What shocked Zhang Nu the most about those three new units is the fact that the draconian general and draconian priest are both level 2 Lords!

What does a level 2 Lord mean exactly? It means that their might likely far outstrips even the Millennium Grudge Tree in the Mine of Sorrows!

They're more than enough to sweep away the vast majority of Demon Kings and Heroes right now, and they're merely his summoned minions!

That's seriously terrifying!

Of course, a level 2 Lord isn't all that easy to summon.

The fact that they're expensive is only one aspect of it.
They also have additional requirements.

The ratio of draconian generals to normal soldiers has to be at least 1:500.

The ratio of draconian priests to the total draconian population has to be at least 1:3000.

Although the draconian population of his territory is constantly increasing, right now he only has less than 300 draconian soldiers.
His total draconian population only just broke 1000 as well.
Therefore, he hasn't reached the requirements for summoning them yet.

After a glance at his current gold reserves, he noted that he only has about 20,000 gold right now, which isn't enough to expand his draconian soldiers to 500.

Of course, it's also not enough to level 50 of them into high soldiers either.

As for raising the total draconian population to over 3000?

Even if it was possible, it would end up being a terrible burden on his territory.
Given how much draconians eat, 3000 draconians are basically equivalent to 3000 bottomless pits.

Although Zhang Nu does have the goblin farms built on his Spirit Fields, he would rather keep using this money tree for a bit longer and accumulate some more savings first.

All he can do now is to take things slowly, one step at a time.

The newest crop of potatoes has just been harvested, so the food stores are very full.

Zhang Nu took 200,000 pound out and organized them by 100 pounds per share into 2,000 shares, and placed them into the trade area at 10 gold per share, same as before.

At this point, there are also other Demon Kings who are setting up their own Spirit Fields.

Demon King players' food production capabilities are continuously rising.

Even so, the Demon Kings' standing armies are expanding even faster.
Plus, those other Demon Kings who have Spirit Fields like Zhang Nu are also limited by the lack of labor forces, so their productivity has a hard time matching that of Zhang Nu's.

In the current trade market, the biggest trade good is food.

The food demands of Demon King players have not lessened at all.

By now, Zhang Nu has already made something of a reputation for himself, so the moment he placed the giga potatoes up for sale, it immediately gave rise to a discussion in the chats.

“Hey, everyone, look!”

“The Potato Demon King's back online!”

“Man's got game.
2000 shares of giga potatoes in one go!”

“Boss Zhang's amazing! Does anyone know what race he is?”

“The Potato Demon King has always been really mysterious.
He rarely shows himself in the chat menu, and he has also hidden his prefix.
Thus, no one knows much about him at all.”

“Well duh.
The man's busy everyday planting potatoes and getting rich.
He's not like you unprofessional slackers who only know to skive off work to play around in the chats!”

“I'm guessing that he's a plant type Demon King like a dryad or treant, with bonuses to planting.
How else could he produce so much food?”

“Duh! He must be a plant creature of some kind!”


That bunch of unprofessional Demon Kings instantly started gossiping about Zhang Nu's race.

There's all kinds of wild guesses everywhere, and no one could convince anyone else.
The only common consensus made is: This food mogul isn't from a race that's very powerful combatively.

Demon Kings aren't just natural enemies with Heroes.

There are lots of conflicts between Demon Kings as well.

Given how much money that the Potato Demon King has been earning, it was certain to draw greedy eyes from all around.

Wouldn't it end up attracting lots of trouble if he ends up getting recognized by nearby Demon Kings then?

Without a doubt, there's definitely quite a few guys in the chat menu currently trying to gather information about him with no good motives.

That said, they were all overthinking things.

The reason why Zhang Nu hid his race wasn't because he lacked confidence in himself.

He's just used to keeping a low profile, that's all.

Zhang Nu is definitely wary of major native powers of note, but he has no reason to shrink away from other Demon Kings.
Anyone who tries to come attack his Darkness Valley is just looking to die!

At that moment, he got a private message.

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “Hey, Mr.
You there?”

Zhang Nu frowned deeply at the sight of that title.

He's the freaking abyssal dragon king here.
He just happens to be selling some potatoes, that's all.

He didn't know just when it started, but he ended up getting a crappy title of “Potato Demon King” before he knew it.

Zhang Nu did remember the Succubus Queen.

She had traded a blueprint for an enormous amount of food before.

Recently, she's been buying food from Zhang Nu quite a bit.

Zhang Nu could estimate from his food sales that this particular Demon King's army is quite something to behold.
This one is definitely a very powerful Demon King.

Zhang Nu: “Yeah!”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “I've got two new blueprints here.

Zhang Nu: “Selling blueprints again? The blueprint drop rate wherever you are seems quite high.”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “Sigh, don't remind me.
This place I'm at is completely desolate.
It doesn't even have any land that can be farmed.
It's hard just getting enough food to get by, so it's all I can do to sell some blueprint to maintain basic living standards.”

Zhang Nu immediately replied: “What kind of blueprints? Let me see first!”

[Blueprint: Dark Prison].
Costs earth gem x1, wood x100, stone x150, gold x1000.
You can construct a prison in your territory.

[Blueprint: Tower of Fog].
Costs water gem x1, wood x100, stone 100, gold x800.
You can construct a Tower of Fog in your territory.

Zhang Nu: “They're not bad.
Set a price!”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “180k pounds of potatoes for them both.”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “Hey, I'm making this clear first, but I'm not that lacking in food now, so don't try to bargain me down now!”

Zhang Nu: “Don't say such things.
You're already an old client, so let's all just be more honest here.
120k pounds is more like it.”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin grinded her teeth hatefully: “You're seriously lacking in chivalry, being so stingy towards a girl like me!”

Zhang Nu: “How can you use the word stingy in this kind of business? We're trading in such bulk amounts after all.”

Succubus Queen Han Kexin: “Hmph! 150k.
Final offer.
It's not like my blueprints can't be sold elsewhere.
Heck, it might even rise in price if I hold onto it for a while!”

Zhang Nu: “Alright, deal.
I'll let you take advantage of me this time.
If you have any more good blueprints in the future, make sure to show it to me first!”

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