The Succubus Queen was indeed not an ordinary Demon King.

The size of her army was about 15,000.

Unlike some of the shitty Demon Kings who only knew to pile up unit numbers.

Han Kexin's subjects, excluding the production logistics, the combative units were generally all elites.
Not only were they amazing in quantity, they were also powerful in terms of quality.

Among her Lord rank units.

There were at least four to five of them.

One of them even reached Level 3 Lord.

As for the facilities of the territory, this aspect was not any inferior to the Darkness Valley.

The underground world was brimming with high level monster areas.
There were numerous colonies of daemons, shadowkins, fiends and undeads, generating an abundance of blueprints.

As expected from a top Demon King.

Han Kexin did not occupy the cities she conquered, instead she had dozens or so sizable tribes under her control.
These tribes could provide plenty of combative units as well resources.

Due to the time constraints.

Zhang Nu did not pay a more thorough visit.

Han Kexin had just finished organizing her troops.

She dispatched a total of 100 High Succubus, 20 Super Succubus, 2 Succubus Priests and a Succubus High Priest.

This amount.

It was not a lot.

Han Kexin explained, “The daemon lives in an active volcano, in which there is very limited space for flight.
That's why this troop is superior in quality than quantity.”


“Let's move out!”

All of the succubuses were capable of flight.

Zhang Nu set out directly by following the platoon.


Two hundred miles away stood a huge city.

There were civilizations in the underground world, in some places, even countries.

This city was named the Dark City, which was also the most populous, largest and strongest independent underground city within the vicinity of one or two thousand mile radius.

At this very moment.

In the Dark City Hero Union headquarters.

A dark elf Hero hurriedly announced, “The demoness is finally out! And she's heading to the Calamity Volcano with her troops! She's probably planning to deal with the Infernal Daemon living in that volcano!”

The Heroes instantly heed their attention at the announcement.

“Challenging the Infernal Daemon?”

“Is she that bold?”

“This is no different from courting with death!”

“Could it be that she has already broken through to Level 4!”

“It can't be? How could she possibly grow so fast in strength!”

The Heroes on the scene all had a grim expression.

A dark dwarf angrily slammed the table, “Fucking shit, it's not surprising! All of the succubuses under the demoness have the ability to mind control.
Who knows how many Heroes have fallen into her hands, it's no wonder how she's a Level 4 now!”

“She's too big of a threat!”

“We can't let her continue to rampage!”

“Now is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

“With the enclosed space of the Calamity Volcano and her having to deal with the Infernal Daemon in front.
As long as we tail her from behind and strike when the opportunity shows itself, we can definitely finish her off!”

Listening to the plan.

The crowd of Heroes roused up in excitement.

This female Demon King was the strongest within this thousands of miles.

If they could take advantage of this situation to kill her off, not only could they make a name for themselves, their strength would surge and shoot up in one night!

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