On the altar.


The dragon shrunk in size and became a half-human, half-dragon, three-meter-tall being, which is the second form of the Abyssal Dragon.


Zhang Mu found out after shape change that attributes can vary greatly.


Under the Dragon Form, the basic attributes are: vitality 400, spiritual power 200, strength 40, agility 20, constitution 40, will 20.


Under the Dragon Human Form, the basic attributes are: vitality 200, spiritual power 400, strength 20, agility 40, constitution 20, will 40.


In the Dragon form vitality, strength, physique will be a little stronger.


And in the Human form mental strength, agility, will will be a little stronger.


To put it simply, one is better at melee combat, and the other is flexible and more suitable for using skills.
For Zhang Mu, the humanoid will of course be more used to it.


Of course.


Human form and human difference is still quite big.


Zhang Mu is still three meters tall, with huge wings, and sharp claws and teeth, strong scales, head horns, majestic and domineering, not the slightest reduction.


The size of the dragon will increase with the increase in strength.


Zhang Mu felt that it was inconvenient to be too big.
In the future, unless he encountered special battles, he would use the current form as the main form.


He glanced at the altar under his feet.


[Altar of the Demon King]: Special building, the core facility for Demon King players to advance, as well as develop their territories, please make sure to protect its safety.


The Demon King Altar is very important.


The main function is to summon subordinates.


The subordinates summoned by the Demon King are related to their own race and level.


For example, most of the subordinates summoned by the Slime Demon King are all kinds of slimes, but the types, ranks, and abilities are different.


Summoning minions costs gold and it takes talent points to evolve and upgrade.


As for the acquisition of talent points? At present, the only way to get them is to kill heroes, by devouring their souls.


Therefore, Demon kings and Heroes are enemies.


Heroes can gain great wealth and advancement by defeating the Demon King.


The Devil King likewise needs to find ways to lure heroes, step on the corpses of one hero after another, and eventually become a terrifying existence that rules the world!


“Hero’s soul, game gold coins, I don't have any!”


“Everything is difficult at the beginning, it can only come step by step.”


“Let's explore the neighbourhood first.”


With flapping of his wings, he flew up into the sky.


The feeling of soaring in the sky.


One word to describe: cool!


Zhang Mu's eyesight was far more powerful than a human's, and could easily distinguish the surrounding terrain and environment, at which point a single information box automatically surfaced.


[Ordinary cave]: The exploration value is low, you can get: stones.


[Ordinary forest]: Low exploration value, can obtain: wood.


[Ordinary Swamp]: The first-order ordinary area, there are a lot of poisonous lizards and poisonous snakes.
The exploration value is average, and you can obtain: poisonous lizard materials, poisonous snake materials, a small amount of herbal medicine, and a small amount of drinking water.


This ability greatly saves exploration time.


It greatly increases the efficiency and reduces the risk.


Zhang Mu immediately locked an area.


[Dark Forest]: The first-order ordinary area, the largest forest in the dark valley, which grows a lot of high-quality wood, wild fruits, herbs, perched bigfoot, unicorn deer, forest wolves and other animals, with high exploration value, you can get: wood, wild fruit, herbs, meat resources, etc.


Around the territory this dark jungle is the most valuable to explore.


Zhang Mu immediately entered the dense forest, and various new prompts were generated.


[Tricolor Fruit]: Gray quality, can restore 3 points of spiritual power.


[Blue Moon Grass]: White quality, can restore 10 points of vitality.


The resources are indeed abundant!


Zhang Mu picked a three-colored fruit, the size of a human fist.
For him now, it was quite a small cherry.


Once he threw it into his mouth and chewed it, the juice splashed around, sweet and delicious.


Zhang Mu was amazed at the taste of wild fruits, which are far better than real world fruits.
He is very fortunate that dragon people are omnivores, and their taste buds are similar to those of humans.


You can feast your eyes on it!


Zhang Mu picked a few herbs, plus a bunch of wild fruits, and threw them all into the player's space backpack, ready to explore further.


Cluck Cluck!


A large strange bird emerges from the berry bush in front


This strange bird is a bit like an ostrich.
The biggest feature is that it has a pair of huge feet.
It has a certain ability to fly but it mainly relies on its legs to run.
In the rugged jungle, the speed is not inferior to the human sprint champion.


[Bigfoot Bird]: A first-order ordinary creature, a bird that lives in the dense forest, is good at running, and feeds on bush berries.
Its sharp beak is its weapon, and it has no special skills and cannot pose a threat to the host.


Wild monster!


His figure flashed as Zhang Mu was too fast.


The bigfoot bird was directly snapped in place.


【Game Tip: You killed the Bigfoot bird, +1 gold!】


Zhang Mu's spirit was lifted, it turned out that as long as he killed monsters, he could gain some gold coins!


【You killed Bigfoot Bird, gold +1! 】


【You killed Bigfoot Bird, gold +1! 】


【You killed Bigfoot Bird, gold +1! 】


【You killed the Unicorn Deer, gold coins +2! 】


【You killed the Timber Wolf, gold coins +4! 】




Bigfoot birds are everywhere in this dense forest, and occasionally two unicorn deer can be encountered.
These weak herbivores have no fighting power at all.


Timber Wolves have a certain attack ability.


This kind of wolf is bigger than the largest wolf in the real world.
Its sharp teeth are enough to bite rocks, but it cannot cause any damage to Zhang Mu.


This was normal at least for a Demon Lord.


Even if he has just descended and his talent has not been mastered.


With his strong racial lineage and attributes, Zhang Mu's strength is almost comparable to monsters above the lord level of the same rank.


Common monsters like Timber Wolves.


How could it possibly pose a threat?


After two hours, not counting the collected food and materials, I earned 42 gold coins alone, which can be said to be very impressive.


Gold coins don't seem to be hard to earn.


Not bad, not bad , go back to the altar and prepare to summon subordinates.


Zhang Mu checked and found out now he has unlocked two summonable units.


[Dragon Man Drudgery]: A first-order ordinary, the summoning cost 5 gold coins.
Introduction: Inferior draconians with very low concentration of draconian blood, the lowest level of the draconian race, although not strong in combat, but with the ability to produce and build.


[Dragon Man Combat Soldier]: A first-order elite, the summoning cost is 100 gold coins.
Introduction: A combat soldier among the draconians, with a brutal character and strong combat power.

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