The Heroes were completely dumbfounded.

Their brains short circuited.

They were simply unable to accept the reality right away.

After all, this really did simply beggar belief.

It was worse than even their worst case estimation.

The tiger-kin leader looked at the draconian general Zhang San standing respectfully and submissively to the side.
It was as if the vicious fighter from just a moment ago was a completely different person.

Then he looked at the awe-inspiring Zhang Nu with a presence that's over ten times greater.

He finally gradually pieced together the main issue here.

They got it all wrong?

That Zhang San who practically took on all of them on his own wasn't actually the Demon King, but was instead merely one of the Demon King's commanders?

Fucking hell!

Isn't that a bit much!

How the heck is a mere subordinate of the Demon King this strong?

If just a subordinate of the Demon King was this strong, then just how terrifying is the actual Demon King himself?

That existence had already completely overturned everything he thought he knew about Demon Kings!

“Come on then!”

“Don't waste any more time!”

Zhang Nu released an invisible wave of pressure, enveloping everyone there.
They felt as if they just took a hammer to the head, immediately becoming dazed.

That aura that descended was Dragon Fear!

The Hero commanders were relatively stronger, so they only experienced some minor mental damage.
However, they did still take the effect of the debuff, thus lowering all their stats, and also at the same time was temporarily dazed.

As for the other targets?

The level 1 Elites ended up dazed for several seconds.

For the level 1 Normal units, lacking even that much power, the vast majority of them all dropped onto the ground.
They either directly lost consciousness or lost all combat capabilities for a short while.

Zhang Nu was rendered rather speechless seeing that.

Those guys are a bit too useless here.

The Heroes still haven't recovered from their temporary dazed state.

Zhang Nu pushed off of the ground and streaked forth in a blur.
He instantly arrived right before the Heroes at a speed that few could perceive.

Then, he reached out with his enormous hands and lifted the tiger-kin leader by his head like one would grab a chick.

“Damn it!”

“Everyone, attack together!”

“We have to kill him!”

The Hero Commanders were shocked but attempted to counterattack anyways.

Zhang Nu released a blast of Dragon Flame from his hand, instantly reducing the tiger-kin leader's head into ash.
Then, the headless corpse slipped down from his fingers.


Like hell they can fight that!

How exactly are they supposed to fight that?

The other Heroes were already scared stiff by the viciousness shown.

The strongest and highest ranked among the Heroes ended up dying to the Demon King in just a single moment.
He didn't even have the chance to fight back at all.


“Why did things turn out this way!”

“He's a monster!”

“How the heck can we possibly win against that? Run away!”

Zhang Nu found the scene of the Heroes routing and deserting rather funny.
“It's a rare opportunity for me to personally fight, but to think that this is what I ended up facing.
Is there not a single Hero among you who can actually take a hit?”

As he spoke, his form expanded.

A 15 meter long dragon took flight.

A pillar of Dragon Flame descended from midair, viciously striking the ground and instantly spreading out in all directions, annihilating everything in its way.

Flesh was instantly burned to ash.

Neither stone nor metal could withstand the terrifying temperature, and so was melted in an instant.

The Heroes and the warriors following them could not put up the slightest resistance, and so wer all instantly slain amidst tragic screams.

After about ten seconds, Zhang Nu stopped breathing out Dragon Flame.

An area the size of several basketball fields was filled with molten craters and was covered in ash.
An enormous amount of blazing hot steam rose from the ground, warping the air itself.

Zhang Nu asked, “Are there any escapees?”

Zhang San replied, “This one had made the necessary preparations in the area, so not a single one of those in this forest today had gotten away.”

Zhang Nu nodded with satisfaction, “Withdraw the troops then!”

Zhang San immediately relayed the orders.

The draconian soldiers were all highly mobile.
They arrived like a bolt of lightning, and then they left like a bolt of lightning as well.
The entire battle took less than an hour.

Zhang Nu headed over to the only survivor there, “Hey, you still alive there?”

Su Yan had already returned to her original form.

She made sure to hide herself away the moment the fighting started.

Zhang Nu had explained the situation from the start, which is why none of the draconians attacked her at all.

Su Yan found it really hard to stand before the dragon.
If he accidentally let out a breath of fire while talking, then she would definitely end up utterly annihilated in an instant.

That guy is really just way too strong!

She got back up with all her might, “Don't worry boss, I'm completely uninjured!”

Zhang Nu nodded, “Consider this skill stone your reward for this time.”

Killing over a dozen Heroes ended up dropping three skill stones.

Zhang Nu then picked one of them out to give to Su Yan.

[Skill stone: Reminiscence], E ranked skill.

Zhang Nu had the special ability to see hidden information, so this skill was useless to him.
Therefore, he might as well instead give it to this Hero as a reward for her efforts.

“A skill stone? That's awesome!”

Su Yan was overjoyed, “Thanks boss!”

Zhang Nu then spoke, “What plans do you have going forward?”

Su Yan considered the matter.

After mulling it over some, she spoke, “I don't have any suitable places to stay at right now, nor have I thought of a next target yet.
How about you give me a suggestion then, boss?”

Zhang Nu spoke, “Head to Giantree City then.”

Su Yan paused for a moment, “Giantree City?”

Giantree City.

It's a city within the forest.

There are many forest cities like it within the Chaos Forest.

Giantree City is the biggest, strongest, and most populated area within 500 km.

These kinds of cities are usually built and ruled by a single race, while at the same time having many different races living within it.

They are filled with all kinds of people.
It is both fraught with dangers while being filled with opportunities at the same time, so it's quite suitable for a Hero like Su Yan to try to make her way in.

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