New units have been unlocked.

[Minotaur warrior].
Level 1 Normal.
Cost 20 gold to summon.

[Minotaur priest].
Level 1 Elite.
Costs 200 gold to summon.

Although minotaur warriors are level 1 Normal units, minotaurs themselves have strong racial abilities, so their fighting power is by no means weak.

Each minotaur is capable of taking on five skeleton soldiers.

Minotaur priests are magic units, so they're even more valuable.

Zhang Nu summoned up 100 minotaur warriors and 10 minotaur priests.

[Minotaur warrior].
Level 1 Normal unit.
Skills: Charge (F rank), Heavy Hammer (Ff rank), Smelting lv3, Forging lv2.

[Minotaur priest].
Level 1 Elite unit.
Skills: Recovery (E rank), Endurance Aura (E rank), Fireball (F rank), Bless Weapon (F rank).

“Hail, my lord!”

10 minotaurs in priest robes and 100 tall and strong looking minotaur warriors wielding hammers respectfully knelt down before Zhang Nu.

Minotaurs are natural born warriors.

At the same time, they also have production skills.

They're both combat and production units, with dual functionalities, so Zhang Nu is quite satisfied with them.

As for the minotaur priests, their magic attack capabilities are weaker than the skeleton mages, but they have great supportive capabilities instead.

Recovery can rapidly restore their target's stamina.

Endurance Aura is an aura type skill.
When active, it can affect all targets within a large area of effect, greatly increasing those targets' physical and mental endurance.

This is something with great uses.

Be it the draconian construction crews, goblin farms, or minotaur mines, any of them will end up a great deal more productive with a few minotaur priests setting up shifts to support them.

Zhang Nu gave out his orders, “Your current task is to repair the mine, work it, and smelt the ores to provide my territory with enough materials.

“Yes, my lord!”

Zhang Nu also planned on sending the several hundred minotaurs he previously captured over there as well.

A minotaur is capable of doing the work of over ten humans.
Thus, even just 300 doing mining and nearly 100 taking care of the smelting will end up producing several thousand units of iron ingots every day.
Not only will that be enough to satisfy the territory's daily needs, but it also has the potential to be a major source of income for the territory in the future.

Although it doesn't quite compare to the food sales right now, its potential in the long term shouldn't be any lesser.

Currently, the territory's income is too dependent on food sales.
If something unexpected were to happen to cause a shift in the market, then it could easily cause financial problems for him.
Thus, it's very much necessary to diversify his businesses.

The minotaurs busied themselves and turned the place into a new production area.

Just as Zhang Nu was busy setting the minotaurs up with their work though.


“Your territory is being invaded!”

“Your goblin has been slain!”

“Your goblin has been slain!”

Zhang Nu suddenly got some notifications that made him react with alarm.
For some strange reason, his territory is suddenly under attack.

Is it Heroes?

It shouldn't be though.

Zhang Nu had set up five Towers of Grudges in the Canyon.
Plus, they just had a major battle there, so a great deal of the undead armies still haven't been pulled back yet.

Given that situation, there's no way that a Hero could get through.

Since his subordinates haven't discovered any invaders ahead of time, then there's only one possibility left…
The invaders never went through the Canyon in the first place.

Based on the messages, two of his goblins died, which means that the place under attack should be the goblin farms.

Zhang Nu didn't dare to take this lightly.

The farms are his critical financial lifeline right now.

If they're destroyed, then it will end up greatly affecting his development and expansion.

Zhang Nu rushed to the farms, but by the time he arrived, the battle seemed to already be over, given that he didn't discover any enemies on site.

The goblins had already hidden themselves in their houses.

A squad of soldiers guarding the farms were currently alertly watching the skies like they're on guard against something.

“What happened?”

Zhang Nu landed before them.

A draconian soldier hurried replied, “My lord, there was an enemy attack, but we have already chased them off.”

“What are the losses?”

The draconian soldier answered, “Three goblins were killed in the chaos.
Also, some of the recently harvested giga potatoes were stolen.”

Zhang Nu nodded.

The losses looked to be light.

Thank goodness that Zhang Nu was cautious enough to have made sure to set up a permanent squad of soldiers to guard the farms even when the Canyon was heavily defended.

“Is this the invader?”

The strange creature in question looked like a giant bat, only with a humanoid body.
It's about 1.5 meters in height, with blood red eyes and sharp teeth.

Zhang Nu examined it, and his cheat quickly brought up a message popup.

[Vampire bat soldier] (deceased).
Level 1 Normal.
Skills: Blood Suck (F rank), Supersonic Detection (F rank).

Description: This is a low level monster that normally lives underground.
It appeared above ground now due to a nearby Demon King's summoning.
Although it's not strong in combat, it does have very good flight and detection capabilities.

Based on the information here, this is the subordinate of a Demon King.

A minor minion with flight and detection abilities.

No wonder it was able to avoid the Canyon and enter the Valley directly.

Most likely, the Tower of Fog had disrupted the vampire bat soldier's detection abilities and made it so that it never managed to reach the Castle.
Thus, it ended up taking the goblin farms as the core of Zhang Nu's nest.

This little incident can't really be called an invasion, being at most a minor irritation.

The losses from it are so minor that it might as well be nothing.

Even so, such actions will unquestionably make one irritated.

It's one thing if it was a Hero, but for a Demon King to try their luck as well?

Zhang Nu was never one to take one lying down.

He rubbed at his chin and thought it over for a bit before suddenly thinking of a great idea for dealing with this problem.

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