As this batch of food was getting close to being sold out, Zhang Nu received a rather special private message.

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “My friend, do you have any more food?”

Zhang Nu had received hundreds of messages within the past ten minutes or so.

However, they were either all trying to bargain him down or just trying to flatter him.
They were all of no real value.

This player's title wasn't so simple though.

Succubus are fairly high ranking demons in and of themselves!

However, a succubus queen is a rare once-in-a-century mutation.

The Demon King bloodline that this player has is likely an extremely rare high ranking type.
This gives her a powerful early game advantage.

Zhang Nu simply replied with a single word: “Yes.”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “I'll take them all.”

Zhang Nu couldn't help but start laughing at that.

That guy's really got quite the mouth there.

Isn't that complete bullshit? That's several hundreds of thousands of gold at least there!

No matter how amazing this person is, or how lucky she is, there's no way that Zhang Nu would believe that she possibly has so much money at this point.

Succubus Queen Han Kexin didn't waste any more words.
She directly sent over the information on a certain item: “This blueprint is worth at least 500k pounds of food!”

[Blueprint: Demon King Castle].
Costs darkness gem x1, iron x100, wood x300, stone x500, gold x1800.
You can construct a Demon King Castle within your territory.

Zhang Nu stopped for a moment when he saw that blueprint.

This is a highly valuable blueprint.

Demon King Castle should be a territory's most core building.

One could judge just the worth of this item just from the sheer expenses of its construction costs.

This building is likely to have an enormous effect upon the territory as well.

Zhang Nu can only build stone houses right now, but such things are way too lacking in prestige for a great Demon King.
Thus, the castle blueprint is extremely attractive to him.

This blueprint is very valuable.

In the future, its value will continue to increase.

It's not that bad a deal to trade 500k pounds of food for it.

Zhang Nu thought it over before replying: “Right now, everyone's lacking in food.
500k pounds is too much.
I can only give you 200k pounds.
That should be enough to supply a good army for you.”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “This blueprince is definitely worth that value! 500k food.
I won't accept anything less!”

Zhang Nu continued to bargain: “300k in one purchase.
You know full well that there's no one else besides me who is capable of putting up so much food in one go right now.”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin seemed to have wavered: “At least 400k!”

Zhang Nu continued his bargaining: “I only have 350k left.
If that's acceptable, then I can trade immediately.
If not, then never mind it.”

After several minutes of hesitation.

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “Fine.
If not for the fact that I'm so short on food right now, I wouldn't have sold this blueprint no matter what.”

The two sides quickly made the trade.

Zhang Nu handed over 3,500 batches of giga potatoes.

Succubus Queen Han Kexin offered up the Demon King Castle blueprint in trade.

This trade can be said to have given both sides what they needed.
Succubus Queen Han Kexing gained an enormous amount of food supplies, which is more than enough to allow her to not worry about her food upkeep for the short term.

As for Zhang Nu though?

Both sides might have gained, but he'll never be the loser in a deal.

After all, for Zhang Nu, giga potato cultivation is extremely cheap.

There are very few Demon Kings with both Spirit Fields and enough labor to take advantage of them.
If he doesn't furiously sell off food in exchange for lots of resources now, then when?

Zhang Nu was quite satisfied.

Then, he dropped another 500 batches of giga potatoes on the market.

[Trade Successful, you gained 10 gold!]

[Trade Successful, you gained 10 gold!]

[Trade Successful, you gained 10 gold!]


Successful trade messages once again filled the screen.

Zhang Nu decided that, for the next few days, he'll put up at most 2000 batches of potatoes for sale each day.

This is to make sure that he can continue to sell, as well as to keep the price stable.

At the same time, Zhang Nu also sent out purchasing requests.
He's going to be constructing the Demon King Castle.
The other materials might be easy, but he won't be able to find a darkness gem so easily.

Thus, he can only purchase one at a high price.

It has to be said though, the Demon King trading menu is just way too convenient.

Without it, it would be extremely difficult to develop one's territory quickly with just the resources present where they descended.

At the same time, in a certain underground lava cavern, stood a tall Demon King Altar in the center of countless lava pools.

A mature super beauty with long legs was currently sitting in an extremely elegant manner up on that altar.
Below her were hundreds of strange looking demon lifeforms.

When Han Kexin saw that giga potatoes appeared on the market again, she was extremely angry.
Irritation flashed across her eyes as she spoke, “Hmph! And you said that you sold it all to me.
As I thought, men are all liars!”

Although she ended up losing out on that particular deal, this was just how business is, so it's not like she could seriously complain about it.

Han Kexin memorized Zhang Nu's name.
There's no way this Demon King player is someone simple.
In the future, he might become her opponent, but he could also be someone she can cooperate with in the long term.

The newest batch of giga potatoes sold out within 20 minutes.

Zhang Nu decided to give it a break and put up the next batch a few hours later.

At that moment, another private message that caught his attention arrived.

Bloody Giant Wang Shi: “Hey there bro.
I got a darkness gem.
I'll sell it to you for 2000 gold!”

This guy probably knew that Zhang Nu was rich.

He just started off with an enormous opening offer.
He's seriously taking Zhang Nu as someone with endless money!

Zhang Nu: “500 gold.
No more.
Otherwise, you can keep it!”

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