This is the bloody contract that Su Yan had brought back.

He didn't expect to end up using it right away.

The moment the contract has been signed, then anyone who violates it will end up taking the extremely painful curse in retaliation.

The contents of the contract is as follows: Unless she has Zhang Nu's permission, Su Yan is not allowed to leak any information about the Darkness Valley or Zhang Nu himself.
Besides that, she must obey Zhang Nu's orders.

This contract is completely unfair.

Su Yan must obey the conditions, but Zhang Nu had no obligations at all.

However, the contract wasn't there to ensure a fair exchange in the first place.
It's just a powerful bit of insurance to greatly lower the costs for establishing trust.

“I'll sign it!”

For Su Yan, she knows that the Great Demon King doesn't trust her all that much, so she absolutely has to sign that contract in order to gain trust and thus guarantee her freedom.
After all, once she's signed it, she'll basically be one of his own!

Su Yan used her short sword to make a cut in her palm to let out a few drops of blood.

Zhang Nu was also quite satisfied at seeing Su Yan agree so readily, and he similarly cut open his finger and dripped a drop of dragon blood onto the contract.

In that instant, the contract released a brilliant light.

A mysterious and formless connection is thus established.

Contracts do have different gradings depending on quality.
The higher grade the contract, the more powerful the binding.

The bloody contract isn't a particularly high grade contract, being only able to maintain its effects for around a year or so and also only able to bind individuals up to Level 3 Elite at most.
Even so, it's still good enough for the current needs.

Although she was now bound by the contract, Su Yan instead felt more relaxed than ever.

Now the Demon Lord should finally be able to trust her no matter how paranoid he might be.

Zhang Nu then took out a pair of eggs about the size of a goose egg.
Before his finger could heal, he squeezed out a few more drops of blood and dripped them onto those eggs.

Those are the “Transmission Bat Eggs” that Su Yan brought back.

Heroes can raise and keep pets.
Transmission bats are a type of low leveled pet.
They can be made to hatch by feeding them fresh blood or a life gem.

Consider, however.
Just how powerful is the blood of an abyssal dragon?

The two eggs immediately started showing cracks on the shell.

Two unremarkable looking black bats broke out of the eggs with a crack, let out some squeeks, and immediately started chewing up their egg shells.

[Transmission Bat].
Level 1 Normal pet.
Skill: Sound Transmission (F rank), Supersonic Detection (F rank), Super Hearing (F rank).

Zhang Nu gave it a glance before speaking, “These guys don't have any combat ability, but they have the ability to scout, detect enemies, and transmit messages over long distances.
Go ahead and choose one to take with you.”

“Really? I'll go right ahead then!”

This little guy's pretty cute!”

Xu Yan chose one of the transmission bats to keep with her.

That unremarkable looking little guy can be used to scout, detect enemies, and even send information and receive orders to and from the Darkness Valley.
Although it doesn't have any combat abilities, that doesn't prevent it from being a very useful support type pet.

Thus, Su Yan immediately left that day.

When she exited the Valley, she felt like she was finally free.

The twists and turns that her life had gone through in the past few days were as follows: The village she was living in for half a month was destroyed → Becoming a prisoner of minotaurs → Personally witnessing the Bloodhoof tribe getting destroyed by a dragon → Being taken prisoner by a Demon King and thrown in jail → Leading the Great Demon King's Army to kill another Demon King.

It felt like she had been dreaming.

Now, however, the Great Demon King is no longer limiting her freedom.

Barring any special orders that she needs to carry out, she can go back to the life of a Hero.
Thus, most of her time now is to adventure and explore on her own.

Of course, if she ends up encountering any dangers or troubles, she can go ahead and shamelessly ask the boss to save her.

It's exactly because she has a top level super strong BOSS backing her that she now has some confidence in making something out of herself.
That said, she does still have something that she needs to do before all that.

That night, Su Yan used her Talent to transform into a minotaur.

The moment she got close to the former Bloodhoof tribal grounds, a voice came out from the darkness, “Who are you? Why have you come here!”

Su Yan just felt a cold sensation on her back.
A cold and naked blade was held right behind her, making her break out in a cold sweat.
She immediately tried to explain, “I'm a Hero of the Bloodhoof tribe!”

“You're a Hero too?”

Su Yan finally managed to clearly make out the other party.

He was a wolf-kin Hero covered in black fur.

He's quite strong, being around a level 2 Elite.
He would definitely count among the elite when it comes to the current Heroes.
At the very least, there's no way that she'd be able to beat him.

“I'm Zhang Kai, one of Zhao Lei's subordinates!”

Su Yan had heard of a Zhang Kai before, so she used that name while betting on the hope that none of those here have actually met Zhang Kai before.

The wolf-kin held a cautious gaze.

After he verified that the other party was a Hero, he spoke.

“Come with me!”

Su Yan was half threatened into being brought into the nearby dark forest.

Su Yan ended up getting quite a surprise then.

Hundreds were gathered in that forest.
There were wolf-kin, tiger-kin, and bear-kin.
There were over ten Heros there, and five of them had the strength of a level 2 Elite.

The one leading them should be the tiger-kin there.

The tiger-kin was two meters tall.
He had a scar over his left eye, making his scary appearance look even more vicious, “We're the members of Giantree City's Ironblooded Heroes Guild.
So I heard that you're one of the Bloodhoof tribe's Heroes!”

“But the Bloodhoof tribe has already been destroyed.
From the remains, it looks like it was done by a Demon King.
Now, please tell me just how this happened.
Also, where is Zhao Lei now?”

As expected, they're a Hero Guild.

The Ironblooded Heroes Guild at that.

Su Yan was a bit nervous.

These guys are not a bunch of nice people here.

If she gets exposed for any reason, then she'll be done for.

Su Yan stiffened her spine and pushed forth, “We were attacking a Demon King's Nest in the nearby valley, but we instead got hit by a devastating ambush.
Boss Zhao already died.”

The people there weren't all that shocked at those words.

After all, did they not gather here specifically because of that reason?

Zhao Lei is no ordinary Hero.
The minotaurs aren't easy targets either.
The fact that the Demon King was able to do this means that he's definitely no ordinary Demon King!

The Ironblooded Heroes Guild were on high alert exactly because they had discovered this point.

All the members of this Hero Guild within several dozen kilometers have received the relevant information.
Everyone gathered together here specifically for the sake of pooling their strength and removing this threat.

“Have no fear!”

“The couple of us are at least as strong as Zhao Lei!”

“Besides, we also have other powerhouses that are still on the way here.”

“We'll form a powerful demon subjugation squad.
With all of us, there's no way that Demon King can get away no matter how strong he might be!”

The tiger-kin stared at Su Yan, “What I need now is all the information that you can provide.
Please tell me every detail you know about this Demon King!”

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