Ironblooded Heroes make their battleplans.

Those Heroes leading the group are all at a similar level of power as Zhao Lei.
Plus, all the subordinates they brought are also elite troops and there was even supposed to be a lot of reinforcements behind them.

Plus, unlike Zhao Lei, they were extremely careful.

They were even planning to completely bypass the canyon.

The Great Demon King has probably finally met a real challenge now.

Su Yan had no way of getting back to report.
Those Heroes won't let her escape.
Thankfully though, she had long since prepared for that, and while no one was paying attention, a tiny bat slipped out of her pocket and left the secret camp without anyone noticing.

Darkness Valley.

Demon King Castle.

Mysterious Witch Liang Bai: “Boss, the first batch of potions have been completed.”

Zhang Nu: “That fast? Show me!”

The Mysterious Witch sent two different potions.

[Life herb potion].
Upper green quality.
After consumption, recover 25 HP over 10 seconds!

[Moonlight recovery potion].
Upper green quality.
After consumption, recover 40 MP over 10 seconds!

That's some really good quality!

It's completely different from consuming the herbs directly.

Although the herbs also have similar effects, it takes some time before they come into effect and the recovery speed is also slow.
Their actual worth in battle is fairly low.

After being made into potions, they'll immediately start taking effect after drinking and the full effect will be completed within 10 seconds.

This makes it so that they can practically save one's life in a pinch!

It's a must have for any traveling, something with very high value in actual combat!

Zhang Nu asked: “How much do you plan on selling?”

Mysterious Witch Liang Bai: “I plan on selling the life herb potion for 150 gold and the moonlight recovery potion for 200 gold.
For you, I can especially give you a discount of 50 gold!”

That's quite expensive!

Even so, it's not a bad price either.

Currently, there's a lack of potions on the market.
It's a matter of life and death, so any Demon King with the ability to buy them will definitely keep 3-5 bottles on them at all times.
The demand for it can be said to be extremely huge.

The Mysterious Witch's discount also shows plenty of sincerity.

This is because she needs to buy the ingredients from Zhang Nu.

Mysterious Witch Liang Bai: “If you think that this is fine, then I'll first repay my debt now.
In the future, I'll also make sure to let you have the first chance at buying them!”

Zhang Nu: “No problem!”

Potion making really is profitable.

There's enormous demand in the market for it just waiting to be filled.

This made Zhang Nu kind of want to go grab some potion makers of his own.

What races are good at potion making? It seems like elves and the like tend to be good at it.

In the end, after some discussion, the Mysterious Witch handed over 20 moonlight recovery potions and 10 life herb potions to repay the debt she owed for buying the ingredients before.

Zhang Nu also made an agreement with Liang Bai.

He'll be getting first shot at her products, as well as the best services.

Zhang Nu promises not to disrupt the market via reselling the potions.
At the same time, he'll also be giving Liang Bai some discounts when supplying ingredients to her.

Thus, the two Demon Kings formed a cooperative relationship.

This can be said to be a mutually beneficial deal.

Although Zhang Nu is quite tempted by the potions market, he's not actually jealous over the Mysterious Witch's small profits.
This is money that she earned using her own abilities after all.

Besides, based on the actual investment and returns, it's quite obvious that right now, farming is the true path for him.

After Zhang Nu finished his discussion with the Mysterious Witch, he received the news that Su Yan had sent him via her transmission bat.


“A huge group of Heroes have gathered nearby?”

Rather than worried, Zhang Nu was quite overjoyed.
Aren't they basically EXP bundles being delivered right to his doorstep? The stronger the Hero, the better quality their Souls are!

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