mes and flames became.

The lava itself was constantly spewing forth and churning, and there were always waves of fire consisting of magma erupting or molten lava being spurted out.

Ordinary folks would not be able to remain in this environment for even a second.

The troops Han Kexin brought were buffed with fire resistance spells in advance, so they could withstand the heat for a short time.
However, they would fall into danger if time went on longer, thus the battle must be resolved as quickly as possible.

“Let me draw it out first.”

Han Kexin hovered 500 meters above the lava lake.
As soon as she raised her hands, a burst of powerful energy erupted from within her body, turning into hundreds of razor sharp wind blades and rained down the lake.


A harsh and fearsome roar echoed across the crater.

A hundred meters wave of magma instantly surged forth in the lava lake.

“The insolence…how dare you…barge into my domain!”

A muddled and grating voice angrily cried out.

From the volcanic lake stood up a humanoid silhouette, it was a thirty meter tall figure.

At first glance.

It was as if a giant minotaur got magically modified.

The daemon had bull-like horns, his stout body was rugged and covered in gnarly muscles.
Scorching magma was flowing all over his being and his eyes were brimming with raging fire.

The daemon was clearly in a state of immense anger right now.

What a powerful creature.

Not even Zhang Nu has ever seen such a monster.

Zhang Nu immediately checked its stats.

[Infernal Daemon] Level 4 overlord

Skills: Rebirth from within the Flames (A rank), Infernal Chains (B rank), Infernal Aura (B rank), Apocalyptic Rain of Fire (B rank), Infernal Scream (B rank), Fire Magic Immunity (B rank), Fire Absorption (B rank), etc.

This series of skills had made even Zhang Nu all astonished.

The Infernal Daemon even had an A rank skill.

This “Rebirth from within the Flames” skill was very powerful.
When the Infernal Daemon was defeated, it would temporarily enter a dormant state.
As long as there was enough fire attributed matter around him, it could trigger a resurrection effect and restore all HP and MP.

But of course, the skill had a very long cooldown timer.

It could only be used every few months.

“I demand…your…death!”

The Infernal Daemon gripped with both hands, a several hundred meter long magma chain was suddenly summoned into his grasp, and was ruthlessly flung towards Han Kexin in mid air.


 Han Kexin activated a instantaneous teleportation magic to dodge the chain and the rock wall behind her instantly got blown off a large chunk.
The might of the magma chain was equivalent to a small meteorite impact.
If one was directly hit by that skill, it was certainly an instant death.


This attack from the Infernal Daemon had a long recovery time.

Han Kexin swiftly rushed towards the daemon and unleashed her talent skill “Infinite Phantasm”, which was a powerful offensive psychic ability.

The ability itself did not deal any damage, but it could drag the target into a realm of phantasmal, hindering the target's ability to distinguish reality from illusion.

The Infernal Daemon was hit.

Han Kexin's level was similar to the daemon.

Moreover, the daemon has low intellect, once he was caught in this control skill, the threat of his following attacks was greatly reduced.

“Glacier Blade!”

A huge ice cone dozens of meters in size struck the Infernal Daemon with staggering force.


Even if the Infernal Daemon was a Level 4 overlord monster with superb HP pool and defense, it was severely wounded by this blow.

Han Kexin casted multiple charming type skills in rapid succession, consecutively stacking various psychic and controlling effects on the daemon, making it completely disordered.

“I've got him under control!”

“The Magma Daemons are appearing!”

“You guys go and deal with them!”

“Leave the big guy to me!”

Zhang Nu was quite impressed by Han Kexin.
It seemed that it was not a reckless impulse that Han Kexin dared to challenge the Infernal Daemon, the assault was thoroughly thought through and prepared.

Just by the looks of this fight.

She might just triumph over this monster.

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