Under these current circumstances.

Zhang Nu had two choices.

The first was to halt and prevent the resurrection of the Infernal Daemon, but Han Kexin might get headshot by the incoming hammer.
Even if she survived that, it would severely wound her.

The second was to immediately step in and save Han Kexin.
However, the resurrection of the Infernal Daemon had entered its final stage.
It was almost certain that they would have to fight the daemon all over again.

Was there even a need to consider?

Zhang Nu violently unleashed his power.

A huge ray of lightning blasted the warhammer away.

With a flap of his huge wings, he snatched Han Kexin away with lightning speed and instantly backed up hundreds of meters into a safe distance.


“Who the fuck are you!”

“You dare to mess with our affairs!”

Such a golden opportunity.

It was completely ruined by a guy who appeared out of nowhere.

The Heroes were burning with a frenzy of rage.

The black dwarf took a good look at Zhang Nu and exclaimed angrily, “Damn! He seems to be a Demon King too! I didn't expect the demoness to have enlisted a helper.”

The black elf threatened, “We've never heard of you.
Where the hell did you crawl out from as a nobody? However, we just want to kill the demoness today.
This is none of your damn business! So better scram with your tail between your legs!”

The Succubus Queen was incredibly well known.

Almost all the nearby Heroes and Demon Kings have heard of her prestigious reputation.

Zhang Nu did not have any fame in this place.
Normally this group of Heroes would not have paid any heed to Zhang Nu and just killed them both together.


Although this nameless nobody was not worth worrying about.

These Heroes were not completely without perception or insight.

Judging from the performance of this nameless Demon King just now, his capabilities seemed to be more than meets the eyes and it was possible that he was stronger than imagined.

The demoness was wounded and her MP was depleted, but even so, she was not to be underestimated.
The Heroes did not want to complicate the matters and bring unnecessary ramifications to themselves.

If the nameless Demon King would leave on his own.

Then might as well spare his life for now.

“I'll give you one last chance.”

The dark elf drew his bow and aimed at Zhang Nu, “Do not meddle in this affair.
Our patience is limited.
This demoness dies today, and if you dare to get in our way, we'll just kill you both!”

Han Kexin's expressions are unsightly.

Because she could feel it.

The Infernal Daemon lying at the floor of the volcanic lake had healed all of his wounds and he was emitting his terrifying aura once again!

Everything was already too late!

The Infernal Daemon had been resurrected!

Han Kexin immediately said, “Listen closely, I can't fight the Infernal Daemon again in my current state.
Not to mention this group of Heroes aren't as simple as they seem.
They are all locally renowned lone wolf Heroes.
Even if I got ambushed in my peak state, I would only have a 50 to 60 percent chance of winning against them!”

“Under such disadvantageous situations, there's no hope of winning.”

“I will order my subordinates to stall the Infernal Daemon and the Heroes.
We'll take the opportunity to retreat.
Our priority is to survive!”

'When there's life, there's hope.'

Han Kexin had accepted the fact that this operation had failed horribly.

The current utmost importance was to be able to leave in one piece.
As for killing the Infernal Daemon and conquering the Calamity Volcano, there was no need to think about it for now, she could only wait for another opportunity.


“You've been given a choice! Now we'll do it the hard way!”

“Brook no further delay! Let's kill him as well!”

The Heroes waited for a few seconds.
But seeing that Zhang Nu did not respond to them, they naturally did not want to waste anymore time, because every second now was precious.

They must not let the demoness recover any of her strength.

They could not let her subordinates stall for them.

The dark elf Hero took out a magical scroll and activated it.
A huge barrier was unleashed overhead, sealing the exit of the volcano crater.

From this moment on.

The volcano became a completely enclosed area.

Even if the Succubus Queen regained some of her power, she would not be able to escape.

As for the unknown pawn? Since he was so ignorant, it was only reasonable to take just a little more effort to kill them all.


“These fools!”

Han Kexin's face paled.

The Infernal Daemon was not even dead!

Yet this bunch of idiots had sealed the exit!

Now none of them would even have the chance to escape!

Zhang Nu asserted, “Hey, Queen.
This is different from what we've agreed upon.
I'm only here to assist you.
But now, the current situation is completely out of my responsibilities, right?”

“Besides, in our agreement, you've never mentioned the obligation to deal with Heroes.
So, shouldn't you say something?”

What else could Han Kexin say?

The Infernal Daemon was about to reemerge.

It was impossible for her to hold it back in her current state.

Without a powerful control ability to restrain the Infernal Daemon, the monster would be unstoppable once it started rampaging and devastating everything.

Right now.

They were trapped inside this volcano.

There was no escape.

It was a dead end.

However, Zhang Nu still had the teleportation stone, and upon hearing his remark, Han Kexin thought he gave up on her and was planning to flee.

“I've nothing to say for myself.”

“My planning was inadequate!”

“The blame for the failure of this operation lies with me!”

“Indeed, you have no obligation to fight to the end with me…hurry up and use the teleportation stone to leave!”

Han Kexin was wearing a gloomy and bleak expression, as if she was a maiden about to be betrayed and abandoned by a heartless man.
She stubbornly gritted her teeth and stressed, “I won't blame you!”


