Unlike the first floor.

The second floor of the sealed labyrinth was much vaster.

Five passages appeared before the Demon King and the young city lord.
Within each passage, even more passages branched out from it, as though it was a giant intricate maze.

Zhang Nu took a sweeping glance.

[Labyrinth Passage 1] This is a wrong passage.
Not only is it littered with traps, it will also lead intruders into a desperate end.

[Labyrinth Passage 2] This is a wrong passage.
A great number of dangerous monsters and fiends are trapped within, and the intruders will be completely lost.

[Labyrinth Passage 3] This is a wrong passage.
It houses a spatial trap.
Once the intruders are caught within, they will never reach the end of the passage.


[Labyrinth Passage 5] This is the only correct passage.
A great number of magical mannequins were allocated within, please beware of their ambush.

Zhang Nu led Nancilia forward.

The second floor of the sealed land was not only a labyrinth.

It was also a moving maze that shifted and transformed every now and then.
Some entrances would disappear inexplicably and some passages would suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Fortunately, Zhang Nu possessed the ability to see information and hints.

It had allowed Zhang Nu to never lose his way and always make the right choice.

But just then.

Numerous stone statues appeared ahead of them.

[Magical Mannequin] Level 5 elite unit.

Description: A humanoid mannequin crafted through magical means.
It possesses powerful resistance and is able to withstand all sorts of magical damage.

“Your Majesty!”

“There's something wrong with these stone statues!”

“I can feel a vague fluctuation of magical powers!”

Before Zhang Nu could even give a warning.

The young city lord had immediately seen through the statues.

“Not bad!” Zhang Nu commended her perceptive capability, “These are magical mannequins, presumably the labyrinth guards.
They have strong resistance and can only be dealt with by physical damage.”

“Let me have them!”

Nancilia raised the scepter in her hands and pointed.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, countless dirt and debris started to form from the thin air.
They were like magnets to each other, converging and fusing together at an astounding speed, eventually shaping into a giant over ten meters tall.

Zhang Nu was astonished as he witnessed the scene.

“This is a…Level 4 overlord?”

The monster casually summoned by the young city lord actually had such formidable strength? Even if it was a bottom tier overlord by judging from its aura, it was still an overlord rank existence anyhow!

[Earth Elemental Overlord] Level 4 overlord unit.


Skills: Giga Iron Fists (B rank), Earth Armor (B rank), Earth Shelter (B rank), Gravity Lockdown (B rank), Mortal Shockwave (B rank), Restorative Regeneration (B rank), Earth Spear (C rank), etc.

When she noticed the Demon King's surprised expression.

The young city lord was pleased and proud, “Hehe, amazing right? I can also summon elemental overlords of different attributes!”

Zhang Nu asked, “Is this the Elven King's Elemental Covenant? I didn't expect it to be so powerful.
It's truly worthy of being an Elven King's exclusive skill!”

This was an A rank skill “Elemental Covenant”.

With this spell, the Elven King could summon and command elemental beings of various attributes at will.
The strongest that could be summoned was an overlord rank elemental of the same level as the caster.
The spell could be considered to be a very powerful summoning skill.


After her awakening.

The elven girl's strength soared through the roof.

Not only was her Elven King's Blessing enhancement effect very potent, it could also significantly improve the resistance towards any one attribute.
Her Elemental Covenant could be used for summoning a variety of elemental overlords based on the combat situation.

So to speak.

With these two skills alone.

Nancilia herself was sufficient to face off the Infernal Daemon.

The young city lord was eager to show off her brand new powers.

She promptly commanded the earth elemental overlord to charge forward.
As the magical mannequins were alerted, they unleashed various attacks in reply.

The attacks were viciously strong.

If it was any other ordinary Level 4 lord, they would not be able to withstand it.

However, one of the most profound traits of earth elementals were defense and regeneration.

The earth elemental overlord shouldered the attack and bulldozed into the midst of the mannequins to activate its “Gravity Lockdown”.

Immediately, the mannequins could no longer move or even budge an inch.

The gravity seemed to have heightened hundreds or thousands of times.

The earth elemental lord did not bother to engage with any fancy or flashy attacks.
It simply raised its fists the size of a small car and started swinging.
Behind every mighty punch was the tremendous force of tens of thousands of pounds.
With such devastating and ferocious physical force, the mannequins were instantly hammered into smithereens.

[You slain a Magical Mannequin.
Gold +8000!]

[You slain a Magical Mannequin.
Gold +8000!]

[You slain a Magical Mannequin.
Gold +8000!]


The kill rewards filled up Zhang Nu's vision right away.

