[You've sacrificed a level 1 Hero's Soul.
Talent points +3!]

[You've sacrificed a level 1 Hero's Soul.
Talent points +3!]

[You've sacrificed a level 1 Hero's Soul.
Talent points +3!]

[You've sacrificed a level 2 Hero's Soul.
Talent points +20!]

The sacrifice of the four Hero's Souls resulted in a total of 29 talent points.

Among all of them, Zhao Lei's alone was worth 20 points.

To Zhang Nu, this is unquestionably a huge haul.
The value of it can even be said to be higher than the gold and all the other gains from the battle put together.

With those 20+ talent points, he'll be able to activate both of his remaining level 1 Talents.

[You've activated the level 1 Talent “Dragon Fear”!]

[You've activated the level 1 Talent “Beginner Anti-Magic”!]

[All level 1 Talents activated.
Level up conditions satisfied!]

Zhang Nu could clearly feel that, after activating all his talents, every cell in his body was evolving and releasing a huge amount of energy.

[Level up successful!]

[MP +400, HP +200, Strength +20, Agility +40, Constitution +20, Will +40.
Physical damage resistance +30%.
Dragon Flame skill effect +100%.
Abyssal Lightning skill effect +100%, Dragon Fear area of effect +100%…]

After the level up, all his stats increased.

His various skills have also been buffed a great deal.

Of course, the stats for draconian form and dragon form are different.

Zhang Nu is currently in his draconian form.
That's why his MP increase was higher than his HP increase.
If he was in his dragon form, then his HP would definitely be higher than his MP.

The same for all his other stats.

Zhang Nu hurriedly opened up his status menu.

Name: Zhang Nu.

Level: 2.

Race: Abyssal Dragon (Demon King race).

Base Stats: 400 HP, 800 MP, 40 Strength, 80 Agility, 40 Constitution, 80 Will.

Level 1 Talents: Abyssal Draconian, Dragon Flame, Dragon Fear, Lightning Control, Beginner Anti-Magic.

Level 2 Talents: Adamantine Dragon Body (Inactive), Abyssal Devouring (Inactive), Hell Thunderflame (Inactive), Medium Anti-Magic (Inactive)

Other Skills: Healing (d rank).

Talent points: 9.

There are four level 2 Talents.

Every one of them are extremely powerful.

However, each costs 200 talent points to activate.

The activation difficulty is over 10 times what it was before!

A level 1 Hero will only offer 2-4 talent points.
He'll have to kill dozens for each activation.

Level 2 Heroes will generally offer over 20 Talent points.
It will only take killing a few of those to activate a Talent.

Zhang Nu also checked over the effects of the two new Talents that he had activated, [Dragon Fear] and [Beginner Anti-Magic].

[Dragon Fear], Talent skill.
Costs 50 MP.
The instant Dragon Fear is activated, it will deal a powerful mental attack against all targets within a 1000 meter radius.
Targets struck will be dazed or stunned, and all stats will be decreased for a certain time period…
Skill cooldown time of five minutes.

That's really powerful!

It's a super large area of effect mass crowd control (CC) skill.

Not only does Dragon Fear have a CC effect, it can also do quite a bit of damage against weaker enemies while at the same time having an intimidation and debuff effect.

[Beginner Anti-Magic], Talent skill.
Reduce the effect of D rank or lower elemental magic attacks or debuffs against the user by 99%.

Beginner Anti-Magic is pretty useful as well.

From now on, any magic attack that's D rank or lower is basically completely ineffective against Zhang Nu.
It wouldn't be able to do any damage no matter the quantity.

For the five level 1 Talents, they can do CC, defense, long range attacks, and even transformation.

When Zhang Nu activated all five abilities and successfully leveled to level 2, both his durability and combat power greatly increased.

The gains from this battle truly is something.

Besides the gains of the Hero's Souls, he also got a skill stone.

[War Trample], E rank skill.
Costs 20 MP to cause powerful trampling damage.
Additional chance to stun nearby targets.
Skill effect increases with the Strength stat.

This is also a pretty decent skill.

In his dragon form, Zhang Nu's strength is quite amazing.
This close range skill will help increase his combat power, so he learned it without hesitation.

The Demon King's level up also has a great effect on the territory as well.

Zhang Nu had unlocked several new unit types.

[High draconian laborers].
Level 2 Normal.
Created by leveling up normal draconian laborers.
Each level up costs 50 gold.

[High draconian soldiers].
Level 2 Elite.
Created by leveling up draconian soldiers.
Each level up costs 1000 gold.

The two new units aren't completely new units.

Rather, they're simply leveled up versions of the two already existing units.

They can't be directly summoned.
Instead, they must be leveled up from existing level 1 laborers and soldiers.
Their abilities are far stronger than that of their lessers in every way though.

Besides those two, there are three completely new units.

[Draconian battlemage].
Level 2 Elite.
An exceptionally talented existence among draconian soldiers.
Not only do they have powerful melee capabilities, they also have powerful magical combat abilities as well.
Costs 2000 gold to summon.

[Draconian general].
Level 2 Lord.
The commander of draconian soldiers.
They have even stronger combat and leadership abilities.
One can be summoned for every 500 soldiers or 50 high soldiers.
Costs 15000 gold to summon.

[Draconian priest].
Level 2 Lord.
An exceptionally talented member of the draconian race.
They have great intellect and powerful magical abilities.
One can be summoned for every 3000 total draconians.
Costs 30000 gold to summon.

TL Notes:

And watch as that skill never gets used and only ever gets briefly mentioned every now again when he goes to check his own stats.
Kind of wasteful from a narrative standpoint, but oddly realistic.
I mean, speaking as a gamer here, I'd often end up hoarding items or learning skills that I find shiny and potentially useful and then wind up not really using them until they've gone completely obsolete…

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