Zhang Nu was flummoxed.

“Did I ever say I was going to run away?”

Han Kexin was equally baffled, “Then what do you mean?”

Zhang Nu explained, “What I'm trying to express is that you need to increase my pay! In addition to the daemon heart, I also want half of the treasure chest.”


The Queen was utterly bewildered.

What the hell was this guy thinking?

Did he have a clear understanding of his current predicament or not?

Why the hell was he still after the rewards?

The situation had entirely gone out of control! Everyone was about to die!

“I'll just assume you agreed.”

The Infernal Daemon was beginning to resurface.
At the same time, the idiot Heroes were slinging magics and arrows this way.

No more time for nonsense.

He immediately tossed the Queen away.

With Zhang Nu's terrifying strength, Han Kexin was instantly flung several hundred meters away like a cannonball and landed right next to the Succubus High Priest, who hurriedly caught her master.

“Abyssal Devouring!”

Zhang Nu unleashed a spurt of massive black mist, instantly devouring all the incoming arrows and spells, the attacks were like a clay oxen entering the ocean, never to be heard of again.


The Heroes were startled.

The Demon King had dissipated their attacks effortlessly.

This was not something an ordinary Demon King could achieve, and this Demon King was not a nobody.
But where did he originate from? And why haven't they ever heard of such a monster?

“Sigh, so there's no Level 4 Heroes.”

It was a little regrettable for Zhang Nu.

“Nevertheless, 15 Level 3 souls though.
Not a bad haul afterall.”

His words were suddenly interrupted.

An earth shaking roar bellowed from the volcanic lake.

Once again, the Infernal Daemon's huge figure emerged from the lava, and it seemed that his aura and strength had all returned to its peak state.
He furiously brandished his magma chains in both his hands, and let out a deafening howl.

“Die…Die…All of you..DIE!!”

A violent flame storm swept through the entire interior of the volcano in a frenzy.
Everyone could feel the terrifying intensity of power and might behind the storm.

“What's going on?”

“How is it alive again!”

“This is bad.
Run! RUN! Get out of here!”

The fifteen Heroes were horrified.
However, the entrance of the volcano was sealed by the barrier and now they could not escape.
They were really caught in a trap of their own making.

“Too noisy!”

Zhang Nu unfolded his wings, and without reserving any of his strength, hundreds of thousands of scarlet lightning bolts poured down like a heavy rainstorm.

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

The Infernal Daemon's grand and imposing entrance lasted for less than two seconds.

It let out a terrible and miserable scream.
As if getting mowed by a machine gun from the front, every lightning bolt that struck his body created a huge wound.

The entire volcano was illuminated by the scarlet lightning.

After the round of wild assault ended, the Infernal Daemon was completely riddled with wounds, and his aura was whittled down significantly.

“Not dead yet?”

Zhang Nu once again accumulated his power, his left hand smoldered with dragon flames and his right land swirled with lightning and thunder.
He raised both his hands above his head, the two powers interweaved and fused together, eventually coalescing into an extraordinary energy.

It had the rigorous speed of thunder and lightning.

As well as the scorching heat of a flame.

The Infernal Daemon felt the threat of death from Zhang Nu.
A frightened expression crawled its way onto his face, but it was too late to resist, or make a plea for mercy.

A pillar of lightning and flame flashed.

As though a sharp blade cleaving down.

The fearsome wave of energy split open the Infernal Daemon from head to toe, along with the entire volcanic lake.

[You've slain the Infernal Daemon.
Gold +600,000!]

It was done.

Han Kexin was awestruck.

The Heroes were even more dumbstruck.

The Infernal Daemon was a dreadful existence.

It had been entrenched in the volcano for more than a thousand years, causing countless challengers to despair.
And yet, it could not even retaliate against this Demon King.

“He's actually this powerful!?”

Han Kexin widened her eyes in disbelief, “How is he this powerful!?”

The Queen was a very prideful person.
She had been very confident that, among the other Demon Kings, though she did not dare to claim to be the number 1 Demon King, she was at least one of the very top.

Now that she had witnessed the power of this Demon King.

Only now did she profoundly realize what a true Demon King really was.

If Han Kexin was astounded, then the Heroes were more fearful and despairing at the moment.

Who the hell would have thought that the nobody Demon King was even more formidable and vicious than the Succubus Queen!

Zhang Nu arrived in front of them in an instant.

The dark elf Hero hastily begged for their lives, “Stop…please stop…we had no quarrel…you can't just kill us like this!”

“Does a Demon King need a reason to kill a Hero?”

Zhang Nu chucked a ball of dragon flame over.

With a loud boom, the ball of flame exploded.
The swelling dragon flame engulfed the fifteen 

Heroes in an instant, incinerating them into ashes.

[You've slain a Level 3 Hero.
Hero's Soul +1!]

[You've slain a Level 3 Hero.
Hero's Soul +1! Skill stone +1!]

[You've slain a Level 3 Hero.
Hero's Soul +1! Skill stone +1!]


[You've slain a Level 3 Hero.
Hero's Soul +1! Skill stone +1!]

Zhang Nu had taken out the Heroes in one fell swoop.

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