinates of a certain location, and no matter how big the distance was, it could achieve accurate pinpointing and teleportation.

Compared to the teleportation scroll.

The teleportation stone was more stable.

Unless one was entrapped within a domain such as the King's Sanctum that completely locks down the space, ordinary spatial disturbance could not interrupt the teleportation.

The teleportation stone could record up to three coordinates.

When Han Kexin delivered the teleportation stone.

The stone had already recorded a location.

Without a doubt, it must be the territory of the Succubus Queen.

Zhang Nu recorded the coordinates of Giantree City with the teleportation stone.

This way, when the job was done, he could just teleport back to this current location at any time, which was very convenient.

After making arrangements for various matters.

Zhang Nu turned to the elves and assured them, “There's no need for anxiety.
I've found a solution and will be back within a day.
Take care of the city lord in the meantime.”

Upon hearing these words.

The elves were overjoyed.

They almost kowtowed to the Demon King at the spot.

The Elven King was too vital to the tribe.

If anything happened to the city lord, it would be a crushing blow to the elves of Giantree, even to the entire elven tribe.


When the elves were at their wits.

It was the Demon King who came forth.

He was like a ray of radiant hope to them.

Zhang Nu activated the teleportation stone, a beam of light emanated from the stone and instantly poured into the space in front of him.
As if unzipping the thin air, it opened a portal.

The portal was proportional to Zhang Nu's height and size.

From the opened portal, the scenery from the other side could be seen.
It seemed to be a desolate and gloomy area, filled with the stench of sulfur.
A Demon King's castle, along with various other buildings could be vaguely seen as well.

The teleportation stone could only teleport one person at a time.

The moment Zhang Nu stepped through, the portal's spatial energy ran out, rapidly collapsing and becoming smaller behind him, eventually reducing to a gradually subsiding spatial ripple.

Within a blink of an eye.

The Giantree City disappeared.

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