The army that came here to subjugate the Demon King wasn't weak.

The Bloodhoof Triber is a level 2 Elite area, one that contains a number of units that have reached level 2 in power.
Some special members have even reached level 2 Elite in power.

A level 2 Normal unit is weaker than a level 1 Elite.

A level 2 Elite is weaker than a level 1 Lord.

Generally, three level 2 Elites are enough to match a single level 1 Lord.

This just shows how strong the demon subjugation army really was.

Even so, Zhao Lei had far underestimated the true might of the Darkness Valley.

He never even actually learned just what kind of Demon King he was facing.

Even now, he probably still believes that Zhang Nu is an undead type Demon King like a Skeleton Demon King or Grudge Ghost Demon King.

Since he didn't even know what kind of enemy he was facing, his loss was by no means unfair!

The demon subjugation army's defeat is already set.

Even so, their death throes aren't to be underestimated.

A cornered animal is the most dangerous, as the saying goes.

They could easily still cause quite some damage to the territory.

Zhao Lei led several level 2 minotaurs to start climbing up the cliffs to charge the Towers.
The skeleton mages rained down fireballs onto them, but it merely bounced off of an aura around Zhao Lei.

Zhang Nu took a look.

[Minotaur Chieftain: Zhao Lei] (Chosen Hero).
Level 2 Elite…
Skills: Qi of Fury (rank E), War Trample (rank E), Barbaric Charge (rank E), Wild Roar (rank E), etc.

No wonder he was able to withstand the skeleton mages' magic.

The aura around Zhao Lei was his qi.

Qi is a commonly used and very powerful combat technique.
It can be used to cover a weapon to enhance their attacks or be used to cover one's body to resist magic spells.

Zhao Lei was filled with rage and hate.

The Bloodhoof Tribe is basically done for now.

Even so, he at least has to keep his own life.

He can still come back from this!

Even if the Bloodhoof Tribe is gone, he could still go join the Heroes Guild.
There, he'll be able to get the help of other Heroes and come back for revenge.
He will absolutely kill this Demon King in vengeance!

Right now though, he has to destroy those Towers of Grudges!

Zhao Lei was confident that if he didn't have the grudge ghosts constantly keeping him on the backfoot, he'll be able to break the encirclement with his power!

Then, a thunderous roar boomed out with deafening force!


A scarlet bolt of lightning blasted down into the canyon and unerringly struck Zhao Lei, instantly shattering the qi that he had covering him.


His HP instantly fell to nothing!

Zhao Lei fell down the cliff, utterly charred!

“No, impossible.
My defenses, my HP, and my qi.
How could it be so easily crushed…”

Zhao Lei's eyes widened.

He could faintly see a figure.

That person stood on top of the mountain, great and mighty like a demon god, looking down at the insects under his feet with a playful gaze.

One strike!

With but one strike!

That was all that it took to etch the true terror of the Demon King into Zhao Lei!

[You've slain a minotaur Hero, Hero's Soul +1, skill stone +1!]


After a few more rounds of long ranged attacks, the level 2 Elites have all been killed one after another.

The other minotaurs are utterly terrified!

The Chief and the other leaders were mysteriously blasted to death by lightning!

They've never seen or heard of such terrifying magic.

They couldn't even see where the caster was, never mind trying to fight back.

With that, even the bravest and fiercest minotaur started to get scared.
Their morale had completely collapsed.

Thus, it was about time.

Zhang Nu leaped down and transformed into his dragon form.

His intimidating figure appeared over the air.

A blazing hot stream of dragon flame blasted down next to the battlefield and melted a huge patch of rocks, forcing the remaining minotaurs into an inescapable corner.

“You may still live if you surrender!”

“But if you dare to resist, you shall be fully met with my wrath!”

The minotaurs were shocked.

Their minds completely collapsed.

None of them ever imagined that their opponent was actually a dragon!

“Mercy, my lord!”

“I surrender!”

“Please have mercy, we surrender!”

[210 minotaurs are surrendering to you.

It would be a pity to not accept so many strong laborers.

Zhang Nu chose to accept without hesitation.

Those minotaurs have now became the slaves of the Demon King.

Of course, these newly taken units will have rather low loyalty.
Minotaurs tend to be strong-willed as well, so they won't accept things nearly as easily as the goblins did.

The draconian army was then deployed to take custody of the minotaurs.

These war prisoners will be imprisoned before being slowly tamed over time.

Zhang Nu then opened up the player menu to check his overall statistics.

This battle did cause him a certain amount of damages.
In total, he had lost 311 skeleton soldiers, 11 skeleton commanders, 1 skeleton mage, and the Towers of Grudges had used up 960 gold.

The minotaurs were quite fierce.

They caused quite a bit of minor destruction and battle losses.

Thankfully, the undead units can just be resummoned.

His gains are as follows: About 7620 gold, 3 level 1 Hero's Souls, 1 Level 2 Hero's Soul, 1 skill stone, and 210 prisoners.

The gains massively outweigh his losses.

Just his gold gains could cover all his losses with plenty to spare.

All in all, this battle ended in a complete victory.
Not a single enemy got away too.
It just shows how strong the Darkness Valley really is currently.

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