Zhang Nu promptly retrieved the heart from the Infernal Daemon.
The daemon's body was already as big as a building, hence the size of his heart was comparable to a car.

How the hell could one concoct a potion with this thing?

Zhang Nu was quite puzzled.

But this was not a problem he needed to contemplate.

This was a genuine Level 4 Overlord daemon heart.

The heart was the most valuable material of the entire daemon's body.
After all, for the daemons, their hearts were their source of strength and power.
This ingredient was used in the crafting of many alchemical tools and magical potions.

Without any hesitation.

He contacted the Mysterious Witch Liang Bai.

Zhang Nu gave her the daemon heart and paid an additional 100,000 gold.

Of which 50,000 was more than enough to pay for the cost of other auxiliary ingredients, and the other half of 50,000 was considered as her labor fee for concocting the potion for him.

To this.

The Mysterious Witch gladly agreed.

As long as the materials were sufficient, concocting a single bottle of potion was nothing difficult to her.
The minimum labor fee of 50,000 gold was enough to satisfy her.

It was finally done.

The young city lord was saved.

Zhang Nu felt a lot more at ease.

Meanwhile, the Succubus Queen had gradually recovered through the use of potions.
She immediately ordered her troops to eradicate the remaining Magma Daemons.

Approximately 20 minutes later.

[You've conquered the Calamity Volcano.
You gained “Mithminite Treasure Chest”!]

Upon seeing the message.

Both Zhang Nu and Han Kexin were quite thrilled.

Because even for Zhang Nu, he had only seen Mithril Treasure Chests, but never a Mithminite Treasure Chest.
This was the highest level treasure chest he had ever obtained so far.

Han Kexin glanced at Zhang Nu.

Zhang Nu remarked, “What are you looking at me for? Hurry up and open it!”

[You've opened the Mithminite Treasure Chest.
You've gained “Gold” x???, “Blueprint: Altar of Inferno” x1, “Blueprint: Lair of Magma Daemons” x1, “Skill Stone: Summon Magma Daemon” x1, “Fire Gem” x500!]

Not bad!

Not bad at all!

Although the Calamity Volcano was a Level 4 overlord area.

However, judging from the size of it, it actually was not very big.
There was only a Level 4 overlord, three Level 4 lords, not even a hundred Level 4 elites, plus a few hundreds of Level 3 elite fodders.

The scale was not very significant at all.

But the reward certainly was.

Han Kexin was pleasantly surprised.

She initially thought today was going to be a disaster.

Unexpectedly, not only did nothing happen to her, she also got such a big haul.

Of course, Han Kexin also knew that it was all thanks to this strong supporter.
Had he not stepped in to turn the tide, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Han Kexin exclaimed, “You choose.
We agreed each of us will take one half and nothing more.”

Zhang Nu laughed, “Straight to the point, is it? In that case, I want half of the gold, half of the gems and the Altar of Inferno blueprint.”

This dude was so brusque in his demands.

It was still acceptable if he took the gold and gems.

But Altar of Inferno blueprint was a level 4 blueprint!

Not even Han Kexin had seen such a high level blueprint, its value must have been remarkable.

Although the treasure chest had two blueprints.

But the other one was a level 3 blueprint.

Level 3 blueprint was obviously much inferior in quality.

However, Zhang Nu was not one without boundaries.
At the very least, the blueprint he left for the Succubus Queen, Lair of Magma Daemons blueprint was a barrack type blueprint.

This implied if Han Kexin built this structure in her territory.

She would gain the ability to summon Magma Daemon units.

This would be of great improvement to Han Kexin.
Since the Magma Daemons have incredible combat prowess, she needed this blueprint more than Zhang Nu to enhance her own military strength.

But the main reason why Zhang Nu did not choose the Lair of Magma Daemon over the Altar of Inferno was because he was more intrigued by the latter.
Secondly, the Lair of Magma Daemon required to be set up in a special terrain.
Moreover, the Magma Daemon units were not suitable for combat in Chaos Forest.

In addition to this.

Han Kexin obtained a high end B rank skill stone “Summon Magma Daemon”.
The skill allowed for the summoning of a variety of Magma Daemons to assist in combat.

The skill was of little value or interest for Zhang Nu.

But for her, it could significantly improve her combat power.

After seeing Han Kexin was quick to agree on the reward distribution.

Zhang Nu felt a little sorry.
This was Han Kexin's territory.
Because of him, she sent troops ahead of her own planned schedule to assault the Calamity Volcano.
As a result, even though the volcano had been successfully taken over, he became the biggest beneficiary instead.

There was a need to mention this matter.

In addition to sharing the treasure chest reward.

