Zhang Mu glanced over.


Once again he had insight into hidden information.


[Portal 1]: This portal will reach the endless desert in the southeastern region of the Endless Continent.
The materials here are barren and uninhabited, and it is not suitable for development.


[Portal 2]: This portal will reach the Gale Mountains in the southern part of the Endless Continent, which is rich in products, but within the territory of the Storm Empire, the Storm Empire is a powerful empire with a population of over 100 million, which is not suitable for developing forces.


[Portal 3]: This portal will reach the Holy Light Prairie in the middle of the endless continent.
The resources here are extremely rich, but there are many powerful countries.
There are dozens of epic powerhouses sitting in town.
If you go, you will die.



Almost all of the eight landing sites are dangerous, either the resources are barren, or in a dangerous situation, fearing that it is difficult to move.


Finally, Zhang Mu walked into the seventh door.


[Portal 7]: This portal leads to the dark valley in the southeast area of ​​the endless continent.
The dark valley is located in the depths of the chaotic forest.
The forest resources are extremely rich, but the terrain is extremely complex, and there are various ethnic groups.
It is difficult for the forces of various countries to penetrate.
A place of savage chaos without order, it is recommended to choose.


In this chaotic forest, there are numerous alien tribes and intertwined forces, and its coverage area is as high as more than five million square kilometres.


Surrounded by several powerful nations, but showing hostility to each other, no one has the means to penetrate their influence.


This kind of lawless land.


Undoubtedly the best for starting a business.


The dark and deep valley, surrounded by mountains and thousands of cliffs, is dotted with ruins and relics, with an ancient and mysterious altar towering in the center.


The light flashed.


A huge figure full of oppression appeared on the altar.


He was lying on top of it, dark golden dragon scales, huge dragon wings, and the strong coercion radiated, causing the nearby non-birds to flee.


“This is my lair?”


“It's really ruined!”


Zhang Mu activated the player interface, a holographic window interface was released, which had options such as [Chat Area], [Information Area] and [Trading Area].


Current online Demon Kings: 1,000,000!


One million Demon Kings? Is the number that exaggerated?


No, it might just be a player in one district!


The game is divided into two camps, “Heroes” and “Demon Kings”!


Players can only communicate with players of the same faction, and cannot make any contact with players of the rival heroes camp, so they know nothing about the heroes.


However, the number of heroes is definitely not less than that of the Demon King.


They have probably descended to every corner of the continent by now, bringing news of the Demon King's descent to the major powers, and it won't be long before they launch into action.


Zhang Mu glanced at the chat box.


“I transmigrated into a monster!”


“Help! I'm stuck!”


“Hahaha, let the social animal life go away, I am now the lizard demon king, I want to conquer the world, I want to destroy everything!”


“Lizardman Demon Lord? Why am I just a Slime Demon Lord!”


“Slime is not bad, I have become a worm demon!”


“Is the type of Demon King originally random?”


“I'm so hungry, there's a desert near here, and there's nothing at all.
Which big brother is kind enough to give me some food, I'm very grateful!”




Although there are only three free speech opportunities per day, when up to one million players are online, the information refresh rate is very exaggerated.


Some people are frightened, some people are desperate, some people are flustered, excited, and ecstatic…
Everyone's mentality is different.


The Demon Kings are generally weak in the early stages.


And because the birthplace is generally inaccessible, the birds do not shit, and it is desolate and barren, there are many demon kings who cannot guarantee even the most basic survival.


Of course a few were lucky.


Reincarnated into Skeleton King, Ghost King and the like.


Because they are undead, these lucky ones do not need to eat or drink, which greatly reduces the difficulty of survival in the early stage, at least they will not starve to death.


Close chat.


Open the info panel.




Name: Zhang Mu.


Level: First order.


Race: Abyss Dragon (Demon King).


Basic attributes: Vitality 400, Spiritual Power 200, Strength 40, Agility 20, Constitution 40, Will 20.


Innate abilities: Abyss Dragon Man (inactive), Dragon Flame (inactive), Dragon Power (inactive), Thunder Domination (inactive), Primary Magic Immunity (inactive).


Other Skills: None at the moment.


Talent points: 10.




I have to say.


These initial attributes are simply unbelievable.


It can definitely compete with a whole modern army equipped with heavy firepower.


Zhang Mu uplifted at the same time, also realised that he can not slacken.
Although he was already ahead at the starting line, the track is very long, which does not mean that he will always be ahead.


The Demon King can break through the shackles of racial growth.


Even weak races born of the devil king, as long as there is enough time, resources, also have become the existence of the destruction of the world.


Once complacent and do not think about progress.


That advantage will inevitably diminish with time.


What's more, the world's aborigines have countless hidden dragons and crouching tigers!


When they learned of the emergence of the demon king with the goal of destruction and conquest, how could they stand by and do nothing? Countless “Heavenly Warriors” are sharpening their swords!


After understanding.


Demon Kings are divided into levels.


Zhang Mu is now a first-order demon king.


There are five initial talents that can be mastered.


The talents are currently in an inactive state.


A talent can be activated for every 10 talent points consumed.


When all five first-order talents are mastered, you can be promoted to the second-order demon king, and the related second-order talents of the demon king will be unlocked.


Because of the racial advantage relationship.


Each ability is quite powerful.


After some weighing, Zhang Mu used ten talent points to activate the first talent: “Abyss Dragon Man Form”!

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