With the earth elemental overlord to attract aggro and mopping up the mannequins in the frontline.

The two easily made their way to the very end of the labyrinth, where five more huge sealed doors appeared before them.
Needless to say, only one of them was the correct one.

Zhang Nu scanned over them.

And instantly seen through the correct passage.

His eyes were locked on the third sealed door.

[Sealed Door] This is the only correct sealed door.
Behind this door will be the third floor of the sealed land, “The Sealed Chamber”.
The environment inside is extremely treacherous, please make sure to be well prepared.

“We've arrived!”

Zhang Nu remarked, “The first floor is the sealed entrance, the second floor is the sealed labyrinth, and the third floor is the sealed chamber.”

“Which means, the true sealed land is behind this door, and the Evil God we're looking for was sealed within this chamber.”

“It'll be very dangerous inside.”

The young city lord visibly tensed up.
She hastily took out four to five bottles of potion and hurriedly gulped them down to fully restore her MP and stacked up several layers of buffs on herself.

Only then did she puff up her chest and exclaimed, “I'm not afraid! Let's go! I don't believe the Evil God still had much strength left after being sealed for so many years!”

“Do not underestimate it! Heed my commands later and do not act without my permission.


Zhang Nu opened the stone door.

Almost instantly.

An immense and chaotic aura erupted from within.

The great Demon King and the young city lord sensed the aura and immediately suffered from an extremely sickening and ill sensation.
They were incapable of describing the nature of this strange power.

It could not be categorized as evil.

Yet it was overflowing with disorder as well as chaos.

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -15!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -12!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy.
HP -16!]


Zhang Nu's HP was starting to drain again.

Despite him still under the Elven King's Blessing.

If Zhang Nu was already in such a condition, there was no doubt that Nancilia was in a worse state.
She could only apply another regenerative buff on herself.


Even with her strength.

There was no way for her to stay in such a hazardous environment for too long.

Right now, the young city lord's confidence was somewhat shaken.
She initially thought that after being sealed for tens of thousands of years, the ancient Evil God was weakened to the extreme.
Who would have thought that it still possessed such powerful aura and energy?

“Don't worry.”

“It's just some kind of area of effect skill.”

“Although the Evil God isn't as weakened as you thought, it won't be so strong that we can't deal with it.
Let's go!”

The Demon King cheered up the young city lord.

The two entered the third floor of the sealed land.

As soon as Nancilia stepped in, she promptly sent out several hovering light flares, which barely illuminated the chamber that was originally enshrouded by darkness.

The sealed chamber was too massive.

It was the size of several soccer fields.

In the center of the chamber stood a 100 meter tall altar.
It was riddled with sealing inscriptions, bound by dozens of chains, and encased within a magical barrier.

Except that at this moment.

The surface of the altar was severely cracked.

The sealing barrier had also long since dimmed.

An indescribable sense of crisis arose with Zhang Nu.
Something beyond the plane of ordinary life form seemed to be observing him.

He locked his gaze onto the source of his dread.

It came from the very top of the altar.

It was a human head sized object that resembled a crystal ball.
Presently, a fiery vertical pupil emerged on the crystal ball.

Relevant information instantly popped up as Zhang Nu glimpsed at the eye.

[Eye of the Evil God] Level 5 overlord unit.
1 HP, 35000 MP.


Skills: Death Stare (A rank), Undead Creation (A rank), Evil God's Aura (A rank), Confining Ray (B rank), Hell Flurry (B rank), Abyssal Gaze (B rank), Soul Extraction (B rank), Psychic Barrier (B rank), etc.

Nancilia uttered in horror, “What is that thing? Its aura is so terrifying!”

Zhang Nu answered, “That is the Evil God.
More specifically, an eye of the Evil God.”

Nancilia was stupefied at the answer.

She said in disbelief, “This massive seal in which my forefathers and ancestors painstakingly enacted, was all to seal one of the eyes of the Eight-Eyes Evil God!?”


There had long been hearsays within the Giantree tribe.

The sealed land had sealed a part of the Evil God's body.

But Nancilia did not expect the so-called bodypart was actually just a giant eyeball.
It just seemed too ridiculous.

It was the reason for the corrupted chieftain.

The disaster three hundred years ago was also its doing.

How could a mere eyeball be so tremendously powerful? It was comparable to a legendary divine weapon!

Upon seeing the prompt message.

Zhang Nu let out a faint sigh of relief.

The Eye of the Evil God was shown to have a HP pool, which indicated it was not indestructible.
However, it was bizarre that it only had a single point of HP.

A Level 5 overlord.

Only had a single point of HP!

And yet its MP pool had a whopping 35000 points!

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