Zhang Nu had taken down three Magma Daemon Lords, a large number of Magma Daemons, as well as the Infernal Daemon himself.
The kills alone yielded him a considerable amount of gold, comparable to the gold from his share of the treasure chest.

Furthermore, he had taken out 15 level 3 Heroes, hauling in 15 level 3 souls and 8 high quality skill stones.

But the original purpose of him coming here was just the daemon heart.

Zhang Nu pondered for a while and took out the Hero's Souls.
He intended to share them with the Succubus Queen as compensation.

And yet.

Han Kexin flatly refused, “You killed the Heroes.
I didn't contribute to those killings, so these are your spoils of war.
It's not necessary to share them with me.”

“Are you sure you don't want any of it?”

“Do I look like a person that likes to take advantage of others?”

Han Kexin irritably glared at him, “Besides, I'm not short on souls at all.
My combat prowess may be inferior to yours, but it's a piece of cake for me to collect souls.”

The main reason as to why she rose to level 4 so quickly was her subordinates, the succubuses.

The succubuses were not only combat units that can be deployed for battles, they could also manipulate and enthrall others, making the Heroes to come walking right into their own deaths.

Zhang Nu was impressed by Han Kexin.

Back when they were doing business, they used to argue back and forth repeatedly over a few hundred gold.
But now the souls he was offering were worth at least a hundred or even hundreds of thousands of gold, yet she refused without hesitation.

This indicated that the Succubus Queen also had principles.

Zhang Nu later escorted the succubus team back to the Demon King lair.

The Succubus Queen asked, “It wasn't easy to come here, and you're planning to return already? Why not stay a while longer? There's a lot of places worth exploring around here, and there's even thousands of Heroes in the Dark City for the hunting.”


“I, too, wanted to remain here longer.
But my territory is hectic with various affairs, and I also have some trivial issues to address.”

The Succubus Queen nodded: “In that case, I won't keep you any longer.
I believe we'll have the opportunity to work together again.”

Zhang Nu chuckled, “That's a must, but before that, you'll have to become even stronger!”

Upon receiving these words.

The queen almost exploded in a fit of anger.

She had always been very proud and confident.

Today's events had been a serious blow to her pride.

She did not expect Zhang Nu to actually provoke and irritate her further.

This was simply intolerable!

Yea, he could fight well! What was the big deal anyways!

Time to leave!

Sensing the Queen was about to burst into frenzy.

Zhang Nu quickly activated the teleportation stone and left.

The Succubus Queen was unable to unleash her anger on him, so she could only swallow all her rage back in.
She resentfully stomped her foot, “Just you wait and see! The next time we meet, I'll give you something to be surprised about!”

Zhang Nu returned to Giantree City.

The light of the teleportation stone had faded.

The number of usages had been exhausted.

Zhang Nu found this item to be incredibly convenient.
If only he could get his hands on more of these teleportation stones, he could travel across the continent in the future with ease.

After all.

The laws of physics of this world were completely different from the ones of the previous world.

The scale of this continent was too large, and there was almost no border to speak of.
Even if one possessed the strongest and fastest flight ability, it would be useless.
Spacial abilities would be a must for traveling purposes.

Not long after Zhang Nu returned.

The Mysterious Witch Liang bi had finished concocting the potion.

Nancilia gulped down the potion Zhang Nu brought back.

She immediately felt the searing heat churning within her blood being dissipated.
A warmth spread throughout her like a stream and was then absorbed by her body.

Her HP.

Her MP.

Both gained a sudden and rapid surge.

In Nancilia's mind, an abundance of profound and sophisticated magical knowledge, experience, and techniques all appeared at once.

These brand new magical spells.

Those esoteric arcane knowledge.

All of them had not been learned or even heard of.

At the moment, however, these powers and knowledge were engraved in her soul as if she was borned with them.

Nancilia's body had also undergone some changes.
Her original 13 to 14 year old appearance, suddenly experienced a spurt of growth, and was now 15 to 16 years of age.

Right at this instance.

There was also a change in the information displayed before Zhang Nu's eyes.

[Giantree City Lord Nancilia] Level 4 Overlord unit……

Everything was as expected.

With the help of the Elixir of Awakening.

Nancilia was indeed able to absorb the power of her bloodline instantly.

She went from a Level 3 lord to a Level 4 overlord in one fell swoop.
And she's not just any Level 4 overlord either, it was almost the ceiling of a Level 4 overlord!

Whether it was Level 5 or the Monarch rank.

She was merely one step away from it.

With the current Nancilia, as long as she made good use of her abilities, Zhang Nu could make a safe estimation that she could solo three Infernal Daemons!

All the effort spent was definitely not in vain.

With Nancilia's existing prowess, she sufficed to become a supreme lord that could dominate the entirety of Chaos Forest on her own.

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