[You've slain a goblin Hero, Hero's Soul +1!]

[You've slain a goblin Hero, Hero's Soul +1!]

[You've slain a goblin Hero, Hero's Soul +1!]


That single blast of Dragon Flame from Zhang Nu had annihilated the entire group of 15 Heroes.

He gave it a quick glance.
Although their quality wasn't that great, all of them being level 1 Souls, they do make up for it in quantity, being 15 Souls all together.

He never expected things to work out so neatly for him.

Originally, he had decided to first defeat the lord here and then take his time dragging every individual out from the crowd and dealing with them.

But now, this turn of events will save him quite a bit of time and effort.

Zhang Nu's gaze fell upon the ancient giant python on top of the tower.

Information related to the giant python immediately appeared.

[Dragonblood Python].
Level 2 Lord monster…
Skills: Poison Flame Breath (D rank), Death Stinger (D Rank), Blaze Shield (D Rank), Summon Rain of Fire (E rank), Magic Resistance (E Rank), etc…

Description: This is a rare and powerful monster.
It had been magically altered back when it was resurrected.
From that, it gained a slight bit of draconic bloodline.

So it was an artificially remodeled monster.

It was pretty strong just on its own, but it also then gained a hint of draconic bloodline, so its potential was very strong.
Add in hundreds to even a thousand years of time to mature, and it has thus reached a Lord level existence.

“Hiss – Roar!”

The giant python was obviously extremely agitated by the pressure of facing off against an abyssal dragon.
It immediately launched an attack before Zhang Nu could do anything.

Over a hundred fireballs the size of a person's head rained down upon Zhang Nu, constantly pelting Zhang Nu's enormous 30 meters long body.
Every single fireball was quite amazing in both temperature and power.




This round of attacks did no damage to Zhang Nu at all.

This was because the giant python's Rain of Fire was an E ranked magic.

Zhang Nu had the Anti-Magic ability.
A magic attack like this that doesn't reach even D rank would have its effect weakened by 99%.

As for the remaining 1%?

LIke that little bit of damage could get through his defenses.

Therefore, that round of attacks didn't do the slightest bit of damage.

Zhang Nu directly descended before the giant python, “Is that all you're capable of? That's not even enough to scratch my itch!”

The giant python was enraged by that taunt.

It coiled up tightly like a tensed bow and gathered an enormous amount of power to its horn before viciously stabbing forward with a drilling motion.

D rank skill – Death Stinger!

This is the giant python's close combat trump card.
This one strike is very powerful, capable of easily piercing through a castle wall.
There was no way mere flesh and blood could take it head on, so its damage effect can be said to be quite terrifying.

Zhang Nu had the ability to block or dodge it.

However, why should he dodge it? He just gained the Adamantine Dragon Body and this is a great opportunity to test his newfound defense.
Therefore, he decided to take it head on.


The python slammed into him with great force.

The horn sparked against the dragon scales.



This time, Zhang Nu finally took a bit of damage.
However, this tiny degree of damage can only be called a scratch to him.

On the other hand, the giant python had its own scales shattered and was bleeding profusely.

It felt like what it hit wasn't normal flesh and blood of a living creature but someone even harder than diamond.
Plus, a portion of the force from its own attack was directly reflected onto itself.



If this were to continue on, then the python would end up killing itself before it could do anything more than scratch Zhang Nu.

Following a bang, its incompatible hard horn cracked and shattered as the python was thrown over a dozen meters away.

Its magic attack was ineffective.

Pythical attacks don't work.

The two sides weren't on the same level at all.

Zhang Nu was very satisfied with his current defensive capabilities.
He also didn't want to waste any more time here.
This monster before him wasn't nearly as strong as he had thought, after all.

Although it's a Lord level monster, there are strong and weak creatures among Lords as well.
At the very least, this python isn't a particularly strong specimen among level 2 Lords.
It can't even compare to the draconian general.

An opponent like that wasn't very interesting at all.

Thus, Zhang Nu decided to finish it off quickly.

At this point, due to the huge amount of noise that they were making, all the goblins of the tribe had been alerted.

“There's an invader!”

“It's currently fighting against the sacred beast!”

“Quick, take up your weapons.
Stop him, quickly!”

The goblin village was in chaos as it got ready to attack the invader.

However, when they saw the scene before them, they ended up stopping right there on the spot.

The dark gold dragon was nearly unharmed.

The giant python on the other hand was covered in wounds.

This was the first time that they have ever seen the sacred beast in such a terrible condition.

At this point, although the giant python was covered in wounds, it was also going completely berserk.
Not only did it not try to escape, it even opened its mouth to blast out a wave of green flames.

Poison Flame Breath!

This ancient python also had the ability to breathe fire.
Although it's nowhere near the might of Dragon Flames, it did contain within it a powerful poison elemental attack.
A normal opponent would have ended up poisoned to death even if it managed to escape being burned to death.

Zhang Nu directly returned fire with his own Dragon Flames.

The Dragon Flames ripped right through and evaporated the Poison Flames and blasted right into the giant python's mouth, instantly piercing right through it from head to tail.


The giant python exploded on the spot and its charred flesh rained down onto the ground.

[You've slain a dragonblood python.
Gold +8000!]

A level 2 Lord monster was so easily crushed just like that.
It just goes to show how powerful Zhang Nu is now.

The goblins of the goblin tribe had witnessed the scene of that single blast of Dragon Flame slaying the giant python.
They all also witnessed the scene of the giant python exploding all over the place.

“Oh gods!”

“The dragon…
Killed the sacred beast!”

The goblins had a hard time believing what they just saw.
The sacred beast that they worshiped for so many years was killed just like that, not even leaving an intact corpse.

Zhang Nu flapped his wings and flew over the goblins' heads.

A blast of Dragon Flame blasted down in the center of the goblin tribe, instantly blasting a molten crater into the ground.

Some goblins still wanted to try to resist the invader, but Zhang Nu just directly dropped Dragon Fear on top of them.

As that terrible force crushed down on them, the goblins all fell down like cut stalks of wheat, instantly routing.

It's way too strong!

How could mere weak goblins possibly resist such a great creature?

Zhang Nu directly opened his mouth and declared, “The monster that you've been worshiping is already dead, and now I am your new master!”

“Submit or be completely destroyed!'

“Choose for yourselves!”

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