The draconian laborers had finished harvesting the rest of the normal materials.

The core material used for the Spirit Fields is an earth gem.

It just so happens that there was one among the gems gained from the Darkness Ruins.

Zhang Nu had set the Spirit Fields on a flat plain within the valley.
Then he moved his newly recruited goblins there and had them set up a farm on the Spirit Fields.

The Darkness Valley is a sealed location.
Not only is it hidden, it's also quite easy to manage, safe, and easy to protect.

One issue though is the supply of seeds.

A hundred acres of Spirit Fields isn't particularly huge, but nor is it small.

It's one thing if it was just a normal farm, but Spirit Fields yield crops extremely fast, so it also requires a lot of seeds to keep functioning.
That's something that he can only try to get from other players.

Zhang Nu opened up the chat menu and sent a message: “Purchasing bulk amounts of herb and crop seeds.
PM me if you are interested.”

There are currently over 900 thousand Demon King Players online right now.

About 1/10 of the Demon Kings have already been eliminated.

The vast majority of the eliminated Demon Kings were locked on to and then killed by Heroes after the safe period ended.
By now, the decrease in numbers has basically stabilized though.

After waiting a few minutes, a private message came.

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Boss, did you want some seeds?”

Player IDs are set as Race + Name.

The former can be hidden though.
Since Zhang Nu didn't want to catch too much attention, he hid the “Abyssal Dragon” part.
Thus, his player ID is now “**** Zhang Nu”.

However, based on his observation, most players didn't hide their races.

For this Demon King player named “Flower Fey Chen Guoguo”, Flower Fey should be her race, while Chen Guoguo is her name.
She's a Flower Fey Demon King.
That seems to be a fairly rare race.

Zhang Nu: “What kind of seeds do you have?”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “I have over a dozen kinds of seeds.
I'll give you a discount if you buy in bulk, satisfaction guaranteed!”

She sent over a list.

Those seeds are of pretty decent quality.

They're at least far better than what the Darkness Valley can produce.

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “For crops, I strongly recommend the giga potatoes.
Every mature potato is about 10 pounds, with each plant producing about 500 pounds.
Their average growth cycle is three months per harvest.”

“This kind of food has great texture when eating as well.
Long term consumption will even increase the Strength of your subordinates, making them more able to build up your territory and defend against Hero attacks.
They're very good as a staple food for a territory you know!”

Zhang Nu: “Price?”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “For singular sales, 1 gold will get you 3 seeds.
If you buy over 100 seeds at a time, I can give you a 20% discount.”

Every giga potato plant can yield 500 pounds of food, and three will total to 1,500 pounds.
In the current market, every hundred pounds of food can sell for 10 gold.
In other words then, it will sell for 150 gold.

Theoretically speaking, doesn't this sum up to a 150 times profit margin?

This kind of seed price is super generous from that point of view then.

Of course, this is also due to the growth time for the seeds.

At this point, very few players have Spirit Fields.

Even if they do have Spirit Fields, they're not likely to have that much of a labor force to exploit them.

For the Demon Kings who are lacking in food right this instant, three months of growth time is way too long, so it's natural that it can't sell for that much.

Right now, Zhang Nu still has about 700-800 gold left.

Zhang Nu: “5 seeds per gold.
I'll buy 2000 seeds right now!”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo went silent.

She didn't send any messages back for quite some time.

Zhang Nu even started to suspect that he went too far in his attempt to bargain her down and ended up scaring her off.

Ten seconds later.

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Boss, are you serious?”

Zhang Nu: “I'm not so bored to joke around about this kind of thing.
Well? Do you have them?”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “I do.
I got plenty of seeds.
In that case then, I'll sell it to you at a VIP price.
That'll be 400 gold in total!”

Zhang Nu: “Let's trade then.”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Kay!”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Boss, if you need to buy any more, please call on me anytime.
I'm most confident in my abilities when it comes to seed quality and quantity, so I'll continue to give you the VIP discount!”

Zhang Nu didn't waste any more words.

He directly paid 400 gold and bought 2000 seeds.

Giga potatoes aren't all that different from normal potatoes.

The edible part of them is the root portion under the soil.

However, giga potatoes are especially nutritious.
They can even replace meat in one's diet, so they were more than capable of keeping the Demon King's subordinates full, thus keeping up their energy and fighting power.

Zhang Nu had the goblins plant them all.

One can plant 200 giga potatoes on a single acre of Spirit Field.

2000 seeds will thus fill up 10 acres.

After planting the seeds, the goblins began taking care of them using their Planting skill and the seeds quickly sprouted and grew up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The goblins were shocked at such fast growth.

To them, this was practically a divine miracle.

Zhang Nu quickly noticed that the goblins' loyalty value started continuously increasing.

At the same time.

In a certain faraway valley, the place was an enchantingly beautiful scene of natural splendor.

“Ha! I'm rich! I earned 400 gold in just one go!”

A cute girl flew up from within the forest, happily doing somersaults in midair.

She wasn't human.
She wore green clothes.
Her hair was instead a mass of vines.
She wore a crown of flowers and she had a pair of fairy-like violet butterfly wings.

She was a flower fey.

More accurately speaking though, she's a Flower Fey Demon King.

Chen Guoguo started counting on her fingers, “400 hundred gold lets me summon several dozen lesser flower fairies.
I'll be able to cultivate a lot more seeds to sell with them!”

“Zhang Nu? What kind of demon king is he? He actually bought so many seeds without even blinking, so he must be very strong, right? I'll have to make sure to maintain a good relationship with him.
He's a very important customer after all!”

“Heroes have been subjugating Demon King all around recents, so I can't just summon lesser flower fairies.
I should also summon up a few flower fey warriors to protect my territory.”


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