s had also sold out.

Zhang Nu gained 19,000 gold from that.
(T/N: Raw says 18,000 actually, which is off by 1,000)

This increased his total gold reserve back up to around 30,000 or so.

This much money is just enough to promote 30 more soldiers, bringing the total number of high draconian soldiers in his territory to exactly 50.

This is a great increase to his territory's fighting force.

Also, it allows him to unlock a draconian general!

Of course, Zhang Nu wouldn't do this right away though.
After all, if he spends all his money in one go, then his Towers of Grudges, House of Skeletons, the Spirit Fields that his goblin farms depend on, and various other structures will end up becoming inactive.

The next day, Zhang Nu placed more items onto the market, selling another 2000 batches of potatoes, 500 units of life herb, and 200 units of moonlight ginseng for a total profit of over 40,000 gold.
(Again, raw says exactly 40,000, which is again off by 1,000)

His current treasury totals over 70,000 gold now!

After spending 30,000 gold to make 30 high soldiers, he spent another 15,000 gold to summon a draconian general.

This is Zhang Nu's first Lord level unit and it's no ordinary Lord either, but a level 2 Lord unit!

A powerful aura suddenly descended upon the Demon King Altar.

The draconian general walked out of the transport gate.

He's over three meters tall, firmly muscled, bearing black scales, and looked as sturdy as a mountain.
He was also equipped with a mighty looking bladed polearm and gave off a fierce aura from every inch of him.

He walked down from the Altar and presented himself to Zhang Nu respectfully.

“My lord!”

“Please order me!”

“I shall give my very life in accordance with my lord's will!”

Zhang Nu opened up the draconian general's status menu to check his information in detail.

[Draconian general].
Level 2 Lord Unit.
450 HP, 200 MP, 35 Strength, 50 Constitution, 30 Agility, 25 will.
Loyalty 100% (Locked).
Tiredness 10%.
Hunger 10%.

Skills: Iron Earth Drake Form (Talent Skill), Rampaging Dragon Qi (C rank), Rampaging Dragon Charge (C rank).
Battle Dragon's Aura (C rank), Iron Dragon Scales (Cc rank), etc.

Summary: This is a draconian general who bears the bloodline of an abyssal earth drake.
He has two forms, earth drake and draconian, and is blessed with unthinkable defensive might as well as terrible combat and leadership skills.
He's utterly loyal to his lord.

“Very good!”

Zhang Nu was very satisfied.

The draconian general is very strong indeed.

He's not like other draconians.
This is an abyssal dragon with a high grade bloodline.

Abyssal dragons with high grade bloodlines all have two forms.

The draconian general is able to shift freely between his humanoid and dragon forms.

In dragon form, his various stats will improve, while in humanoid form, he's more agile and more specialized toward using skills.

Zhang Nu thought it over a bit, “Do you have a name?”

The draconian general replied, “This one's name back in the abyss is not worth mentioning.
If possible, I would ask my lord to grant this insignificant one a new name.”

Zhang Nu spoke, “Then let's go with Zhang San!” (T/N: It's basically just a super generic Chinese version of John Doe.
It's literally taking the most common last name + the number 3)

For such a mighty looking draconian general to be given such a casual name like that.

Yet, the draconian general himself didn't have any issues at all, “This Zhang San thanks my lord for granting me a name!”

Then, a draconian hurriedly ran over to report, “My lord, the troops you sent out, along with that fox-kin woman, have returned!”

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