The elven elders of Giantree City were greatly shaken.

And the young city lord was in disbelief, “Your Majesty! You want to enter the seal of Giantree Forest? That's too risky!”

“For the sake of the people of Giantree City and the Tree of Life, I must take the risk.”

Zhang Nu continued, “Currently, the barrier of the Giantree Forest has ceased its function.
As long as the issue of the seal isn't solved, the Giantree Forest and the Tree of Life will continue to be under its threat.”

The elves were somewhat swayed.

It was absolutely not necessary for the Demon King to do this.

Even if the seal of the Giantree Forest became out of control.

It would not pose any threat to the Demon King.

The elves were emotionally touched by his devotion.

They did not expect the Demon King to be willing to take such risks for the sake of the elves.

“Still, we urge you to reconsider!”

“Yes! There was no shortage of pioneers from the generations of our clan's forefathers who have ventured into the seal and attempted to remove the threat once and for all.”

“However, without exception.”

“None of them returned.”

The elven elders continued to persuade Zhang Nu.

Zhang Nu calmly replied, “You do not need to worry about me.
I can sense the existence within the seal has grown extremely weak and vulnerable after being sealed for ten thousand years.
It is sufficient for me to deal with it with my current strength.”

Seeing that the Demon King had made up his mind.

The young city lord immediately asserted, “I shall accompany His Majesty the Demon King.”

The several elven elders' faces turned green in fear at her statement.
This little lordling was their future Elven King!

Once she truly became the Elven King.

With a raise of her arm and a rally call.

Countless elves would come running from all of Chaos Forest and even other places to unite under her command.

This was their only  hope of their clan's revival!

The young city lord was very determined, “Elders, my mind is made up.
There's no need to persuade me.
After all, my life was saved by His Majesty the Demon King.
I can never watch His Majesty risk his life for elves on his own.”

The elven elders stared at each other with blank dismay.

Ultimately, the elves were a kind natured race.

The Demon King was going to risk so much for the sake of elves, disregarding his own life.
If they continue to hinder the young city lord from aiding His Majesty, it would be too ungrateful of them.

Looking at them like this.

Zhang Nu could not help but to secretly judge them in his heart.

The primary reason that he seeked to challenge the seal was still for the safety of his own territory, followed by his greed for the rewards of the Level 5 overlord area.

He could see through the information of the seal.

It was because he had confidence that he did so.

Disregarding his own life for the sake of the elven tribe?

'Please don't be so self-indulgent and kid yourself.'

The Demon King was not that noble as to self sacrifice.

On the very same day, Zhang Nu took the young city lord to the seal of the Giantree Forest.

“Are you prepared?”

“I'm opening the sealed gate!”

Nancilia nodded as she gripped the Elven King Scepter tightly in her grasp.

The sealed gate was exceedingly strong and robust.
It would be very difficult to destroy it by violent means.
Only by unleashing the MP of a Level 4 overlord could the sealed gate be moved.

Both the Demon King and the young city lord had the capability to open the sealed gate.

Zhang Nu placed his hand on the giant gate and poured his powerful MP into its magical formation.
The dim formation began to gleam brilliantly, and a gap appeared in the sealed stone gate.

Soon after.

The stone gate slowly parted.

Beyond the gap was no ordinary space.
It was a distorted spatial vortex from which an evil and sinister aura was emitted.

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -3!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -2!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -3!]


Zhang Nu learned in advance through the prompt message that the sealed land was not a place with normal space.
Hence, he was not surprised to see such a scene before him.

The great Demon King and the young city lord stepped into the spatial vortex.
After experiencing a short period of gravity loss, the two soon regained their sense of being down-to-earth.

“Is this what the inside of the seal looks like?”

Nancilia raised her Elven King Scepter, and a soft ray of light was released from it, instantly illuminating the surroundings.

It was a massive ancient palace.

A dark, deep, and vast corridor came in view before the two.

Compared to the environment outside, the evil aura of the place had been significantly amplified, which had accelerated the loss of HP.

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -5!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -5!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -4!]

Zhang Nu was losing his HP every few seconds even for a strong being like himself.
If a weaker existence was here, they would not last more than a few minutes before being infested by the negative energy and dying.

[You have been buffed with “Elven King's Blessing”!]

[HP, MP, and all stats +25%.
Recovery speed +50%.
Soul resistance has been significantly increased.]

The young city lord waved her scepter.

She buffed herself as well as the Demon King respectively.

Zhang Nu commended, “What a powerful blessing spell!”

The young city lord immediately beamed with joy and replied proudly, “Of course! This is an elven king spell.
No ordinary elf can learn it!”

This was an elven king exclusive A rank skill.

It could raise the resistance towards any chosen attributed energy at will.
Nancilia chose to increase their soul resistance and instantly achieved an immediate effect.

Both of them were no longer losing HP.

It turned out that the negative energy brimming in the sealed land, its nature was a rare, soul infesting energy.
It was no wonder why Zhang Nu's Anti-Magic was not effective.


It was generally effective against magical elements.

For example, wind, fire, water, earth, light, darkness, lighting, and so on.

As for the rarer magical energy, such as psychic, soul, time and spatial attributed attacks, the Anti-Magic would have difficulty achieving the resistant effect.

