Zhang Nu could finally slack off with peace of mind.
Right now, the succubuses Han Kexin brought had already engaged with the Magma Daemons constantly emerging from the volcanic lake.

Zhang Nu discovered that the offensive power of the succubuses were not very strong, but they all possessed psychic control type skills.

Therefore, they had a strong advantage in one-on-one fights, especially against opponents of similar or inferior level.

[Magma Daemon] Level 3 elite unit.

[Greater Magma Daemon] Level 4 elite unit.

[Magma Daemon Lord] Level 4 lord unit.

The reason Han Kexin sought aid from a top Demon King like Zhang Nu was because she needed help dealing with these Magma Daemons.

Her subordinates were fine against Magma Daemons, yet struggled against Greater Magma Daemons.
If the Magma Daemon Lords joined the fight, they would no longer be a match.

Within this volcano crater.

There were several Magma Daemon Lords.

There were also more than a hundred Greater Magma Daemons present.

Han Kexin's own troops could not handle this many.

She could sense Zhang Nu's strength was not inferior to hers.
With such a powerful Demon King joining hands with her, she could ensure this operation was a guaranteed success.

Zhang Nu started making his moves.

Abyssal Lightning continuously falling onto the daemons.

The Greater Magma Daemons were outright blown up.

[You've slain a Greater Magma Daemon.
Gold +4000!]

[You've slain a Greater Magma Daemon.
Gold +4000!]

[You've slain a Greater Magma Daemon.
Gold +4000!]


Han Kexin watched as Zhang Nu struck the daemons.

Crude and brutal!

Spectacular prowess!

She nodded with satisfaction.
She really did not misjudge the person, Zhang Nu's strength was formidable.
Today's victory was secured!

Han Kexin was reassured by the thought.

She began to focus on tackling the Infernal Daemon.

Zhang Nu was wandering around as if leisurely strolling through a park.

It was just that everywhere he strolled by, lightning flashed without cease.

He specifically targeted the Level 4 elite greater daemons, since the ordinary daemons were restrained by the Queen's own troops.
Just then, a flash of flames impacted his body.


The one who launched the surprise attack was a Magma Daemon Lord.

Seeing that the long range attack was ineffective, the Magma Daemon Lord drew a huge fiery sword of molten lava, charged towards Zhang Nu and slashed down furiously.


Zhang Nu gripped the giant fiery sword that tried to cut him with his bare hands, and gradually lifted the sword away from his body.

The Magma Daemon Lord was stupefied.

No matter what, he was still a Level 4 lord.

The might of this slash was more than enough to instantly kill an elite of the same level.
Even a lord should not be able to withstand this strike with its own flesh and blood.

And yet.

This man.

He first took the hit with 0 damage like a chad.

And then crushed the molten lava sword with his bare hands.

Finally, he punched straight into the Magma Daemon Lord, whose body had such intense heat it could melt steel.
Countless lightning erupted from the daemon lord's body, subjecting the daemon to suffer continuous damage.




The Magma Daemon Lord exploded!

A Level 4 lord monster, a being that could lead a force of its own if placed in any other monster area.
It would take a team painstaking effort to even defeat it.

However, in the hands of Zhang Nu.

There was hardly any room for resistance.

The daemon lord was instantly killed like a fodder.

[You've slain a Magma Daemon Lord.
Gold +12000!]

As expected from a lord rank unit.

The gold reward was truly generous!

Zhang Nu was motivated right away.

Since he was already here, it would not be unreasonable to earn a little gold, right?

Zhang Nu sped up his pace.
One after another the Greater Magma Daemons were squashed, and two more Magma Daemon Lords fell under the ravages of lightning.

With this round of slaughter.

More than 500,000 gold was gained.

Eyeing around, he made a rough estimation that a total of 600,000 gold and above could be earned here.

While Zhang Nu was busy sweeping the daemons and cashing in the gold, Han Kexin was progressing smoothly.
Although her attack prowess was far inferior to the Infernal Daemon, the daemon was really lacking in intellect.

Han Kexin kept attacking and maintaining her psychic control simultaneously.

Using her several ice attributed skills to wear the daemon down, after a few dozen rounds, the Infernal Daemon could withstand it no longer.

“Glacier Blade!” Another attack overflowing with powerful frost energy fell upon the Infernal Daemon.
The surface temperature of his body quickly cooled and his giant figure began to crack rapidly.
With a wailing howl, the daemon collapsed into the lava.

“It's done!”

She quickly gulped down a few bottles of potions.

Her MP was severely depleted and in urgent need of recovery.

Han Kexin felt a little strange, “Why is there no notification of a kill?”

Zhang Nu reminded her, “Do not let your guard down, the battle is not yet over! The monster is resurrecting! Hurry up and interrupt his skill!”

Han Kexin was not aware of this.

Only after being reminded did she notice the odd occurrence.

After the Infernal Daemon went down, it started to absorb the fire energy in the volcanic lake, leaving the previously boiling lava a lot cooler all of a sudden.

'It is true! It can indeed resurrect!'

However, the resurrection process could be interrupted.

Han Kexin could not help but to be a little terrified.
It was fortunate that she received a reminder.
She had already used up nearly all of her strength in the fight just now.

If she had to fight the Infernal Daemon all over again.

She was not confident that she could triumph again.

Han Kexin began to gather her energy and aimed at the resurrecting Infernal Daemon.

Just when she was prepared to deal the finishing blow.


A pitch black arrow shot out from nowhere.

The arrow struck Han Kexin in the back.


Not only did the arrow deal considerable damage, it also drained what little remained of Han Kexin's MP, disrupting her channeled skill.

'This is bad!'

An ambush!

Han Kexin cried out in disbelief.

She did not even have to guess who did it.

It was definitely those damned Heroes from Dark City!

A dozen figures entered the volcano crater.
The two leading the group was a dark elf equipped with a longbow and a warhammer wielding dark dwarf.


“Didn't expect that! Didn't you!”

“Serves you right!”

“You didn't have much MP left now and you were hit by my Devouring Sealing Arrow.
Even if you have immense power, you're no longer able to use it!”


'I've been careless!'

'How did the operation get leaked?'

'Did the Heroes plant their spies nearby?!'


The dark dwarf hurled his warhammer swirling in lightning.

Han Kexin could not activate her instantaneous teleportation.
She could only watch as the attack flew towards her head at an astonishing speed.

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