“Your Majesty! Look!”

“There's a mural on the wall!”

“It seems to record the origin of this seal.”

Nancilia held up her scepter to illuminate a large wall.

Zhang Nu swept through with a glance.
There were indeed many murals as well as inscriptions, though most of them were mottled.
He had never seen this kind of writing.

When players like him descended into this world.

All of them automatically mastered the mainstream language and writing of this world.

However, these writings on the murals were obviously of a rare language, and were not in the scope of what they had mastered.

“Can you understand these writings?”

“These writings were in my elven king's inheritance memories.
This is a kind of sacred language specially used for rituals in ancient times.
It is very rare nowadays.”

Zhang Nu was curious, “What's written on it?”

Nancilia briefly described the murals and the inscriptions, “It introduces the origins of Evil Gods.
The general idea is that the otherworldly gods would sometimes descend into this world by accident.
And that Evil Gods was the collective name for these otherworldly gods.”

“There is no regularity in the descent of these Evil Gods, and there is no regularity in the Evil Gods themselves.
They can completely disregard the order of this world, and because of this, it is called an unpredictable “special natural disaster” phenomenon.

“This kind of natural disaster is very rare.”

“Throughout the historical records, there were only a few of them.
But almost every time they occur, they would bring about a huge impact.”


Otherworldly gods?

This was the first time Zhang Nu had heard the concept of the otherworldly.

Could it be that there were many worlds beyond this one?

Zhang Nu suddenly recalled the rules of this Demon King game.

It seemed that when a Demon King attained the conquest achievement, they could choose to obtain the qualification for the next round of conquest game, which could refer to other worlds, and all the worlds were actually connected in some way.

If the Evil Gods of the other worlds could enter this world.

Then was it possible for someone to enter theirs?

This went too far.

These were still too distant from him.

It was worthless to ponder upon these issues now.

Zhang Nu asked again, “What else?”

Nancilia continued to interpret while reading as she walked, “Since Evil Gods were nigh impossible to kill, they could only be sealed to deplete their power…”

“…as for the Evil God that was sealed in this palace.”

“It was an existence that was called “Eight-Eyed Evil God” during their time.”

“During that time, in order to successfully seal it, they paid the price of at least tens of millions of valiant lives.
It altered the national fortunes of the nine major countries, and profoundly affected the subsequent generations of this world…”

Both of them were staggered.

Defeating an Evil God would cost such a terrible and awfully heavy price!

It was no wonder the descent of Evil Gods was called a special natural disaster.
It was both completely unpredictable and tremendously destructive.
It really was equivalent to a natural disaster.

Nancilia continued, “The Evil God must be taken apart and sealed separately, and what was sealed in this palace was only a small part of the Eight-Eyed Evil God's husk.”

Zhang Nu nodded his head.

Although it was only a small part.

It was still quite terrifying.

Even after a long period of tens of thousands of years, the power of this Evil God had been weakened and depleted to the extreme, yet it still could make this area a Level 5 overlord zone.

One could already imagine the reason why its descent had caused so many deaths.

Nevertheless, since they were already here, something must be made clear.
The information prompt message had never failed him.

Since the prompt message had indicated that this place was a Level 5 overlord area, then this area would not be anything else but, which also meant the strongest being in this area would not exceed that level.


It was by no means unbeatable.

Zhang Nu turned to Nancilia, “That's enough, stop reading the murals.
We're not here for archaeology.
These can be studied slowly later.”


The young city lord withdrew her gaze.

The two then made their way down the corridor.

It did not take long before suddenly, the corridor ended.

In their front, and to their left and right.

A sealed stone door appeared on each side.

Nancilia was puzzled, “Your Majesty, how come there's sealed doors again? Which one should we take?”

“This sealed land is a labyrinth.
These are the trap mechanisms to prevent intruders with malicious intents.
The consequences will be grave if we choose the wrong door.”

Zhang Nu swept a glance as he spoke.

The information of the sealed stone doors emerged.

[Stone Door Trap] Behind this door is a storm formed by temporal turbulence.
Once opened, the intruders will be caught in the turbulence and will be instantly pulverized and reduced to nothing by the power of space and time.

[Stone Door Trap] Behind this door is the chaos void.
Once opened, the intruders will be sucked into it, forever lost in the realm of chaos.

[Sealed Door] This door is the only real sealed door.

Zhang Nu read through the descriptions and broke into a cold sweat.

Fortunately, he could see these informative prompt messages.

These two traps were too vicious as they were built based on space and time.
With their current strength, it would be certain death once they got caught in it!


Nancilia did not hesitate and immediately poured her MP into the sealed door.

The stone door slowly opened and nothing out of the ordinary happened.
To her great surprise, another corridor appeared before her.

“Aye, Your Majesty! We seemed to have chosen the correct door!”

“No shit! We'll be both long dead if it's the wrong one.
Hurry up and move on.”

This sealed land seemed to be more dangerous than he imagined.
Having sufficient strength was not enough to get through this place.

Zhang Nu did not know how much manpower and resources would have to be spent to construct such a place.

But it was definitely astronomical.

And yet, such a formidable sealed labyrinth was only used to seal a small part of the Evil God.

Verily, this was indeed not to be trifled at all.

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